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Fayetteville woman wins $50K per year for life

Posted August 13, 2009

— A Fayetteville woman won $50,000 a year for the rest of her life from the North Carolina Education Lottery in a drawing at the WRAL-TV studios Wednesday night.

"I'm going to take me a little vacation," winner Darlene MacQuaide said. "I'm also going to make sure three schools in our area get some of it."

Lottery winner speaks to WRAL Lottery winner talks to WRAL

MacQuaide was one of 10 finalists at the drawing. The finalists simultaneously tore the covering off gigantic replica checks to learn what prize they had won. MacQuaide threw up her hands and screamed when she saw her prize.

Lottery officials presented her with her first check. She will get $34,003.20 annually, after taxes.

The other finalists got lump-sum prizes from $1,000 to $25,000.

Other local winners included: Stanley Bryant , of Lillington, $1,000;  Willard Cotten, of Carrboro, $5,000; Mark Stowe, of Mount Holly, $5,000; and John Williams, of Garner, $15,000.


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  • time4real Aug 13, 2009

    you can't just hand over $$ to a school, it has to be done politically correct, so this woman is naive as pie!

  • tarheelskier Aug 13, 2009

    Why give money to the schools? Just buy them whatever you think they should have. It's like giving a homeless guy a dollar vs. buying him a cheeseburger. If you give him the dollar he will waste it on booze, just like the school system will waste her prize money on something they do not need.

  • Here kitty kitty Aug 13, 2009

    If it goes like all the other programs have lately, the money will run out next year or they will take it from her and use it for more important things!!!

  • artist Aug 13, 2009

    With my luck, $50k per for life.... means I get killed by a runaway lawnmower the day after.

  • time4real Aug 13, 2009

    "millions of dollars have been given to schools through the lottery."
    Prove it! Show me a school it built!

  • Hank Aug 13, 2009

    "50 thou a year/will buy a lotta beer"

  • whatevah Aug 13, 2009


  • scientistjo Aug 13, 2009

    "I love the spin WRAL gives... "The North Carolina Education Lottery"' -RKBA

    That's not spin, that's what the lottery is called. To call it by any other name would be spinning. Plus, millions of dollars have been given to schools through the lottery.

  • purplepat777 Aug 13, 2009

    Congratulations, Ms. MacQuaide. ENJOY!!!

  • Professor Aug 13, 2009

    GOD BLESS HER TEN-FOLD. I wish I was that lucky. :)