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Death penalty sought against suspect in two slayings

Posted August 27, 2009

Armond Devega

— Wake County prosecutors said Thursday that they plan to seek the death penalty against a Raleigh man charged in two homicides and a string of armed robberies.

Armond Devega, 27, is charged with two counts of murder, one count of attempted murder and nine counts of robbery in connection with crimes between January and October 2008.

Anthony Dwayne Scarborough, 32, was killed during a home invasion at 508 Tartan Circle on Feb. 13, 2008. Authorities said Devega and Scarborough knew each other while they were imprisoned at the Johnston Correctional Center and that Devega might have held a grudge against Scarborough.

Stephanie Powell Anderson, 39, was killed at a Wilco-Hess gas station at 1741 Trawick Road on April 10, 2008. Police said she was ambushed as she arrived at the station, and she was shot when she was unable to open the store’s safe.

The attempted murder charge stems from the shooting of a clerk at the Mexico Lindo check-cashing business Sept. 10.  The man was shot several times but survived.

Ballistics evidence showed the same weapon was used in all three shootings and in the May 7, 2008, robbery of a Subway restaurant on Six Forks Road, according to affidavits for search warrants in the case.

Devega also is charged with the following robberies:

  • Jan. 23 robbery of Subway store, 10450 Durant Road
  • Feb. 1 robbery of Wilco-Hess, 7413 Louisburg Road
  • Feb. 13 robbery of Wilco-Hess, 7413 Louisburg Road
  • Feb. 13 murder of Anthony Dwayne Scarborough at 508 Tartan Circle
  • April 5 robbery of Subway, 6320 Capital Blvd.
  • April 10 robbery of Wilco-Hess, 1741 Trawick Road, and murder of Stephanie Powell Anderson
  • May 24 robbery of Capital Food Mart, 2929 Capital Blvd.
  • June 6 robbery of Bojangles', 10610 Durant Road
  • Sept. 10 robbery of Mexico Lindo, 4010 Wake Forest Road and attempted murder of Modesta Fernandez-Lucas

Investigators found Devega lived in close proximity to many of the robberies.


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  • decodecb Aug 28, 2009

    Personally, I'm sick of black people always talking about the news being "racist" well you know what! If everyone got their act together it would not be a problem!
    I 100% believe in the death penalty! Repub. I am 100% with you, I think all these whimpy "liberals" are making America too comfy for criminals. It shocks me that people want to cry about the whole health care thing. They are talking about money....well keeping someone in jail is costing way more! Have you ever talked to someone who was in jail? Their life there is more relaxing then dealing with the real world. Some of those people go to college, and they have books to read and places to workout. I wish I had a home gym, they have showers and clean clothes and a bed to sleep in FREE! All of that WE!!! pay for!!!! Your right some of these liberals should have those people living with them. Paying for their medical care, food, clothes and personal needs! And THEN comment.

  • working for deadbeats Aug 27, 2009

    I have an idea to save money on the prison systems. All the liberals who care for these criminals "rights" have to adopt one of them and keep them on house arrest in their home. You have to feed them, clothe them and pay for ALL medical costs with NO help from the gov't. Bev might like this idea.

  • working for deadbeats Aug 27, 2009

    "Professor, Yes, "Life is better," and I'm sure his dead victims wish they could make that same comment."

    No kidding. How about we put him on house arrest and he can stay with all the bleeding hearts on here who care so much for his worthless life.

  • Thinkb4uspeak Aug 27, 2009

    Kill Him.

  • Barrackawack Aug 27, 2009

    For all the people against the death penalty,ask the murderers on death row which they would rather have, a life sentence or the death penalty ? I can assure you they would choose life every time, a choice their victims or families did not have. Spineless liberals are a DISGRACE to the victims and their families.

  • twc Aug 27, 2009

    raptor06, there obviously was not enough "simmering". Things have gone downhill over the years as far as justice for murderers.

    Do you even know what you're talking about? Or have you been reading fiction?

  • blueridgerunner Aug 27, 2009

    Hold it. Hold the phone Leroy.This man is Black. He is automatically exempt from the death penalty by decree of the general assembly, the governor and the Rev Barber of the NAACP. Case dismissed, I don't care if he shot your granma the mans black and probably mad because somebody used the N word. Innocent because of race. Jeeeze what's wrong with you people. When they say justice should be blind, they mean blind to the color black. And while we're at it tell the news media to start showing more white people doing crime. They must be shown some racial bias in their reporting.

  • Harrison Bergeron Aug 27, 2009

    "Our liberal, non-cahuna state recently passed some law that requires us to make sure people weren't sentenced to Death based on their race." -DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NO

    Based on a ridiculous study that found a mere 2% difference in probably of receiving life over death when the VICTIM was white. A study that examined 36 factors including "time to DA's next election", but missed factors like "use of public defender".

    I'd love to see the defense parade a statistical case in light of this perpetrator's laundry list of alleged crimes.

  • Barrackawack Aug 27, 2009

    Here is another link for the Shannon Newsom murder trail .http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=8d1_1251223844

  • Raptor06 Aug 27, 2009


    Yes, this man needs to pay his dues...be executed, as far as I'm concerned... the proper punishment for these types of vicious crimes. But don't get so lost in the severity of his crime. I didn't hear anything about him murdering his victims, then decide to set them on fire and watch his victims simmer in their own sauces. That used to be a too frequent occurence in our area. How many of those murderers were adequately punished for their crimes? Some of you now screaming for justice were around during those times. Justice is justice...right?