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Wake County runs out of H1N1 vaccine

Posted October 19, 2009
Updated October 20, 2009

— Wake County public health officials say the county has exhausted its latest supply of the H1N1 flu vaccine but that more doses are coming.

"I don't want people to start feeling the panic, because, even though this is a limited amount that we have, the news we're getting from (U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and from the state is that we will continue to get a steady flow of vaccine," said Community Health Director Sue Lynn Ledford. "I don't want people to have that panicked feeling."

H1N1 Flu shot line Wake temporarily out of H1N1 vaccine

It's unclear, however, when the county might receive its next supply.

"Ultimately, there will be enough supply, but it's coming in slowly at first," state epidemiologist Dr. Megan Davies said. "Then, supply will increase on a week-by-week basis."

Earlier this month, Wake County distributed 3,500 doses of a nasal mist form of the vaccine that contained a treated form of the live virus to those that met certain criteria from the CDC. The county distributed 3,000 injectable doses last week to four clinics.

Public health officials said the turnout was the biggest they have seen for any type of vaccine. At times, the wait was about 3.5 hours.

"It's not the end of the world," said Nate Sheaffer, who missed out on the vaccination for his children. "We don't want them to get swine flu, but we're just in the same boat as everyone else."

Others expressed concern about who was getting the vaccination, which is being reserved for those classified as high-priority groups – pregnant women, individuals ages 6 months to 24 years, ages 25 to 64 with underlying health issues, health care and emergency workers and anyone caring for children younger than 6 months old.

"If you are in a target group for the vaccine, you'll get equal consideration," Davies said. "But if you're not … then you're not going to be getting that vaccine ahead of any of those people."

Meanwhile, in Cumberland County, the public health department, at 227 Fountainhead Lane, began offering H1N1 shots and nasal vaccines. Potential patients were advised to call ahead (910-433-3657) to check on supply.

Duke University also had the vaccination on hand for pregnant staff members and students who are ineligible for the nasal mist. Durham County health officials also held a clinic at its Staff Development Center on Hillandale Road. Another clinic is scheduled for Wednesday, if the supply holds.

FDA: Don't buy H1N1 drugs online

The Food and Drug Administration is advising people not to buy treatments for the H1N1 virus online.

"Products that are offered for sale with claims to diagnose, prevent, mitigate, treat or cure the 2009 H1N1 influenza virus must be carefully evaluated," FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg said in a statement. "Unless these products are proven to be safe and effective for the claims that are made, it is not known whether they will prevent the transmission of the virus or offer effective remedies against infection."

Medicines sold online could have passed their expiration date or contain dangerous ingredients, the FDA warned.

"It's always a possibility that they could contain an ingredient or something that could hurt people, we just don't know," said Alyson Saben, deputy director of FDA's office of enforcement.

The FDA also said some online companies were not shipping treatments out in enough time to treat someone infected with H1N1.


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  • Boycott_WRAL_Advertisers Oct 20, 2009

    NC Reader, why are you concerned about other children not getting the shot giving your kids, who will have the shot, the flu?

    Isn't the point of the shot to protect from the flu?

    And if you don't think the shot will protect your kids from the flu, why have them take it?

    Before anyone takes a shot they owe it to themselves to research it and alternatives first.

    If you study nothing else, read this article:

    "Avoid Flu Shots, Take Vitamin D Instead"

    It covers shot additives, shot results, and other, less risky methods to protect from the flu.

    Also, watch this short video of the girl who took the regular flu shot a short while back and is now severely disabled for life:

    Woman Disabled by THIS YEARS FLU SHOT
    (10 days AFTER vaccination )

    Another report on her here:

    Beautiful Cheerleader Develops Dystonia After Taking Flu Shot

  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT Oct 20, 2009

    I don't understand the hype. I haven't seen any healthy people, diagnosed with H1N1, that have died. If you have health issues, get vaccinated. But if you're healthy, what's the big deal? People get the flu and die every year, many more than we've seen die from H1N1. And in each death reported from H1N1, they have listed under-lying issues that made things worse. So I haven't even given a thought to being vaccinated. In about 10 or 15 years, they will probably say a large number of people vaccinated suffered some life-long side effect. Probably due to lack of proper testing. I'm fine, as most will be without the vaccine.

  • NC Reader Oct 20, 2009

    I guess I should be glad that there are those who think the shots are a government conspiracy. That means that there are a bunch of people who won't be getting the vaccine I want my children to get. However, I hope that they don't have children who go to school with mine, especially children who are going after those perfect attendance awards. I wish the vaccines were prioritized at the health clinics -- only the high-risk people right now, whether they are citizens or children of illegal immigrants.

    I agree with building up children's natural immunities. That's fine with colds, stomach viruses, and other minor childhood illnesses. Ask the older generation, though, how that immunity building worked years ago when there were few vaccines. Polio killed, crippled, and otherwise disabled many people. Tetanus and whooping cough were often deadly. The ones who survived were probably stronger, but ask the families of those who died, "At what cost?"

  • mtadish Oct 19, 2009

    How many people do you know have the flu? Have they been tested and typed because, they said they were no longer typing the strains and just labeling people who have ANY symptoms as H1N1. Yet, we continue to hear stats with no proof, like test results! Most press releases have no verifiable information, no contact names or quotes. Shouldn't you have another test done to confirm the outcome? What if the lab made a mistake, mixed up the samples or keyed it incorrectly into the computer?

    I've heard of a college student who had it and some reality star. This was from the media. Did these people even have tests done? Where they typed? Did they actually see the results?

    Do you believe everything you see or hear? Do some research and you might find some truth, in between the lines.

    A tetanus booster put me down for a week a couple of years ago. A lot of fatigue and pain so bad I wanted to die. So, no more shots for me..thank you!

  • Here kitty kitty Oct 19, 2009

    Last month I had mild case of flu, today I have a cold. Forget the shots. I'll stick with handwashing and my ColdEeze drops with zinc. We survived the hongkong flu scare in the 70's and I'll survive this! I'm just not that concerned when people I know have gone to the doctor and been told they MIGHT have H1N1 but since it isn't certain they are lumped in with the "Yesses." That runs up the numbers and makes it look worse than it is.

  • time4real Oct 19, 2009

    all you good government following people go down and line up for the next shippment of 20 shots for your pig flu. if the flu doesn't get you the wait will!

  • mom2threecld Oct 19, 2009

    according to a study i read a while back, the swine flu vaccine in the 1970's killed more peole than the flu itself did most people that die from the flu have underlying health issues, also, the vaccine doesn't mean you won't get the flu, only a milder case. wash your hands wash your hands wash your hands! the number one way to fight infections of all kinds

  • froggytroat Oct 19, 2009

    Wow. Just, wow.

    So, you all that are complaining "this is the gummits fault, who wants them running health care", and then saying the vaccine is untested and you won't have one.

    I have a question, which would you prefer:

    Trusting the drug companies that tell you "sure, it's been tested enough"

    -- or --

    Having independent government oversight that will not let a company dump a bunch of half-baked vaccine on the market?

    Which would you trust, based on past events?

  • statelady Oct 19, 2009


  • random musings Oct 19, 2009

    you all can have mine.

    no way am I (or my family ) getting an untested vaccine.