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Man charged with murder in fatal Raleigh wreck

Posted September 2, 2009
Updated September 6, 2009

— Raleigh police filed second-degree murder charges Wednesday against a 33-year-old Louisburg man in connection with a fatal wreck on Old Wake Forest Road last Saturday.

Police said that Cory Lamar Henderson tried to pass John Edward "Eddie" Ogburn, 28, who was in a turning lane to go left from Old Wake Forest Road onto Zachary Brook Lane, where he lived.

Cory Lamar Henderson - mub shot 8/29/09 - Man arrested in fatal Raleigh hit-and-run Louisburg man faces murder, DWI charges

Henderson, of 1560 Ferrells Bridge Road, was initially charged with charged with driving while impaired and felony death by vehicle, among other offenses. He also faces felony charges for injuries suffered by Obgurn's two passengers.

Prosecutors said charges can be upgraded in cases of drunk-driving deaths when aggravating factors are present.

Police upgraded the death by vehicle charge after consulting with the Wake County District Attorney's Office, but Henderson posted a $130,000 bond before the new charge was issued.

"Since the warrant has been in our hands, we've been looking for the suspect," Raleigh police spokesman Jim Sughrue said.

They got their chance Wednesday when Henderson showed up at the Raleigh station to pick up personal items left at the wreck scene.

"When the suspect came in this morning to pick up his phone, he was arrested and put into custody and transferred to the jail," Sughrue said.

Henderson's bond, initially set at $1.5 million, was reduced to $750,000 during a court appearance Thursday. He remained in jail on Sunday.

"The distinction of what raises it to second-degree murder is basically malice," said Jeff Cruden, assistant Wake County district attorney. "A prior DWI is evidence of malice that the court upholds, (as well as) extremely reckless driving, running from police, fleeing to elude arrest.

According to state Department of Correction records, Henderson was convicted of DWI in Wake County in 2004.

Police said that they were pursuing Henderson for reckless driving before the wreck and that he ran from the scene but was caught quickly.

Prosecutors cited his "extensive criminal history" and called him a flight risk, in a court document setting his new bond.

According to court records, Henderson has a criminal record in Arizona and Florida, as well as North Carolina. He has convictions for selling drugs in Franklin County from the 1990s. He was the subject of a restraining order and charged with harassing and threatening someone in Raleigh in April.

Ogburn was a graduate of East Carolina University and worked at the SAS Institute in Cary. Funeral services were held for him on Wednesday.

"I can't say enough good about him. I'm thankful to have known him for the short time that I did," said  Dan Chase, a co-worker of Ogburn.


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  • findoutthefacts Sep 3, 2009

    leo-nc.....I hope you aren't an active law enforcement official. Your comments and the attitude displayed in them totally confirms the "stereotype" that cops are arrogant and demeaning to thos who aren't.

    Just because you took a class does not make you better or superior to anyone.

  • 5Rs Sep 2, 2009

    At the intersection where the "accident" took place, there is a left turn lane. The vehicle that struck the victim's car in the driver's door had to go LEFT of the left turn lane.

  • NMBound Sep 2, 2009


  • Tired of thoughtlessness Sep 2, 2009

    I dont understand why they would let someone out who had the history of these offenses, out on any kind of bail. I am glad he is back in jail--which should be his new home.

  • Adelinthe Sep 2, 2009

    SouthernLady05 - "I think you will be suprised when the true (factual) story comes out. If it ever does."


    God bless.


  • Adelinthe Sep 2, 2009

    SME2 - "The guy is probably driving around on one of those motor scooters today and drunk more than likely."

    Uhmmm, the article says he's back in jail on $1.5M bond, thank God!!!

    God bless.


  • Adelinthe Sep 2, 2009

    SL - "...anyone who goes out drinking knows before hand how they are getting home. They make that decision way before intoxication and IMO that's premeditation."


    Time to start throwing anyone who does this under the bus - enough is enough.

    God bless.


  • leo-nc Sep 2, 2009

    Looks like Journey finally got back to doing some work today after getting owned

  • SouthernLady05 Sep 2, 2009

    " don't care whether he was intoxicated or drunk or impaired - the guy made the decision to drive and killed someone, so the charge of second degree murder is appropriate.laursadad"

    I agree 100%, matter of fact... I wish they could charge him with 1st degree murder. IMO, anyone who goes out drinking knows before hand how they are getting home. They make that decision way before intoxication and IMO that's premeditation.

    Anyways, my point was... best believe this guys defense attorney (state appointed i'm sure) will use that evidence in court... if it's true... to help his client.

  • Desiderata Sep 2, 2009

    Ok, everybody here give it a rest! Fact is ...Henderson was responsible for the death of another driver..and injury to the passengers..lets focus on that fact and make sure he never sees freedom ever again!