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SBI will search e-mails of missing mom

Posted August 14, 2009

— Investigators have a new lead in the disappearance of a Stem woman almost a year ago.

Kelly Morris was last seen on Sept. 3. The next day, police found her car, keys, purse and cell phone in an undeveloped subdivision shortly after firefighters responded to a fire at her home, 3220 Tump Wilkins Road. The Granville County sheriff has said her husband, Scott Morris, is a person of interest her disappearance.

In a search warrant issued Aug. 4, Superior Court Judge Robert H. Hobgood authorized the search of a Road Runner e-mail address known to have belonged to the missing woman. According to the warrant, a friend of Kelly Morris told investigators about the e-mail account and provided copies of e-mail received from the account.

Investigators have already looked at several other e-mail addresses, as well as bank records, belonging to Scott Morris.

Since her disappearance, local authorities and volunteers have searched numerous times to find her. Her family is offering a $30,000 reward for information about her disappearance.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to contact Granville County sheriff's investigators at 919-693-3213 or a volunteer search line at 919-812-2310.


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  • FE Aug 14, 2009

    didisaythat - "I know you have all become experts after watching Cops and CSI, but you ALL do not know and will never"

    Well, "MAYBE" you are talking to me? The search warrant (you DID read it, correct?) does provide more detailed facts re the continuing investigation. My bad!!

    OTOH, does this mean you have personal knowledge into the crimes and/or the investigation??? If so, I would strongly suggest you call the local SBI office ASAP!!


  • didisaythat Aug 14, 2009

    Monday Morning Quarterback,

    If you wonder if I am talking about you, I probably am. Why is it when new information comes about everyone says Why is this just coming out and they should have done this the day she became missing. Maybe they couldn't find the info on the computer, maybe it's not used on her computer, maybe lots of things. I know you have all become experts after watching Cops and CSI, but you ALL do not know and will never.

  • Professor Aug 14, 2009

    Time will tell if the husband did it; if he don't do suicide. That would be really sad.

  • cth1 Aug 14, 2009

    I can't imagine the pain her parents (and kids) are feeling right now!! I hope this will break the case and justice will be served!! Pat(her dad) needs some type of closure!
    Prayers to the family!!!

  • FE Aug 14, 2009

    I just finished reading the August 4th search warrant for the email files. ( http://www.wral.com/asset/news/local/2009/08/14/5796676/74228-morris.pdf )

    The "probable cause" section is very eye-opening. There are a LOT of inconsistencies in the husband's tale!!!!


  • Journey985 Aug 14, 2009

    Just ask Former Governor Easley how long emails are kept!! LOL.

  • Professor Aug 14, 2009

    I always wonder why the husband r wife just didn't divorce

    Because the killers minds do not worked that way. People like that has mental issues and need help. For some its too late.

  • FE Aug 14, 2009

    There has to be more to this story.

    One would think her computer/emails would have been one of the FIRST things to be checked, instead of "let's look there" about a year later.


  • Jc Henry Aug 14, 2009

    In these missing person cases, I always wonder why the husband r wife just didn't divorce their spouse. Why risk the rest of your life in prison when a divorce would just settle the problem. If your marriage isn't working and you want out just leave, but don't hurt the person your with.

  • NoRespect Aug 14, 2009

    Missing person, eh? Hmmm... let's check for credit card usage, cell phone activity, email, etc... isn't this part of Investigator 101 training? Why has it taken so long to do this??