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WakeMed to expand in Brier Creek, Garner

Posted August 18, 2009

— State regulators have approved WakeMed's applications to build health care facilities in the Brier Creek area and near Garner, officials said Tuesday.

WakeMed officials also said that Novant Health has dropped its challenge to a state ruling awarding 41 new hospital beds to WakeMed for a women's hospital in north Raleigh, paving the way for construction to begin on that facility.

“These decisions come at a very important time for WakeMed as we continue to balance the impact of the economic downturn with our need to expand to meet the growing health care needs of our community,” Dr. Bill Atkinson, president and chief executive of WakeMed, said in a statement. “These decisions eliminate costly and time-consuming hurdles and will allow us to move forward when the economy moves further into recovery.”

The state Division of Health Service Regulation initially rejected WakeMed's plan for so-called "healthplexes" in Brier Creek and Garner, but the hospital system appealed the ruling and convinced regulators to reverse their decision.

The WakeMed Brier Creek Healthplex and WakeMed South Healthplex will be about 24,000 square feet each and will feature emergency departments and CT scanners, as well as ultrasound, mammography and laboratory services.

The women's hospital, which will be built at the WakeMed North Healthplex at the intersection of Falls of Neuse and Durant roads, will feature 61 beds – WakeMed had previously been approved for 20 beds at the site – and will offer comprehensive preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic care, including a range of obstetric and gynecological services.

Novant had sought to win the 41 beds to build a hospital in Holly Springs. Rex Healthcare also wanted the beds to expand its campus in west Raleigh.


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  • NCMacMan Aug 19, 2009

    @Fuquay Resident: Medicaid Standards = safe, clean hospital with standards met. Standards not met no payments from Medicare / Medicaid. This is where Good Hope was at ... this was proven and documented by the Department of Heath and Human Services. Good Hope closed before the restrictions went into place.

    So, you were saying???

  • Fuquay Resident Aug 18, 2009

    NCMacMan, Good Hope was about to lose their Medicaid funding because they were not up to Medicaid standards not because the hospital was filthy or unsafe. My grandmother was in Good Hope several times and received excellent care and I didn't see any problems. We also didn't have to worry about getting shot in the parking lot when we went to visit her like at Betsy Johnson. WakeMed is "managing" BJ but they aren't providing the level of security necessary to keep patients, employees, and visitors safe. If we ever get a hospital in HC, it will be a triage center so thay can get you stable enough to transfer you to one of the WakeMeds. It's already hapening at BJ. Harnett County got taken by our county commissioners and are still getting taken by them. Who's ever heard of getting paid to go to a funeral, a MLK Prayer Breakfast, a Veteran's Day ceremony, a Christmas Parade, a candidates forum? Our commisioners have.

  • whatelseisnew Aug 18, 2009

    A Women's hospital? Really? How amazing is that?

  • NCMacMan Aug 18, 2009

    @Acceptorchange: So, because Good Hope was planning on building a new hospital, they shouldn't have kept their current, running hospital clean or safe for patients? Not keeping a running hospital clean and safe is why they were going to lose their funding. Would you have gone to their hospital in that state? Would anyone be expected to? That is why they should have closed and it is good they did.

    By the way, Wakemed doesn't own Betsy Johnson or Harnett Health, so they are not essentially Harnett Health. Who else would you suggest, Triad? Oh wait, they are an out of state conglomerate that was bought out -- yeah, what a good partner to have.

  • Fuquay Resident Aug 18, 2009

    If WakeMed can get loans to build all these new facilities, why can't Harnett Health? The answer is, there is no Harnett Health. Harnett Health was formed in 2005 and has never had a formal meeting. It's hard to apply for loans when you don't even meet.

  • down by the pond Aug 18, 2009

    Harnett County and Lillington are snookered and slapped once again ,,,"Wake just could not afford to build harnett health due to econmony" ,,,, HUH???? we all know that is NOT the reason,, why build in harnett...build in GARNER, right up the road....where he can get harnett and Johnston market too,,,you gotta hand it to the WakeWay ,, wakeway already has Harnett's business,,,But Harnett began this years ago with the bickering,,, it really is a shame and such a missed opportunity for the people of this county, parts of cumberland and Sampson as well....

  • acceptorchange Aug 18, 2009

    NCMacMan. Harnett health is, for the most part, WakeMed. As to Good Hopes facilities beig run down, they were very old and there was no room to expand. Good Hope had a certificate of need granted for Erwin. Why would they spend money to upgrade their old rundown facilities if they were going to build. Then, they noted that Lillington was (1) Harnett County seat and approx. center of the county (2) Betsy Johnson (and Good Hope) were in the far eastern part of Harnett County and it was a considerable distance for people needing hospital care to travel to Dunn or Erwin. Hence, they made a good business decision to locate their new hospital where it would both benefit them as well as the citizens of Harnett. Wake Med, Betsy Johnson, and Harnett Health are so-called joined at the hip and it is pure and simple greed....i.e. keep out the competition. If Wake Med can find financing for the continued new construction in the Raleigh area, why can't they find it for the new hospital in Lillington

  • licketysplit28334 Aug 18, 2009

    Time to mow the grass around the sign here in Lillington. Every time there is an article about Wake Med spending money somewhere else - i.e., Brier Creek, Garner, North Raleigh and thier own campus - some nut comes out here and mows the grass around this damned sign that says Lillington is gonna get a hospital. Yet Wake Med says they are not financially able to do that presently. Something is wrong with this picture. Wonder who Wake Med paid to get this plot of empty land?

  • NCMacMan Aug 18, 2009

    @Acceptorchange: Wakemed had nothing to do with Good Hope closing. Read the following court documents -- http://www.aoc.state.nc.us/www/public/coa/opinions/2008/070551-1.htm

    Good Hope put themselves out of business by mismanagement and running poorly maintained facilities. They were about to loose their Medicare and Medicaid funding because their facility was so run down.

  • NCMacMan Aug 18, 2009

    @Nothing New: Novant is not small. They are larger than Wakemed.

    @teacher56: Wakemed didn't win the beds in Lillington, Harnett Health did (after years of litigation by the now out of business Good Hope -- blame them for the massive delay and millions of $ spent on litigation). Now, Harnett Health can't get a loan with a good rate because of the economy. See this link -- http://www.dunndailyrecord.com/main.asp?SectionID=1&SubSectionID=1&ArticleID=107272