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New Highway Patrol chief stresses integrity

Posted August 7, 2009

— As he was sworn in Friday morning as the new commander of the state Highway Patrol, Col. Randy Glover said he would continue rebuilding the agency, which has been rocked in recent years by a series of misconduct cases.

"Service to the public is what we're all about," said Glover, who broke down in tears while speaking to a crowd of troopers and state officials. His wife, Cindy, and daughters Laura, Tiffany and Taylor also were present.

Highway Patrol Col. Randy Glover Patrol commander wants return to 'basics'

Being a trooper "is a symbol of honor, a badge of protection," he said. "Love your profession as I do. Learn from your mistakes as I have."

Gov. Beverly Perdue said she has watched Glover rise through the patrol's ranks during his 29-year career, including a stint as a trooper in her hometown of New Bern.

"It became clear to me he could lead by example," Perdue said.

The Nashville native most recently served as the Highway Patrol's director of field operations. He is a graduate of the Southern Police Institute in Louisville and is a member of the Southern Police Institute Association.

"I never aspired to be the colonel. I never aspired to be a commissioned officer," he said.

Glover is North Carolina's 24th Highway Patrol commander. He succeeds Col. Walter Wilson, who recently retired after serving as commander for the past year.

Perdue said Glover has already revamped the role of supervisors within the agency and ordered that all 1,800-plus troopers will go through ethics training.

"This patrol is one big family, and if there's one success, it's everybody's success. If there's one shortcoming, that shortcoming belongs to the whole patrol," the governor said.

A number of troopers and officers within the Highway Patrol have been disciplined or fired in the past couple of years for offenses that included profiling young women for traffic stops, drunken driving, animal abuse and having sex on duty.

"This is a small percentage of individuals causing us problems, but the Highway Patrol as a total suffers when things happen like that," Glover said. "(It's) not that we have a rampant amount of individuals that don't have ethics. I just think its something that you have to continuously talk about so it will be in your mind at all times."

He said he wants to "get back to basics" and stressed integrity, pride, honor and community involvement.

"I will not be swayed by special interests, personal bias or politics," he said.

The Highway Patrol was created in 1929, and it employs 1,823 troopers to patrol more than 78,000 miles of North Carolina roadways.


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  • finwearer Aug 12, 2009

    The patrol not only seems to have lowered its standards, but has also relaxed some of its policies like the one where a trooper no longer has to live in the county he/she works in. I can only wonder how much this is costing the state in fuel...but it HAS to be creating problems in regards to response time, etc.

  • Hawkeye Aug 7, 2009

    Colonel Glover, if you want to get back to the basics, then you must be willing and strong enough to make policy changes. There are several to mention that was meant to help recruiting, but has hurt the patrol in the long run. One for example, I live in Sampson County, and we do not have a patrol supervisor that lives in Sampson County. Therefore, they are not not involved in community affairs and don't know anything about our community except in a professional working setting. This also applies to troopers who do not live in the county they work in. Again, there have been a lot of policy changes to help recruiting, but have damaged the patrol in the long run. Good luck to you.

  • ujstdontgetit Aug 7, 2009

    I can see right now that some of the ones posting know nothing about the NCSHP. Having retired from the patrol several years ago, I would like to comment on the prior Colonel, W.W. Wilson.

    He was the perfect candidate for Colonel & still should be in that position. Sure several troopers & supervisors alike wanted him removed...For what? Because he was fair, did his job by the policy & proceedure manual & believed in integrity. The public needs to look over Colonel Wilson's record during his tenure & you will see what a fine job he actually did over the years.

    Now for the comment made by the new Colonel..."I will not be swayed by special interests, personal bias or politics,"...This statement here will be totally impossible for Dandy Randy or anyone who achieves the rank of Colonel.

    Removing Colonel Wilson & replacing him with Glover is kind of like the NCSHP Canine program. The politicians have removed a bulldog & replaced him with a chuhuahua.

  • WHEEL Aug 7, 2009

    The Patrol has been around a long time to just be deciding that INTEGRITY was so important.

  • wakeconative4ever Aug 7, 2009

    The NCSHp lowered their standards to get more recruits because other agencies were luring the "best" away with higher pay and better benefits. I remember when a trooper couldn't go back to his home county for a long time after he graduated. I remember when a trooper was the highest paid officer in the state. Tip to the new "chief": raise standards AND pay. Go back and look at the 70s and 80s and how those years differ from now. Stress to your troopers that they are family and need to connect with each other on and off duty. RAISE PAY! You will get the brightest and best. Money talks.

  • lkanzig Aug 7, 2009



  • DontLikeTheSocialistObama Aug 7, 2009

    I may be wrong, but doesn't every new SHP leader say that he's going to stress ethics and integrity and then it's business as usual for the SHP.

    I'll reserve my judgement and see how many scandals get reported about the SHP since they have a new boss.

  • nbforrest Aug 7, 2009

    At one time in history NC had the best Troopers in the country. I do not know what changed that, lets get back too it fellows!

  • x138GMOU Aug 7, 2009

    Good post anitov; what about it professor? Lets compare your profession to theirs. If you are going to throw all these rocks you shouldn't mind ducking a few. HP is a step above; if they weren't everybody wouldn't be picking on them. Problems folks are still less than 1%. That isn't bad.

  • momof2 Aug 7, 2009

    Professor--you are a trip. You seem to have a lot of opinions. I am curious--what do you do for a living? It can't be time consuming because you are always gracing us with your comments.

    Seriously, I lost my faith in the NCSHP years ago based on personal experiences with some, several whose names we have seen in some of these unfortunate stories over the years. That said, I also know some troopers who are awesome and take their charge seriously. If this Colonel really means what he is saying and lives up to his promises, then I wish him the much success. It is sad when citizens lose their faith in law enforcement because of the actions of a few. I sincerely hope that he will be able to give us back our faith. Best wishes!