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Chapel Hill leaders: Stay away on Halloween

Posted October 16, 2009

— If you don't live in town, Chapel Hill town leaders want you to stay away from Franklin Street on Halloween.

Town leaders will again limit parking and close streets to create a smaller, more "homegrown" celebration. Chief Brian Curran said Friday that the ultimate goal is to shrink the crowd to approximately 10,000 to 15,000 people, though he doesn't think that mark will be reached this year.

"If you can walk to Halloween, then you are invited. If you have to drive, don't come," Mayor Kevin Foy said. "There's nowhere to park. There's no buses. There's no way to get around, and you won't have a good time."

In past years, the large crowd has required hundreds of officers to be on patrol and hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay for clean-up, security and other costs.

When Chapel Hill first implemented the new policies in 2008, attendance dropped by more than half to 35,000.

To keep non-locals away, roads around Franklin Street will be closed, downtown parking will be almost non-existent, and barricades will block non-residents from adjoining neighborhoods. No shuttle buses will run downtown, and charter buses will be allowed to drop off passengers only on the outskirts of the town.

On Franklin Street, bars and restaurants will close their doors to new patrons and stop serving alcohol at 1 a.m. The venues will charge a $5 cover fee.

Chapel Hill also won't recognize the time change that weekend – which means that 1 a.m. will not be considered midnight. That extra hour of partying won't be allowed.

The goal, Curran said, is to improve public safety. Last year, with the new method, arrests and alcohol-related health problems were down.

The spread of H1N1 is an additional concern this year, town leaders said. Sick people should stay home.


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  • uncw40oz Oct 16, 2009

    chapel hill used to be a good place to party, kind of sucks Durham kept moving closer to it ...

  • Adelinthe Oct 16, 2009

    Yeah, that's gona work.


    God bless.


  • moth Oct 16, 2009

    Chapel Hill needs some town leaders who are less obnoxious. Perhaps in the next election.

  • Spooner Oct 16, 2009

    Whatever "Chapel Hill" I think you just want to keep Durham out and I cant blame you. Durham has many thugs which beat, rob, maim, cripple, kill, rape, and stand against what you stand for. I still want to defecate on your sidewalk because you have the audacity to try and make public property private.

  • NCPictures Oct 16, 2009

    WOW, just wow. I will be more than happy to stay away... and for the rest of the year as well. I know when I am not welcome. Hope you all enjoy your "world".

  • woodrowboyd2 Oct 16, 2009

    are we now being told where we can go in the great obama usa.
    theres a few lose nuts that need replaceing in chaple hill
    last as i knew it this is or was a free nation maybe its changed.
    but as for me iam still free to travle anywhere i dayum well please
    but then i never planned to go anyway.

  • DowntownGirl Oct 16, 2009

    There wouldn't even be a town without the "university of the people" but let's make sure those same people stay out of Chapel Hill on Halloween. And, who in Chapel Hill is "homegrown" anymore. The good citizens of Chapel Hill are pretty much exclusively transplants these days. My how times, and Chapel Hill, have changed.

  • sbb45 Oct 16, 2009

    I will never understand why my tax money has to go to paying security for a party. And why they have to shut down a state owned road.

  • notyou Oct 16, 2009

    what they are really saying is that if you do not go to unc stay away. they have made the whole thing completely geared toward unc students so it seems unc should pay the police and clean up fees.

  • exxe75 Oct 16, 2009

    What does "homegrown" mean anyway? This term gives one an idea of a small, charming town (which Chapel Hill is not) where the "locals" can have an intimate social gathering. So, I guess anyone not originally from CH needs to stay away then? Do they forget that UNC is right there??? Do they forget that the one entity that gives rise to CH's existence is made up of mostly people that are not from CH?? Newsflash: CH is a college town, so: young student body = silly, juvenile party habits. If you continue to grow,it will get even worse. Maybe the "locals" that want to have a "homegrown" festival need to either: revoke UNC's charter and get rid of the college, or GET OVER IT, and possibly move elsewhere. Chatham County is right there and has alot of small "homegrown" communities that would suit them. Yet another example of the 1% that controls everything wanting things their way or else they will have a tantrum. Sad. This is guaranteed to make CH businesses and reputation suffer.