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Volunteers sweep up Wake County's trash

Posted September 28, 2009

— Volunteers hit Wake County's waterways this weekend, picking up trash ahead of a bigger, statewide anti-litter drive called  the Big Sweep.

Wake County Big Sweep Wake County trash gets swept away

Dr. Norman Camp said he became concerned about litter while growing up in southeast Raleigh.

He used to jog along State Street by Walnut Creek. "I noticed tons of litter and trash, and it bothered me," he said.

Camp helped form Partners for Environmental Justice, a group dedicated to saving the wetlands around Walnut Creek.

"We really had to do something," he said. "We've taken out probably 100 tons of trash since 1995."

Next weekend, Camp and other volunteers will take part in the North Carolina Big Sweep. Last year, volunteers picked up 263 tons of litter.

"We have pulled out appliances, enough furniture to furnish apartment complexes," said Sheila Jones, Wake County coordinator for the Big Sweep.

Jones said the litter is also dangerous for animals who can become entangled in it.

Activists said litter can hurt the economy as well by sending the wrong message to the business community.

"We you see litter, it screams, 'We don't care,'" Jones said.

"No one wants to live in a community that's been trashed," Camp said. "You don't trash beautiful settings. You don't trash where you live."


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  • lkanzig Sep 29, 2009

    how about the big sweep start with the biggest and most wastefull in the area, namely the politicians!
    worthless and not needed bills, creating new jobs for friends and cushy jobs at universities.

  • me2you Sep 28, 2009

    If we can get cigarette smokers to stop polluting with their buts, it would make me very happy.

  • jas1022 Sep 28, 2009

    htomc42: Go here for more info: http://www.ncsu.edu/project/ciwetlands/wc/partners.htm . Sounds like they have an agenda for trying to clean up the environment in the rundown part of Raleigh so that maybe, just maybe it will one day be like the rest of Raleigh.

  • jas1022 Sep 28, 2009

    So I guess cleaning up 100 tons of trash is some insidious agenda? Check out their history and what they are about before typing up propaganda. If you find some hidden meaning behind their name, then post your thoughts.

  • TheAdmiral Sep 28, 2009

    My problem is that we don't take to task those who dumped it. So any radical group cleaning it up don't help any.

  • Life-goes-on. Sep 28, 2009

    My son and I took kayaks down the Neuse River this summer and I was shocked at the tons of trash and silt. But probably most disapointing was where the city of Raleigh dumped 'treated' sewage into the river. From that point on it smelled like soured washing machine water and we stopped seeing fish.
    Maybe that needs to be the next project and I'd be glad to help.

  • htomc42 Sep 28, 2009

    Sorry, but I just can't help but be a wee bit suspicious of any group that has the word "Justice" in it's name. I've seen too many groups that use that to hide some insidious agenda.