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Woman says pit bulls jumped fence before killing other dogs

Posted September 22, 2009

— A Wake Forest woman says two pit bulls, thought to have mauled and killed two other dogs, likely jumped the fence outside her home while she was away.

Susie Henley said Tuesday that she was watching the animals for their owners while they moved to the area. She left to go pick up some items on Friday to move.

That's when the dogs got away, Henley said, adding that she searched for them and put out fliers. She had no idea that they might have attacked Joyce Valentine's dogs.

Valentine said that she returned home from work on Friday to find her two Jack Russell terriers dead in the back yard.

Neighbors told her they had seen two dogs identified as pit bulls in the area. A neighbor later captured the dogs and took them to animal control.

Mike Williams, director of Wake County's Animal Control and Adoption Center, said Tuesday that the dogs' owners have since surrendered one of them to the shelter and has until Sunday to decide about the other dog.

He said the dogs likely won't be available for adoption.

"There is no direct proof, at this time, that these dogs had anything to do with the deaths," Williams said. "There is plenty of circumstantial evidence, which is why we will not be able to offer the one dog that has been surrendered for adoption."

Williams also said the owners also made clear that the dogs are American bulldogs.

"Pit bull" is a description applied to a number of specific breeds of dogs including the American pit bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier and Staffordshire bull terrier, among others.

American bulldogs also meet that generic category, Williams said.

It's unlikely that the dogs' owners will face criminal charges, Williams said. They could, however, be fined by the county or subject to civil litigation.

Williams said the case serves as a reminder that pets should always be properly confined for the animal's safety, as well as the safety of humans and other animals.

"It doesn't matter what breed it is," he said. "Any dog can be dangerous."


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  • kickchick2000 Sep 23, 2009

    If anyone is interested in adopting the three legged dog invloved in this case the WCAS is calling him Tres Dozer his impound number is 25302.

  • RWDJ Sep 22, 2009

    A whole lotta bull. The authorities WANT to put these dogs down. There is no reason at all to murder these dogs. If their owners do not want them, someone else will gladly give them a loving home. If anyone is to blame for this tragedy, its the owner of the Jack Russels. Anyone who would trap their dogs with an invisible fence to keep them in, and then leave them out in the open, all alone for anyone to or anything to attack and kill them is guilty of neglect. And now I see that American Bulldogs are being lumped together with Pittbulls on this witch hunt. SHAME! Just because a dog is not pleasing to YOUR eye, does not make it evil. I happen to think little yappy dogs are vicious, ugly and should be muzzled to save me ears and legs from their mouths. Does that mean I should go on a crusade and band together with my fellow dog Nazis to herd them into dogie concentration camps and gas them?

  • kickchick2000 Sep 22, 2009

    I do not understand why on earth the dogs would be PTS. There is NO solid evidence these two american bulldogs killed these other dogs. Has anyone thought about a coyote being responsible for these deaths.

  • lisalrenee2 Sep 22, 2009

    I'm very sorry for all 4 dogs involved here, for they were failed by their humans. No responsible dog owner would permit their animals to run free - shame on whomever cared for the alleged pit bulls. And you can almost make the same argument to the owner of the JRTs, as an electric fence does NOTHING to keep danger away from your pets, and it's only as strong as your dog's fear of the shock for keeping your pet from getting into trouble.

    Those of you debating the merits of American Pit Bull Terriers, bless you, and know that you'll just have to keep on keeping on. I have two of each of these dogs actually - and my pit bulls are bomb proof. They are as trustworthy as they come. They're dogs, and so are still never left alone with children, etc., but they are rock solid, CGC titled dogs. My JRTs - not so much. Snarky and snarly at times, even more so as they age. Can't just a dog by its breed anymore than a person by their race. One day people will learn.

  • lookingoutsidein Sep 22, 2009

    Well..I consider myself a responsible dog owner, and I own a pit bull mix. I believe any dog can be aggressive if it wants to. My pit has been attacked twice in the last three years...in my OWN backyard. The first time it was a German Shepard and the second time it was an australian shepard. My dog made short work of them but the point is my dog was secured and these dogs came looking for a fight..they found it! My pit is not aggressive nor has he ever been..I believe in these cases he was protecting himself!!!

  • Road Dog Sep 22, 2009

    Anyone who says Beagles and Bassets can't be dangerous has never worked with them hunting.

  • doubletrouble Sep 22, 2009

    Many years ago, my cousin had a American Pitbull he raised as a puppy and working on a farm, the dog had alot of interaction with both children and workers on the farm and in his words, probably the most loving/loyal/friendly dogs he had owned. Before that was a Doberman and a German Shepherd, which showed far mor aggression than his APB, though in the same enviroment. The sad thing is that while the Doby and German Shepherd breeds have been basically upbred in temperment over the years, the Pitt has been down bred for dog fighting via the culture that seems to revolve around such, even though the original breed was originally bred for bear and bull baiting--same a the German Shepherd/Doby were orginally bred as guard/military dogs. It means...there are alot of bad temperment puppy mills if you will..to fill the need of a bunch of dirtbags, who are into dog fighting. So with APB's..you need to know the history of the parents and if they are from good stock, which is harder to find

  • Tired of thoughtlessness Sep 22, 2009


  • asksanta Sep 22, 2009

    Yourmileage I think you are missing the whole point of the conversation. It's not about the 10% of good Dog Owners. It's about the other 90%. The one's who don't notice aggressive behavior until it's to late, Or either refuse to believe there dog is more acceptable to violent behavior that would lead to serious injury or death because of it's size, and breed.

  • Gottalovemy4dogs Sep 22, 2009

    atac001, I am educated and I have done a lot of research on dogs, breeds and dog behavior. I've worked with rescues, I own these "bad dogs" and know others who own them. How much research have you done on your own? Or do you rely on the articles fed to you by the media? Just curious.