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NCAWARE digs up decade-old arrest warrant

Posted September 23, 2009
Updated September 24, 2009

— Have an outstanding traffic ticket or citation that's gone unpaid? If so, there might be a warrant out for your arrest.

Kim Dawson said she was fishing at a Raleigh lake on Labor Day when an officer running a routine check on her fishing license informed her that she was wanted on an outstanding arrest warrant.

It was for a $25 citation for fishing without a license that she received in Wilson County in 1999. She never paid it.

When the state's NCAWARE system (North Carolina Arrest Warrant Repository) went online last June, the decade-old warrant for Dawson's arrest was placed into the system, which allows law enforcement officers and court officials to search for outstanding warrants from across the state.

After a week of pleading her case, Wilson County prosecutors dismissed the charge against Dawson.

"It was just irresponsibility on my part," she said. "I never thought 11 years later it would come back to haunt me the way it did."

The North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts said NCAWARE completes the justice process. Since it went online in 18 counties, more than 1 million outstanding warrants have been served.

NCAWARE is expected to be implemented in every county by 2010.

"Our bottom line is don't break the law," said Sharon Gladwell, a spokeswoman for the court system.

Gladwell said the system was designed to get dangerous offenders off the streets, but it does not discriminate. It includes all unserved arrest warrants dating to 1982.

"NCAWARE was designed to show information on all wanted persons in North Carolina," she said.

Dawson said she had forgotten about the citation but urges others to check with the Clerk of Courts office in their county for any outstanding tickets or charges.


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  • COPs eye Sep 25, 2009

    I have served several NCAWARE warrants Felonies and Misdemeanors. It serves its purpose and it does work! unfortunately some of the warrants are very old and the charges are dismissed, but other more serious charges are finally brought to court. Simple if you think you have an outstanding check then you won't get a surprise on the side of the road or a knock at your door.

  • fishfan Sep 25, 2009

    omg......i guess u dont want me to know who u are? thnx for ur support just the same...

  • SkepticalGirl Sep 25, 2009

    No, But I did date a soldier once...yummy!

  • fishfan Sep 25, 2009

    okay scepticalgirl...exactly how many screaming, naked women were on 1-north,too many to count??? That doesnt help much...but question: Did u serve in the Army?

  • SkepticalGirl Sep 25, 2009

    Hi Kim, I used to work with you on 1-North. Glad those days are over with. Still got the scars from one particular naked
    screaming female LOL. Good luck fishing and you have my permission to have hush puppies AND slaw with them.

  • fishfan Sep 25, 2009

    Thanks everyone for your support/comments. My story is literally yesterday's news, so I guess the vultures will move on and pursecute some other defenseless soul today. Im still very pleased with the outcome of my case, and still a little stoked about making the news....AMANDA LAMB AND HER PHOTOGRAPHER TERRY CANTRELL ARE SOME REALLY DOWN TO EARTH, EVERYDAY PEOPLE!!
    I will also be fishing all weekend, with my VALID FISHING LICENSE!!!! lol

  • shortcake53 Sep 24, 2009

    I am dizzy from shaking my head here. They can find a woman who didnt pay a fishing fee, but cant find out who killed a lot of our citizens or stop the gangs or catch robbers??? Unreal.

  • lorivalentine1 Sep 24, 2009

    Fishfan.. glad all has been cleared up..
    I can tell you that many years ago my license was revoked in Mass and I was not aware.. I got a speeding ticket and requested a hearing as I knew I was not speeding. The hearing notice went to my dirtbag ex who promptly threw it out.. and never told me.. so while I was waiting my license was revoked unbenounced to me. I only found out when a friend was in training with the Mass State Police and was having fun running back ground checks. He ran my ssn and was surprised to find my license revoked. Cost me a few hundred $$ to get it reinstated.

  • 6079 SMITH W Sep 24, 2009

    HEY KIM! Thanks for being such a good sport, first and foremost. This story gave us all a good laugh at our government's lack of common sense. I confess that I too have fished in the king's waterways without paying a tax...oops! I meant to say a license. They'll never take me alive.

  • james27613 Sep 24, 2009

    How much money did it cost the State to serve the Million warrants ?

    The North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts said NCAWARE completes the justice process. Since it went online in 18 counties, more than 1 million outstanding warrants have been served.