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QVC: Investigation is not a layoff

Posted August 6, 2009

— A spokeswoman for QVC issued a statement Thursday to clarify the circumstances that left more than 200 employees locked out of their jobs.

The company is investigating whether employees improperly withdrew money from their 401K plans, spokeswoman Tara Hunter said.

Employees gathered outside the Rocky Mount plant Wednesday said they had received letters advising them to schedule a meeting within 48 hours with a company loss prevention specialist and human resources representative to prove their hardship loans were legitimate.

"Failure to set up a meeting will indicate your decision to voluntarily resign from the company," the letter stated.

Hunter specifically said the company was not laying people off and that any employees who miss hours due to the investigation “will be made whole.”

“Every employee involved in the investigation will have an opportunity to meet with us to discuss the allegations,” Hunter said. She added that no decisions had been made about the conduct of individual employees.

Employees told WRAL News that recent company actions, including a salary freeze, a reduction in overtime and less-frequent paychecks constituted the hardship that led them to tap their 401K accounts.


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  • SkinsFan Aug 7, 2009

    affirmativediversity???? Please the company sponors the plana nd hire an administator it is there responsibility to all the plan participants to make sure things are done by the law. They have every right to thoroughly investigate. If you sign up for the plan you are volunteering that info. You give up the right to a level of privacy.

    To suggest that it is fidelity's fault would be like saying the bank teller gave the robber money so they are guilty of bank robbery not the one with the gun and ski mask.

    The suspect forgery therfore fraud and it thier company. They have to investigate the people who are under suspicion of fraud.

    If I did nothing wrong and all of these alligations were flying around I would welcome a meeting.

  • affirmativediversity Aug 7, 2009


    Your points are not without merit BUT it doesn't explain how QVC obtained what should be very confidential financial information on its employees. A individual's 401k plan is "owned" by the company, it is the individual's AND information about a individual's financial transaction should only be available to a select few...that few should not include QVC's LOSS PREVENTION PERSONNEL.

    Heck, every department of law enforcement, from your local cop to the FBI, would need a SEARCH WARRANT to obtain this kind of information...and for a very good reason.

  • nerdlywehunt Aug 7, 2009

    OK QVC, YOU are fired.....no more purchases from this family.
    What gall it takes to place employees in harms way and then try to terminate them because the got THEIR money to pay their bills.
    I smell a class action lawsuit against QVC AND Fidelity.

  • rroadrunner99 Aug 7, 2009

    Sound's like either a fancy way of getting rid of employee's without a plain layoff,OR they are covering up a smoking gun with this Bull.I think there's more to this story than meet's the eye. The whole story isn't being told YET! Maybe QVC need's a Federal financial investigating team to come down and get thing straight, go thru their book's for them. Seem's to me that the withdrawal would have had to been legal for them to have gotten it to begin with not legal then and illegal now a few month's later...what's up with that??

  • Go GT Aug 7, 2009

    Everything-- I guess the $80.00 most of these employees paid to get FALSE documents from a lady in HR are all innocent? Bad thing is- she sang like a bird and the company already has an idea who violated the terms and who did not.

    What's really sad is this is a snapshot of the RM hourly workforce. I know- I have employed many of them. Its the "you owe me" mentality that I deal with day in and day out. Most are negative to the company that employs them, and the leadership team paid to lead them and meet our customers demands. RM is unlike any part of the country I have ever been in- and we wonder why unemployment is 15%- would you want to operate a business here?

  • SkinsFan Aug 7, 2009

    EverythingTicksMeOff- Everyday you come to work you have a choice to follow the rules or risk termination. Just as everyday a company that spend thousands to train and provide benifits like say uhhhh 401Ks can have employees that just decide to quir with out notice.

    We all have choices and the right to exercise them. Does a company owe you a job no matter what you do?

  • uncw05 Aug 7, 2009

    EverythingTicksMeOff- I'm pretty sure those are your options any time you are accused of going against company policy. Unless that policy is also law, then you have the option of jail.

  • EverythingTicksMeOff Aug 7, 2009

    Since when does a company have to right to declare unilaterally that if you fail to schedule a meeting, you are resigning? These employees need to get legal representation and do it fast. QVC is clearly bullying employees and trying to accomplish something in a less than upfront manner.

  • ncvaluer Aug 7, 2009

    QVC's financial problems arose when my mother died in November. She was a QVC junkie. She spent tens of thousands of dollars on junk from that company. QVC sales people are persuasive...they got her to buy stuff like tredmills, stairclimbers etc and she couldn't even walk. She bought lots of yard equipment and had no yard, a 3K computer that never got turned on, cookware still in the box, and the worst was MEATBALLS, never opened.

  • juppinjack Aug 7, 2009

    Most of you bleeding hearts are missing the boat...fact is..giving false information to make a withdrawal is illegal...dishonesty should not be condoned by any employer...the rules of what constitutes a hardship are plainly spelled out in any 401K ....if you lie you lie..even if it is "your money"....you agreed to abide by the rules when joining a 401K..if you want to take advantage of the good parts of a 401K..like interest, matching funds and so on the you have to take the bad too..such as following the rules of withdrawal!!
    Nuff said!!!