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Family wants hit-and-run suspect charged with murder

Posted September 28, 2009

— A woman charged in a fatal hit-and-run made her first appearance in court Monday, as family members of the victim expressed outrage over the charge.

Phylicia Olivia Price, 24, of 4339 Tralee Place, Raleigh, is charged with felony hit-and-run in the wreck early Sunday that killed Whitney Monique Mangum, 21, also of Raleigh.

Hit-and-run suspect in court Hit-and-run suspect in court

District Court Judge Jane Gray told Price, who is out of jail on a $50,000 secured bond, that she could face up to 30 months in prison if convicted.

The charge and potential punishment left Mangum's parents and extended family questioning why Price is out of jail and why she isn't facing a murder charge.

"My baby girl is gone. She's been murdered, and that girl is walking out of here, and that's not fair," Mangum's mother, Sharon Streets, said.

Raleigh police said that Mangum was run over on Hodge Road during a dispute with the occupants of a vehicle that Price was driving.

In 911 call released Monday afternoon, a caller tells the dispatcher that Mangum was dragged.

"I think they were about to fight, and the girl just sped off real fast, and she was still hanging on," the caller says. "They was just driving real fast, and she fell, and there's blood on the street. I know she's dead."

A search warrant returned Monday indicates blood was found in Price's vehicle and bloody fingerprints on the inside passenger window.

Another driver took Mangum to a local hospital, while Price fled the scene, police said. Officers found her vehicle about 3 miles away and arrested her.

Price's attorney Patrick Roberts said in court that his client is in "extreme shock" and that the facts of the case are not as they seem. He did not elaborate.

"My understanding is that this wasn't just a hit-and-run accident as it's been written up," Roberts said. "There's more to the story than that, and I think that as the time goes on, as the process develops, we'll understand more of what actually happened."


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  • Jack Flash Sep 30, 2009

    "...that is not what happened. They were both in the wrong... Until all the information is released people should really not pass judgement... Thank you and R.I.P Whitney"


    First, let me agree w/ your last sentiment: RIP, Whitney, indeed. Her death is tragic and my condolences are w/ all who knew & loved her.
    As for your rejoinder to don, I think the more prevalent direction of judgment in this thread has been to condemn the driver/passengers w/o all the facts, so if you truly are urging people to refrain from such kneejerk judgments, don was counterbalancing the trend here, not merely offering up one of his own.
    As for their both being in the wrong, if that is indeed the case, it could mitigate the charges. If Whitney contributed something that influenced the driver's and passenger's decisions, they are unlikely to be charged with, much less convicted for, the most serious possible offenses Whitney's family is calling for.

  • tiffianyj86 Sep 29, 2009

    @ donsliq that is not what happened. They were both in the wrong however that is not an excuse for someone rolling her arms up in the window, pulling off, and then rolling the window back down and pushing her off the vehicle (which is what happened) Until all the information is released people should really not pass judgement. Someone lost their life and no matter the situation they didnt deserve to loose their life. The passenger should be charged with murder also because had she not pushed her off the vehicle this would of never happened. If you knowingly pull off at full speed with someone on your vehicle and you do not stop instead another occupant push them off then yes the charges should be deeper than what they are...and in due time they will be. Thank you and R.I.P Whitney

  • cary1969 Sep 29, 2009

    sounds like it should be something more severe

  • donsliq Sep 29, 2009

    Supposedly the victim and her friends attacked the suspect at the nightclub over some man. The suspect got in her car and drove off trying to avoid a beatdown and before she pulled off, the victim attacked the suspect through the passenger side window. The suspect drove for about 2 blocks with the victim stuck in the window before she stopped and the victim fell down and the suspect drove off. I can't say for sure, but it doesn't seem like the suspect knew that the victim was under the car at all. That's why I think the charge is lesser than people seem to want because the crime that the suspect committed purposely was driving with the victim's arm stuck in the window, though the victim put her arm there in the first place.

  • Jack Flash Sep 29, 2009

    indlady, I don't think 93TH was saying that IS how it happened. He or she was merely advocating for calm and for others not to rush to conclusions. Based on what info has been made public, we do not know, and the scenario 93TH put forth AS A HYPOTHETICAL is completely reasonable.

    If you truly know "exactly what happened," you must have been an eye witness, and it sounds like you knew the deceased, in which case I am very sorry for your loss. However, with all due respect, if you really do know the deceased, your recounting of the "facts" may very well be biased. The witness quoted in the article whom I cited in my last post leaves the door open for the exact (plausible but hypothetical) scenario 93TH stated.

  • independentlady09 Sep 29, 2009

    1993 Tarheel I know Exactly what happened and your scenario is 100% WRONG! and think about that, wouldnt you think she would have been able to feel if someone was draging on her car? They said the girl was dragged with the car not she was put in the window then fell out! And for everyone else it dosent matter what time of day it was, where they were or anything else the point is she did a hit and run(and she knows she hit the girl) and killed her so thats murder and thats exactly what she should be charged with!

  • tommy2tone Sep 28, 2009


  • 1993 Tarheel Sep 28, 2009

    Does anyone on here really know all the facts? Really? Were any of you there during the entire affair? Can any of you look into a crystal ball and see exactly what happened before, during, and after this event? My guess, is no. Yes, someone died and respects can be paid accordingly for that. But let's wait for actual facts to be presented before passing so much judgement. No exact facts have been presented at all...just some posters presenting what they want to and possible scenarios.

    Here's a logical scenario - Maybe these 2 girls (and some others) had been arguing, the 1 on the outside tried to get at the girl in the car through her window, the girl drove off, other girl falls from car and bangs head on pavement killing her, girl driving continues on and goes home. Makes sense.

  • Jack Flash Sep 28, 2009

    From the article: "In 911 call released Monday afternoon, a caller tells the dispatcher that Mangum was dragged.
    'I think they were about to fight, and the girl just sped off real fast, and she was still hanging on,' the caller says. 'They was just driving real fast, and she fell, and there's blood on the street. I know she's dead.'"

    I don't know if that was added in an update or what, but based on that, there might be cause to see this as a panicked driver trying to avoid a fight with an aggressor getting killed.
    As I implied earlier, I think her leaving the scene of an accident is going to end up a footnote in this story.

  • Drakula_I_G Sep 28, 2009

    ceei1 - thanks if your info is real - adds alot to fill in some of the blanks