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Driveway hit-and-run remains unsolved

Posted September 23, 2009
Updated September 24, 2009

— The North Carolina Highway Patrol is asking for the public's help in solving a hit-and-run that killed a Raleigh man last Halloween.

 Authorities seek leads in Halloween hit-and-run Authorities seek leads in Halloween hit-and-run

William Joseph Ross, 41, was struck by a box truck or panel van that pulled into his driveway at 11814 Possum Track Road at 9:52 p.m. Oct. 31, 2008, authorities said. He died of his injuries the next day.

Before he died, Ross told authorities that he approached the passenger side of the vehicle and knocked on its door. The passenger looked at Ross and told the driver, "Let's get out of here," authorities said.

“At that point, he (Ross) either rolled over the front of the truck or the vehicle struck him as he was leaving the driveway, which led to his injuries," Trooper Scott Smith said.

A neighbor found Ross lying in the unpaved driveway and called 911, authorities said.

“We arrived on the scene within four minutes,” Chief Ron Roof with Bay Leaf Fire Department said. “He (Ross) was conscious. He was telling us what had happened."

Ross told authorities that two people were inside the white vehicle, which had "The Perfect Store" printed on the side.

The father of two died in surgery the next day.

The vehicle was last seen traveling south on Possum Track Road toward Six Forks Road, authorities said.

Despite the victim’s description of the vehicle, the case remains unsolved nearly a year later.

“No witnesses, it was dark; only thing we have is a victim's statement. And that is all we can go on, and unfortunately, he is deceased,” Smith said. “We don't have anything without the public giving us some kind of information.”

Anyone who witnessed the hit-and-run or might have information that could help solve the case is asked to call the Highway Patrol's Wake County District Office at 919-733-4400.


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  • familyfour Sep 24, 2009

    OMG....I cannot imagine why this hasn't been solved.

    Kimberly.....my thoughts for you and your family....and hopes that your case is soon solved.

  • shortcake53 Sep 24, 2009

    kimberlee, you have all our support and prayers. If ever you need anything, we are just an email away...

  • cth1 Sep 24, 2009

    kimberlee1969- I hope the people are caught too!! My heart breaks for your family!! You are in my thoughts and prayers!!!

  • kimberlee1969 Sep 24, 2009

    I want to Thank everyone who has responded to this, it did air a year ago and then again in January. My two children are without a father as someone is walking around free living their life. This has been a tough year for us and I beg anyone who has any information please come forward. I understand it wont bring Bill back but my family needs closure, especially my 23 y.o. daughter and my 16 y.o. son. There isn't a day that goes by that we don't think or talk about him. We all miss him very much!!!! Thank you to the troopers for not forgetting us!

  • bonnnie Sep 24, 2009

    I hope the person responsible is caught soon.

  • aspenstreet1717 Sep 24, 2009

    Someone needs to do some more digging in the NC dept. of revenue office.If you had a truck for business it would be on your tax return's depreciation list.Year and make of vehicle when purchased etc. Cross reference with the DMV.

  • bcmom Sep 24, 2009

    I read a book about Ebay once , calling it the "Perfect Store"..a. I wonder if we've looked at those auction places that pick up your stuff for you?

  • Shadowprowlr Sep 24, 2009

    A simple internet search shows about 50 companys in the suronding area with the name "perfect" in it it looks like 2 are the type that would own a box truck and have gone out of business i would look at who bought those trucks

    Perfect Paper Solutions
    Perfect Carpet Inc‎

  • AtALost Sep 24, 2009

    Very sad. I wonder if he gave a description of the passenger? Also, we need to realize people aren't so friendly. Clearly they were up to something to say 'Lets get out of here'. Hopefully, the next intended victim turns on the lights and calls 911 instead of approaching them directly. It's sad to say but if someone needs help, they should stop at a convenience store or call 911. Too many criminals to trust that the stranger approaching is simply looking for directions.

  • MellowMelnJC Sep 24, 2009

    First off I do recall this story being in the news.

    Come on people think about it...this man tryed to help as much and he could. I remember looking around for months for trucks with that logo while driving around and while sitting in traffic.I know on my way to & from work I tend to see the same cars with the same people in them, I guess they have the same hours that I do. I just have felt since reading this story that someone must have seen something! I mean it was a "box truck" those are not small! I wonder too if the logo on the truck was one of the "peel ones" and that is why they never found it???
    I just feel so bad for this man and his family.