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Perdue says green job sector is 'red hot'

Posted September 30, 2009

— Gov. Bev Perdue spoke about the ongoing recession and the state's growing green job sector Tuesday evening at the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce annual meeting.

Her sit down with business leaders came as newly released census figures show the median household income in the state fell more than $3,500 over the past eight years and the percentage of households below the poverty line rose 2.3 percent.

"They (income levels) are not down nearly as much as some of us worried they could be," Perdue said. "The unemployment rate is much too high. The job losses are much too high."

Unemployment in the Triangle fell to 8.6 percent in August from 9.1 percent in July.

But the job market isn’t necessarily improving. More than 5,200 fewer people were working last month and the size of the region’s work force – those people working or seeking jobs – fell by more than 10,000, according to the North Carolina Employment Security Commission.

The number of people working across the Triangle fell to 793,630 in August. Meanwhile, the ranks of those seeking work dropped to 74,662.

Perdue said Tuesday that she thinks the answer to job creation is education. Some business leaders and employers in the crowd agreed.

"We are going to focus on job creation and we are going to focus on good education, which is really tied to job creation,” said Sepideh Asefnia, chair of the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce.

Perdue also said that there were areas showing state job growth.

"This green economy is red hot. Green is gold in North Carolina. The military, aviation (and) aerospace sector is alive and thriving and expanding in North Carolina," she said.

Perdue has proposed to make green energy jobs a cornerstone of the state's economy.

A Pew Center report, released in July, tracked clean energy economy job growth from 1998 through 2007, a period that saw North Carolina's clean energy economy jobs grow by 15.3 percent, while the overall job growth rate in the state was 6.4 percent.

In 2007, more than 1,700 clean energy businesses in the state accounted for 17,000 jobs. From 2006 through 2008, more than $82.5 million in venture capital was invested in the state's clean energy economy jobs.

Perdue’s green energy plan includes the use of $18 million in federal recovery funds to create an Energy Investment Revolving Loan Fund. The fund will provide low- and no-interest loans, up to $1 million, to finance energy-saving projects.

She also proposes another $10 million to expand the state’s Green Business Fund to provide support to new, emerging and expanding green economy businesses.


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  • Palidog Sep 30, 2009

    No real facts, no real numbers, no truth. Take fake numbers from '07, say so called "Green Jobs" are up with no evidence, no links, no interviews. This story is made up so Bev can pat herself on the back for do nothing. Its 2009, maybe you have not noticed. Good job WRAL you are on the Bev's good side. I'm sure this story will fall to the also ran back/hidden web pages in no time. Aviation and military jobs "Green" come on who are you fooling. The only person in NC politics that can talk about Green jobs is Ag. Commissioner Troxler.

  • Southern Cal Sep 30, 2009

    "The military, aviation (and) aerospace sector is alive and thriving and expanding in North Carolina," she said."

    Yeah? Where? Whom? If that is the case, why am I commuting to New York every week to work?

  • smegma Sep 30, 2009

    "I think that the gov is referring to seeing all of the landscape people cutting grass and trimming the shrubs around the governor's mansion -- is what she is calling hot green jobs."
    HAHAHAHAHA i almost spewed coffee. good one

  • smegma Sep 30, 2009

    amen to that gcmann. AT&T is doing the same thing. our replacements are already arriving. this type of thing should be ILLEGAL!!!!!

  • gcmann Sep 30, 2009

    Hey Perdue. Please define "red hot".
    What, 50 new jobs ? 100 ? 1000 ?
    Are they like your 12 careers in 6 months. These 12 in 6 jobs pay around $10.00 / hr. I've already spent 6 years in college to become an IT Professional and another 2 to earn a business and accounting degree. So, going back to school for six months for a $10.00 an hour job is a good deal ?
    Here's an idea. How about let's stop importing less qualified cheap foreign labor from india to replace American IT workers.
    The company I work, IBM, for has permanently laid off over 13,000 Americans since Jan '09 despite record profits and soaring stock prices. The jobs did not go away, IBM simply outsources them or brought in H-1B visa foreigners. Americans are forced to train these foreign replacements under the threat of no severance pay.
    American jobs for Americans. Here is some interesting reading...


  • nufsaid Sep 30, 2009

    So the Governor has more control over the National economy than the State of NC economy? Is it opposite day or something?

    Mojo, You posted NC stats and them blamed Bush. You seem confused. As do your posts.

  • mep Sep 30, 2009

    As said before, Spanish study showed that for every "green job" created, two regular jobs were lost. Can NC really afford to lose more jobs? Just wait and see how many jobs NC will lose if Cap and Trade passes. And no it is doubt green jobs are hot, as the Federal govt is throwing billions of out tax dollars into the concept. This whole thing stinks worse than decomposition.

  • yankee1 Sep 30, 2009

    How about providing a list of these hot jobs, their salaries, their location here in NC and how many people are working in them? Let's see what hot actually means.

  • luvbailey Sep 30, 2009

    I appreciate the Gov being a cheerleader and trying to instill optomism & make us feel better, but...

    The Gov spoke at the Cary Chamber banquet a couple of weeks ago and we heard over and over that "Cary is still red hot". Obviously she hasn't checked the numbers in a while.

    I am reminded of the saying "When my neighbor loses his job we are in a recession. When I lose my job we are in a depression."

  • larieke Sep 30, 2009

    So what is being done to sustain the other 99% of, I guess they would be called "brown" or "dirty" jobs? Drilling for oil? Oh yah...taxing them.