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E-mail asks state troopers to be on best behavior

Posted September 24, 2009

— After a string of disciplinary actions against North Carolina state troopers, state officials have asked all employees of the Highway Patrol to uphold the high ethical standards on which the agency was founded 80 years ago.

Secretary of Crime Control and Public Safety Reuben Young and Col. Randy Glover, commander of the Highway Patrol, sent an e-mail Wednesday to the more than 1,800 state troopers and 300 civilian employees in the agency, reminding them that their actions on and off duty are scrutinized.

"It is easy for the entire organization to be judged by the acts of a few, so each and every one of us owe it to our fellow troopers to be morally and ethically beyond reproach," they wrote in the e-mail. "Gov. (Beverly) Perdue has made it clear that she will accept nothing less than a state government that operates with the utmost transparency and accountability to the people, and the patrol is no exception. We ask you to join us in committing to these same ideals."

A number of troopers have been demoted or fired in the past two years for offenses including drunken driving, profiling young women for traffic stops, having sex on duty and animal abuse.

This week, a former Highway Patrol sergeant had a court hearing in his effort to be reinstated after he was fired for having a drunken sexual encounter with a subordinate's wife.


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  • pbjbeach Sep 25, 2009

    The main thing that i see here is that no one in state government has got the nads to stand up an really speak truth to power. because they are all afarid of their jobs an they all releize that the department heads of these various state agencys arent really the one in charge of actually running these agencys but rather some politician in the legisture is actualy in charge . the polis make a phone call an they get thing changed particularly if effects something the as politicians want to have or not have done thus the pols run state government for the ncdot to the ncshp to ncdol to sbi. the ncirs an so forth the politician have got a hand in the operations of some state agency some where some how just in order to be able to show their power as a politician

  • pbjbeach Sep 25, 2009

    The state of north carolina thinks that just because they are these troopers employers that they have the right to regulate their personal lives an in my opinion they dont an shouldn't. have that right. It sound to me like the state is trying desprately to regulate their employees moriality an their ethics both on an mainly off of the job. in my opinion your employer shouldn't have the right to be able to dicate to you anything that you do off the job as longer as you arent breaking any laws with your behaviors. if you are arrested for a crime an then found guility in a court of law then an only then should your employer be able to terminate you from your employment in my opinion they(employer ) needs to quit allowing for their policys (not laws ) to have anything at all to do with the employees rights outside of their working positions thank you

  • Redneck Fun Sep 25, 2009

    gandalla:The department I worked at was small and didn't really have HR to worry about. Gotta love small town politics!! He did have a reason, but it was a lie and they had absolutely no proof of what they said. I have proof and witnesses to support my side, and did present my side to the Town Manager. Even the Asst. Chief said I did exactly what our SOP said to do. He quit after this because I was not the first person that got jacked by the Chief. The Town Manager said he would over turn the dismissal, but would not stop the Chief from saying I was forced to resign, or saying anything negative about me on my back ground investigation. That did not help me out at all. I could fight it in civil court, but I would have to pay a lawyer a $2000 retainer and $200 a hour. I can't afford that, and they knew it. My lawyer wants me to go to court badly because he says it is one of the easiest cases he has ever seen. Since it did not effect my certification I just moved on.
    Some LEOs have sued

  • gandalla Sep 24, 2009

    gandalla: If that was case I would not have been able to be in Law Enforcement anymore. I didn't do anything wrong, just didn't kiss the back sides of my superiors.Blazer Crazy

    Wow,you must have had a chief with huge cojones. When I was entry and mid level management I used to fire people a lot. And everytime I would meet with HR or Legal they would asure me that I could not fire anyone becayse they would not kissing up to me. It always had to be a discplinary or performance issue. But my hat goes off to that chief for firing you because you didnt kiss up to him.

  • Redneck Fun Sep 24, 2009

    gandalla: If that was case I would not have been able to be in Law Enforcement anymore. I didn't do anything wrong, just didn't kiss the back sides of my superiors. Not to mention you could make a small mistake and get fired for a legit reason, like violating a department policy, but still learn from your mistake and be a great Officer. Even most criminals get a second chance.

  • gandalla Sep 24, 2009

    Spring Lake is gone, but be rest assured most of them that left Spring Lake went to a department in a county next door.

    That is another problem with COPS once you have been terminated for cause from one agency your name should go in a database and you should be prohibited from obtaining a police license in any other state, city, or county.

  • US VET Sep 24, 2009

    Thats a good one.. This will be about as effective as e-mailing Al Qaeda and requesting them to stop their unacceptable behavior.. There are some good troopers out there but there are also some real loosers.. Believe it.

  • One of Two Sisters Sep 24, 2009

    It's understandable that a new commander would put out a statement of expectation. He's paid his dues and come up thru the ranks - not an easy thing in NCHP. But as the mother of a State Trooper, I find it offensive that the govenor would, once again, find a means to put in her two cents worth. Let HER go thru the NCHP school, stop a few cars in the black of night in the middle of no-where, or stop a car that is known to be stolen - and then I may care what she thinks. But for today, I think she should allow the Patrol Commander to do his job. He doesn't need her help, nor her input.

  • ifcdirector Sep 24, 2009

    When you have had your personal property stolen from you by a Trooper and disposed of personally by him, had another threaten to perjure himself to harass you, had one intervene in a personal matter on behalf of his friend, been harassed by one at a roadblock, and you see them daily speeding about at random with a genetically attached cell phone in one hand and another on the wheel well in excess of any speed they would write a violation for then your view of them takes a bit of personal dimming to say the least. On the positive side they do have a good internal affairs department and I have met a couple of nice ones in my lifetime who are honest and believe in what they are doing for the sake of service to the public and who are not on some fantasy power trip of their own making. The email sounds like a good start but they seriously need to put recorders and cameras in their cars. What's the reason for not doing so? I know I keep a recorder on me and that has made all the difference.

  • Redneck Fun Sep 24, 2009

    People should give Law Enforcement the benefit of the doubt. There are some bad eggs and they need to be gone. I will tell you that the bad eggs are normally at the top and don't generally do patrol anymore. That is where the blame should be placed. Junk rolls downhill!! By the way Spring Lake deserved to be disbanded and there are some others. I was fired from one that is very corrupt because I showed patience to a mentally disturbed person, that wasn't hurting anyone, and actually got them medical help. Apparently my Supervisors (except the Asst. Chief) thought I should have beat the mess out of them. Spring Lake is gone, but be rest assured most of them that left Spring Lake went to a department in a county next door. A few are now SUPERVISORS!! Almost every officer at this department is either from Spring Lake, or hired straight out of BLET. Most of those from BLET still have less than a year. The good part is the Town Board LOVES the Chief!!