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WakeMed eliminating positions

Posted August 28, 2009

— WakeMed is eliminating about 43 positions from its work force, affecting 85 people, the hospital said Friday.

About a third of those affected will have an opportunity to shift to another assignment within the WakeMed system, Bill Atkinson, president and chief executive officer, said. Three-quarters of the positions being eliminated are management positions, a spokeswoman said. No staff nurse is being displaced.

Those affected will be notified during the month of September. Severance packages will be offered  on a case-by-case basis.

The medical system, which employs about 7,576 people at its facilities in Wake and Johnston counties, had a weak first six months in fiscal year 2009 but ended with in a sound financial position, Atkinson said.

"This year is different in that we have little opportunity, if any, to extract more savings through expense reductions," he said. "Most of those opportunities we seized in fiscal year 2009."

Atkinson said the hospital system is expecting $35 million less in federal state and reimbursement in the new fiscal year. Some of the losses were offset by additional cuts to departmental budgets and curtailing spending in marketing and advertising.

"Some of the offset, however, inevitably, must come from the steps we are taking today to slightly reduce our work force numbers," Atkinson said.


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  • archmaker Sep 3, 2009

    WakeMed's PR is the finest I've ever seen. This will be more than 'management' positions. Take for example when they announced that they would stop providing FREE VALET PARKING at WakeMed Cary to save money - and yet it continued! Valet parking? Have you seen Cary's parking lot? What a joke! They don't provide this at the main campus which has a parking lot bigger than the entire Cary campus. Are Cary people that darn special that they can't park their own cars and walk 100 feet?

  • nerdlywehunt Aug 28, 2009

    nerdlywehunt....Where do YOU want to go for your healthcare? It's sad to see people losing thier jobs, but this has NOTHING to do with the free healthcare that obama thinks will help.....let me know what country you are planning to go to for your healthcare....I think that would make an interesting case study!

    Hey carguy...........I lived in the UK for 6 years and Canada for two. Used both countries services and they were BOTH superior to the care and hassle I get in the US. Direct experience!!!!

  • suthrninjun Aug 28, 2009

    tarheelbabe, I agree with you. Maybe Bill should consider cutting his own salary to help the company. As far as the statement written that none of this will affect staff nurses...maybe the public needs to know about the other cuts and "probable" cuts that are taking place but not publicized. PR staff should be paid well because they do one heck of a job making it all sound so humble and fair. I realize the community is rapidly growing but WakeMed could definitely slow the growth like many other companies are doing to reduce costs. There are so many things that WakeMed does (i.e. soccer park, cute statement buttons for Doctor's Day) that could save a lot. I will say in response to another comment made, that I did hear from more than one person prior to Bill coming to WakeMed that we should get ready. He is known for his cuts and overspending when it's not necessary. luvbailey can say what he/she wants but there is obviously a close tie between them. Praying for those getting let go.

  • pamslaff Aug 28, 2009

    I have had surgery @wake med. I am a nurse who once worked there. I have to say, it was a tolerable recovery. (pain is pain no matter where you are). The nursing staff always right there when I needed them. I just hope the nurses arent going to suffer with increase patients to save money to sacrifice patient care. My condolenses to those who are losing their jobs. My heart gets heavy whenever I hear about job cuts, I am so very sorry!!

  • Adelinthe Aug 28, 2009

    "Three-quarters of the positions being eliminated are management positions..."

    Probably a wise choice.

    Most in those positions are supported by a staff good enough to keep things running without them anyway.

    Praying for them, but blessed no nurses are in the lineup. That would be insane.

    God bless.


  • hotlapsmag Aug 28, 2009

    Get a clue WakeMed on how to manage the people you have.

  • redchaser Aug 28, 2009

    Why are the top execs at WM not taking pay cuts. Oh, and why is there a soccer park? If funds are so limited, why all the expansion. If funds are so limited, get rid of the soccer park, you have to be spending money to get your name on that, cut out all the excessive ads on tv, stop building and put the money in the people that you have. I know a large number of departments that are understaffed already.

    I am glad some think Atkinson is great, but you also probably think Obama and Pelosi are great too. And don't even bring up the great 'guv......she's a joke.

  • speedy Aug 28, 2009

    "The staff get paid very well at WakeMed, but they work for every cent of it."

    WHAT?? They actually WORK for their money??? That's contrary to everything 'bama wants to do with healthcare. That's IT, I'm calling the Whitehouse squeal line.

  • zadonahue Aug 28, 2009

    The numbers in the story are confusing. 43 people, 85 people, 1/3 of the people. Huh?

  • tgw Aug 28, 2009

    WakeMed has some of the finest nursing care around-bar none. And friends, no matter what you say-hospital stays are about nursing care.

    I do not know much about the ceo, but the board will not let him get away with much. I will say they seem to be building constantly. Maybe that's good-as the Triangle area continues to grow.

    All this being said, whoever said that families are hurt when layoffs occur is exactly right. Sometimes, I wish they would reduce hours or responsibilities instead of laying off. I thought the article said they would be eligable for other jobs in the hospital. That's good.