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Troopers honored for valor, saving lives

Posted September 10, 2009

— State troopers and a civilian who saved lives and helped catch suspects were honored at an awards ceremony at the Crown Coliseum in Fayetteville Thursday morning.

The awards were given by Reuben Young, secretary of the state Department of Crime Control and Public Safety, and Col. Randy Glover, commander of the State Highway Patrol.

"Each trooper went beyond the normal call of duty and demonstrated outstanding judgment," Glover said. "This level of service exemplifies what it means to be a state employee – to serve others."

They presented the following awards:

  • Trooper R.B. Battle – CCPS Heroism Award and Highway Patrol Award of Valor. Battle entered a burning home in an attempt to prevent loss of life.
  • Trooper A.S. Duff – CCPS Commendation Award and Highway Patrol Samaritan Award. Duff, who was off-duty, helped apprehend of a suspect in a drive-by shooting in Wallace.
  • Trooper D.S. Gould – CCPS Commendation Award and Highway Patrol Samaritan Award. Gould attempted to perform life-saving CPR on an unresponsive woman at a residence in Burgaw.
  • Trooper J. K. Locklear – CCPS Commendation Award and Highway Patrol Samaritan Award. After a wreck, Locklear tracked down an injured victim to her home. She was unresponsive, and Locklear gave life-saving care until medical personnel arrived.
  • Patrol Telecommunicator F. L. Ledwell – CCPS Commendation Award and Highway Patrol Samaritan Award. Ledwell helped find an overdue truck driver. The driver was found unconscious in the cab of his truck near Columbia, N.J.
  • David H. Campbell – Citizen Life Saving Award for his helping a patrol member in a time of need.

The Commendation Award is CCPS’s second-highest award for heroism and is given only to those whose judgment and courage saved others. The Meritorious Award is CCPS’s second-highest award for meritorious service or achievement.

The patrol gives the Award of Valor to a member who displayed personal bravery and self-sacrifice while preserving life or property. The Meritorious Award is given to a patrol member who demonstrated outstanding service to the state. The Samaritan Award is bestowed to a patrol member who went beyond the call of duty to help a citizen.


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  • Drew Sep 10, 2009

    oops...Four Trps. never-the-less, it's just 4 from that Troop not the whole state.

  • thepeopleschamp Sep 10, 2009

    "..that makes me despise ALL LEO's, even the ones that MIGHT actually be decent." Journey985 on RPD07's profile page

    ..."I DO NOT HATE LEO's" First of all, hate is a strong and ugly word.." Journey985 today

    This is an article recognizing the valor of Troopers who saved others lives and you have used it as a launching pad for another anti-NCSHP bashing. Let go of that anger dude, peace.

  • Journey985 Sep 10, 2009

    ACTUALLY Drew, it was only four troopers, a telecomunicator and a citizen that were honored today, but hey, who's counting?

  • RAINDOG Sep 10, 2009

    Congratulations to these fine men of the NCHP. Thats what we need to hear.

  • Drew Sep 10, 2009

    FYI...the five Troopers and one Telecommunicator honored today were from one Troop. So it is not only Troopers being awarded out of 1800+ troopers. Each Troop has it's on ceremony.

  • 2SWEETBOYS Sep 10, 2009

    Congratulations Troopers! God Bless the NCHP!

  • Journey985 Sep 10, 2009

    No anitov, I appreciate what you're saying, and again I will reiterate my previous posts..."I DO NOT HATE LEO's" First of all, hate is a strong and ugly word, second, and I have explained in previous LEO stories but some choose to IGNORE those parts...I DISLIKE the attitudes displayed by some (not all) LEO's, both those that I have dealt with and others I have read about. That being said, the mentality that all officers are beyond question and need to be listened to no matter what the circumstance is incorrect. As demonstrated here as of late, (I will not list the offenses again) there is an increasing number of "incidents" that is calling into question both the training and mentality of the SHP. Your point is understood anitov and I get it, but when all the LEO supporters post over and over again that the stories are wrong, or that LEO's don't make those mistakes or that the "truth" will come out is fustrating.

  • thepeopleschamp Sep 10, 2009

    journey, allow me to try to explain. Every single player in Major League Baseball is an excellent baseball player or they wouldn't be in the majors. No one gets to be in the majors by not being good at baseball. Among the major league players, some stand out over the others with their accomplishments on the field and they are recognized individually for their success. Sort of like All-Stars. I'm sure your hate for leo's will allow you to dismiss this reasoning anyway though.

  • AnotherIgnoredComment Sep 10, 2009

    Plus we have all read Journeys posts on other LEO stories which show his bias

  • uncommonsense Sep 10, 2009

    Journey, on the flip side of that coin, why should the few who have been in the news for less than honorable acts determine how we all view the rest of the department? Also, civilian review boards, like you speak of, are much less effective than the "peer" review of other law enforcement officers (Internal Affairs). That is why you don't see them very often. Besides, if the alleged act is a violation of the law and there is enough evidence to support the accusation, there will be civilian review in the form of 12 people sitting in a box in the courthouse.