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Durham officer recovering from shooting

Posted August 18, 2009

— A Durham police officer shot on duty July 2 is making a "miraculous" recovery, Ralph Thompson, from Emergency Chaplains, said.

Thompson's group ministers to first responders and is administering a fund to help Officer D.J. Youmans with medical expenses. Emergency Chaplains has raised more than $1,500 for Youmans, Thompson said.

Youmans, 32, was shot while responding to a call about gunfire and a break-in at South Square Townhomes, 3300 Shannon Road.

Investigators said that Thomas Rashawn Monroe, 23, fired from inside the apartment as officers approached. Youmans was shot once in the stomach after a bullet went under his vest, Durham Police Chief Jose Lopez said.

Youmans had been a Durham police officer for about a month at the time of the shooting. Before that, he worked with the New York Police Department for two years.

Monroe was charged with assault on a law enforcement officer with a firearm and remains in custody at the Durham County Jail under $250,000 bond.


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  • Shaking My Head In Amusement Aug 18, 2009

    I forgot to add. If anyone would like to know how to donate to Mr.Thompson's work to assist Police Officers, Firefighters and EMS personnel in a time of need, please feel free to contact me via my info on my profile and I will get you in touch with him. He also works with anybody who would like to talk to him in a time of need after a death or serious injury/illness of a loved one. PD, FF and EMS personnel can contact Mr.Thompson and he will respond the the address and assist in any way possible. As well as being a Reverend, he's also an EMT who occasionally will ride an ambulance for a few calls so he has the chance to interact with the public and speak to those in need. Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Thompson's Emergency Chaplain services is a great asset to the industry and community. Please feel free to contact me if you'd like to donate to help the continue benefiting us all. Thank you & God Bless each of you.

  • Shaking My Head In Amusement Aug 18, 2009

    Also, if he has to go to Short-Term disability then he will only receive 1/2 of what his normal paycheck would be. I am currently on it for a few weeks while I recover from surgery and my checks are right around/slightly less than 1/2 of what I would normally make. I'm sure that'd be the road he'd have to take because he hadn't been on with the City long enough to have ample PTO, Sick and Comp. leaves saved up. Regardless of the financial situation surrounding this horrific incident, donations from the citizens that he put his life on the line to serve and protect means alot to him. (I don't know him personally, I'm just saying how I think he'd feel about the gesture.)
    I DO know Mr.Thompson and he is a great asset to public safety members as well as citizens of the community. Mr.Thompson and his wife do great work helping us in a time of need. Be it a kind word or a prayer when asked. His Ministry and Assistance to us can always use a donation to help it out.

  • Shaking My Head In Amusement Aug 18, 2009

    When an officer is shot in the line of duty, is there no insurance to cover expenses? Do their paychecks not continue or does short term disability not kick in to help them keep their life together? Rev. RB aka Troll Magnet

    This officer had been on-duty in Durham for a month. I don't know the City's policy on probationary periods/when full benefits begin. Even if he had insurance he may still have a hospital co-pay as well as other non-insurance covered charges. If he & his wife do not live in the immediate I'm sure the donations can help them with gas for her to travel back and forth as well as food and other expenditures while she's there with him. If he has to have Physical Therapy when he is discharged then that will a $40 co-pay each visit. (If the City ins. is like the Co. Govt then that's the co-pay.) I would think that Workers Compensation would be covering him since it was an On the Job injury but I'm positive if that is the situation he's in or not.

  • Adelinthe Aug 18, 2009

    Sending prayers for this fellow and for his loved ones.

    When an officer is shot in the line of duty, is there no insurance to cover expenses? Do their paychecks not continue or does short term disability not kick in to help them keep their life together?

    Not sure why the donations are needed, but they are certainly deserved by this officer.

    Praying they throw the book at the perp.

    God bless.


  • leo-nc Aug 18, 2009

    "While I still have no love for LEO's"---Journey985

    Gee, how did I know you were going to throw that little jab in there? Vacation still?

  • Journey985 Aug 18, 2009

    Glad to hear he is making a speedy recovery. While I still have no love for LEO's, this was not right what happened to him. No officer deserves to be shot while doing his duty.

  • 8675309-9 Aug 18, 2009

    prayers are with you man.

    you went 2 years on NYPD....

    then got shot within a month in durham.

    And people still say durham comments are not true.

  • Just the facts mam Aug 18, 2009

    It is really good to hear the Officer is getting better!!!