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Raleigh post offices also on list for closure

Posted August 6, 2009

— The list of post offices being considered for closure or consolidation that was leaked by the Washington Post earlier this week was incomplete, a postal service spokesman said.

The list included 677 locations, including Fayetteville's Haymount Station Post Office at 106 Oakridge Ave. Postal service spokesman Carl Walton said Thursday that while no Triangle locations were on that printed list, two Raleigh post offices are at risk for closure.

The United States Postal Service is looking at locations with low foot traffic as it considers how to cut costs. The USPS has seen profits fall by $7 billion this year, spokeswoman Enola Rice said.

“People are using the post office less and less” and the postal service has handled about 20 billion fewer pieces of mail this year, Rice said.

Walton said that Five Points Station, at 2009 Fairview Road, and the State University Station across from NCSU, at 10 Horne St. are both under review. He said the decisions would be made after the postal service begins a new fiscal year Oct. 1.

The Washington Post reported that a Congressional committee is considering all the locations on the list based upon level of use and proximity to other post offices. The source said about 200 locations nationwide could be closed or consolidated.

Rice said the move would cut costs while preserving jobs. “We have had no layoffs, and we’re not going to have layoffs,” she said. Those employed at locations that close would be transferred to a nearby post office, she said.


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  • DontLikeTheSocialistObama Aug 7, 2009

    "Rice said the move would cut costs while preserving jobs. “We have had no layoffs, and we’re not going to have layoffs,” she said. Those employed at locations that close would be transferred to a nearby post office, she said."

    Seeing that the largest costs in any organization are personal costs. Until the USPS is willing to layoff the deadwood, they aren't going to make a serious dent in their cost structure.

    At the post office in North Raleigh on Falls of Neuse, they have places for five employees to work and there are normally two working with customers lined up out the door. The frustrating thing is that there is usually at least one USPS worker standing behind the counter leaning against the wall not doing anything while customers wait in this long line.

    No wonder people are fed up with the Postal Service.

  • CrazyWake Aug 6, 2009

    stuff your mailbox with bricks and see what happens.

  • Earth Brooks Aug 6, 2009

    Outlaw junk mail!!!

  • MrX-- Aug 6, 2009

    They should move all the 3rd class, bulk rate, add circulars and other junk mail to only be delivered on Friday (or some other specific day). With that done the rest of the week they will be able to skip most mailboxes on their routes so they won't need as many letter carriers.

  • luvbailey Aug 6, 2009

    Here's another great example of USPS management efficiency at work: they've got these small "home town" type facilities like 5 Points, yet Cary has one main facility which is always overcrowded - very long lines - and one smaller facility less than a mile away (downtown Cary)that is also usually crowded, and no plans to build another facility. All of this for a city of 130,000 - NC sixth's largest city.

  • shellrocks2000 Aug 6, 2009

    I totally agree with cutting delivery days to 4 days a week. I mean seriously my junk mail doesn't have to be there on Saturday. The closure of offices does suck for those that lose their jobs, but they have to do what they have to do to continue to run the USPS.

  • FoxtrotUniformCharlieKiloakaCALM Aug 6, 2009

    Postal people remind me of our utilities... well Geeeee no one is using our services... let's increase the rates!

    Why the heck would I mail something for nearly 50 cents when i can do it online for free? (pay bills)

    Common sense there.

  • EZeegoing Aug 6, 2009

    USPS, another example of government business at a loss. Another reason to keep government out of health care.

  • are we there yet Aug 6, 2009

    I agree with you enderby. Most things I get by regular mail taht is really necessary, I can get delivered online anyway....bills !!

  • enderby Aug 6, 2009

    It can take a while, but they seem to always get things to my house, unlike UPS. I now just call up the addressee when I get their UPS packages, they usually call me when they get mine (which is 90% of the time). The Post Office should expand their package delivery service, the need will increase greatly with the new taxes coming and people buying less locally. The only serious competition for packages is FedEx. FedEx is unbeatable, accurate, fast, but expensive.