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October election could shake up Wake school board

Posted August 25, 2009
Updated September 1, 2009

— Four of the nine seats on the Wake County Board of Education are up for the taking this October, and that could potentially mean change in some of the board's policies.

District 1 board member Lori Millberg, District 7 member Patti Head and District 9 member Eleanor Goettee have chosen not to run for re-election this fall. Horace Tart, who represents Wake County's District 2, is the only incumbent school board member on the ballot this fall.

"It could really change the direction of the school board," said Gail Ferrari Marold, who helped create Take Wake Schools Back.

The parents group is supporting four new candidates that are looking to change the district's diversity and student reassignment policies.

"There are way too many cases where children are bused far away from their communities and neighborhoods, and that doesn't lead to academic excellence," Marold said.

Wake often buses students to create economic diversity in schools. The school system reassigns students every year to help deal with growth.

"I think it's going to be contentious," said school board member Eleanor Goettee, who is stepping away from her post after one four-year term. "I think there are going to be a lot of issues on the table."

Goettee defends the current policies and said she doesn't believe the community is ready to see an overt change to the status quo.

"I think there may be one or two seats that are turned," she said. "I do not believe the general philosophy of this board is going to change."

Marold says the status quo needs to change.

"There are so many parents and families throughout the county who are really fed up," she said. "They know something has to change and the status quo cannot remain."


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  • ThinkChick Aug 27, 2009

    SME2 - you must be one of those idle ultra-rich who will be taxed more than everyone else or one of those on the receiving end of government programs. Given the complete ignorance of your comment, I would guess government program...

    Perdue is doing what the NC state legislature ALWAYS does when faced with budget crises of their own making - use school children as human shields by cutting classroom spending instead of getting rid of administrative overhead up and down the food chain.

    Unexpected good news from California - parents' pressure has worked and they are one step away from NEA goons and one step closer to quality schools. Of course bear in mind the LA Times spins it a bit...


  • PickAnotherID Aug 26, 2009

    SME2 - WRONG!

    People who don't like "Early Release Wednesday" = People who lose money they need for things like food and rent because they have to take time off from work, or pay for some type of child care, because of this stupid policy.

  • SME2 Aug 26, 2009

    People who do not like Early Release Wendesdays = People who do not care about or do not want to spend time with their children.

  • SME2 Aug 26, 2009

    People who think that not busing will save WCPSS tons of money are obviously delusional.

    The only thing it will do is lower the amount of money the schools are given from year to year. More money will be pumped into under performing schools and higher performing schools will get less.

  • fishstory Aug 26, 2009

    This school board has trampled on the free will of the citizens of Wake County. What they did and how they forced the year round school calendar on us was appalling. I hope we haven't forgotten about that. Some may like year round school, some don't, but there should be a majority rule. Anyone remember that concept? I will be happy to see all of these position's replaced and get some new thinking on this board. It's pretty obvious that there is allot of behind the scenes politics with the school board, so much, that they have chosen to ignore their constituents. All of which is unspoken and denied. Remember, if they can't look you in the eye or talk directly to you, something is up, and it usually is not in your best interest. Think about it, be calm, and vote them out.

  • miketroll3572 Aug 26, 2009

    "I think there may be one or tow seats that are turned," she said. "I do not believe the general philosophy of this board is going to change."

    Got news for you Goat: Change is comming! Big Time!

  • time4real Aug 26, 2009

    "As an FYI... Horace Tart, the incumbent candidate for DISTRICT 2 support bussing."
    Horace ALSO voted for converting schools to mandatory year round and now many of those schools are well under capacity while your kids at a trad. school are busting out the windows! Horace tart also voted for and supported "Whacky Wednesdays" for all you who are already sick of this idiotic agenda! And this one should scare you the most, Horace Tart supports taxing authority and thinks you should have to write them a check for education ON TOP of your tax dollars they are already wasting!

    JOHN TEDESCO DOES NOT SUPPORT BUSSING and he is CLEARLY the right choice for district 2! See for yourself at www.4wakekids.com

  • time4real Aug 26, 2009

    Those of you who have to contend with Rita Rakestraw should be IN FEAR! She is supported by people like Stan Norwalk, need I say more!

  • Yellow Rider Aug 26, 2009

    I'd like them to repeal the early release Wednesdays. Stupid idea that just makes things more difficult for parents.

  • avidreader Aug 26, 2009

    Needs shaking up