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Dogs' deaths blamed on stray pit bulls

Posted September 21, 2009

— Wake County animal control officers are investigating the attacks on two dogs found dead in their owner's back yard last week.

Joyce Valentine said she returned home from work Friday afternoon to find her 4-year-old Jack Russell terriers, Missy and Buster, mauled to death. The dogs were confined to Valentine's back yard by an electric fence when they were killed, she said.

Stray pit bulls blamed for pets' attacks Stray pit bulls blamed for pets' attacks

After talking to neighbors, Valentine learned two stray pit bulls had been roaming the area. A neighbor captured them and took them to animal control.

Mike Williams, director of Wake County's Animal Control and Adoption Center, said no one knows to whom the pit bulls belong or how they ended up in Valentine's neighborhood.

The animals appeared to have been well cared for, he said.

The dogs are under a 72-hour quarantine and, if not reclaimed by their owner, will be assessed to determine whether they can be offered for adoption or should be euthanized, Williams said.

It's unlikely their owner, if he or she comes forward, will face criminal charges, Williams said. He or she, however, could be fined by the county, and Valentine could also sue.

Williams said the case is a reminder to all pet owners to keep their pets properly confined for their pets' safety, as well as other people's safety.

"It doesn't matter what breed it is," he said. "Any dog can be dangerous."

"There's no reason why these animals should have been let loose, collarless in a neighborhood where there are children or other animals, where they could have been killed," Valentine said.


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  • dws Sep 22, 2009

    depayne04, spare me the rambling and weak analogies....I've seen the effects of strays and aggressive dogs first hand, and they were not chihuahuas or lhasas, either

  • seaturtlesrule Sep 22, 2009

    First of all...I don't care what Cesar (the Dog Whisperer) says...American Staffordshire Terriers (Pit Bulls) have been inbred and had extreme instability and aggressiveness bred into them by unscrupulous people (like NFL "hero" Michael Vick!). They are simply not trustworthy no matter what! All it takes is one time - and a child is dead. a beloved pet is dead. YOU are dead.

    Until they have their good, obedient qualities bred back into them - they should be banned in the US. Check the news and statistics...it's ALWAYS a Pit Bull or Pit Bull Mix! If I were that lady, I would sue the he** out of the owners. It could have been a child - easily! She must be emotionally devastated. However, yes - she bears some fault in this. No one should leave their dogs outside all day with just an "electric fence".
    Hint - They don't work!

    Anyway, I wish her the best and am truly sorry about the Jack Russells - so cute! If a new neighbor moved in next door with a Pit Bull - We'd move!

  • mikec2 Sep 22, 2009

    Many topics here. First, as for dogs roaming (or stray dogs) in neighborhoods ... most folks understand this to be bad. Stray dogs and uncared for dogs need to be removed from areas where other people and dogs are in jeopardy. The other part is about pit bull terriers. Highly capable, but your local dogFighters (and those overseas) have breeded much worse. If a dog is owned, then the owner is responsible. No owner, then the dog needs to be brought to a shelter and adopted or euthanized (at least in well populated areas). But pits are often undeservedly on many hate lists. WRAL now knows these are mutts and not pits, but they are leaving pit in the headline because it draw emotion (hard to imagine a news organization with an agenda!). This is not a pit issue. To talk about euthanizing pits w/out any evidence/logic here .. might as well base the decision on drunk driving statistics. It's just as relevant.

  • batcave Sep 22, 2009

    circumstantial evidencce is indeed evidence. Why weren't they Pit Bulls?There are studies that claim certain breeds are more likely to attack than others. A study by Merritt Clifton, which analyzed serious attacks in the U.S. and Canada between 1982 and 2006, determined that Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Presa Canarios, and their mixes were responsible for 74% of attacks studied and 65% of fatalities. and mixes for those keeping score at home.

  • Professor Sep 22, 2009

    Anyone having a dangerous pitbull should be charged $300.00 fine is they bring harm to property or humans.

  • Professor Sep 22, 2009

    we kept our dog chained up to a doghouse outside winter and summer.

    Keeping a dog chained up will certainly make them mean. You don't need a dog and need to be reporterd for cruelty.

  • Professor Sep 22, 2009

    Pit bulls are dangerous dogs.

  • fishon Sep 22, 2009

    Growing up we kept our dog chained up to a doghouse outside winter and summer. It was either big enough to win any fight or could hide in the doghouse.

  • mikec2 Sep 22, 2009

    OK, I think I understand now:
    Fact 1: No evidence these dogs did it
    Fact 2: These dogs are not pit bulls
    Conclusion: Euthanize all pit bulls (and maybe their owners).

    Hmm ... I'm missing some of the logic here

  • foolntherain872 Sep 22, 2009

    as I said before this could have happened with her home or not!!!!