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Teen golfer injured with own club

Posted August 3, 2009

— A fit of anger landed a Wayne County golfer in the hospital Saturday and taught his foursome a lesson they will never forget.

Clark Rose said the round at Walnut Creek Country Club started off as normal. He was playing with Taylor Gardner, a friend and teammate on the Wayne Christian golf team.

Rose said everyone was playing well until they made their approach on to the fourth green.

"Taylor hits a bad shot, he gets mad, slams his club against the cart, the club breaks in half and stabs him in the stomach," Rose described.

The broken club went about 6 inches into Taylor Gardner's stomach, then pierced his intestine.

Hayden Gardner, Taylor's brother, saw what happened. "It kind of, like, wrapped around and just shot straight at him," he said.

"When he fell down and said he was bleeding, we actually didn't believe him at all and we went over and it was bleeding pretty bad," Hayden Gardner said.

The foursome put Taylor Gardner in the golf cart and rushed him to the clubhouse, where they called an ambulance.

"His face was turning white, his lips were turning white," Rose said. "It was just bad."

Taylor Gardner lost a lot of blood and had emergency surgery.

By Monday, he was on a ventilator, but was expected to recover fully.

"They've all been saying he's lucky," Hayden Gardner said of his brother.

His injury has served as a lesson for his golf buddies.

"You don't want to be throwing clubs or anything cause something like that could happen again," Rose said.


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  • Lightfoot3 Aug 5, 2009

    I remember a dude in the early 1990s that killed himself this way. Slammed the club on the ground, it broke and come back up into his chest.

  • mramorak Aug 5, 2009

    And teach him also to be aware of other folks around him,and to stop thinking everything is all about him!

  • jules wants Beth back Aug 5, 2009

    why would this be in the news?please help me with this?
    August 5, 2009 11:12 a.m.
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    I dunno, mramorak...I have a teen with a bit of a temper, so I plan on sharing this with him when I get home to show him what can happen when you pitch a fit. :)

  • mramorak Aug 5, 2009

    I would say the spoiled little brat should learn to control himself.

  • mramorak Aug 5, 2009

    why would this be in the news?please help me with this?

  • paddie Aug 5, 2009

    Pack man wrote: "if tiger keeps slamming his clubs, so will the kids."
    Kids were slamming clubs long before Tiger was even conceived. Good Lord. Years ago, I saw my brother throw a putter into a bean field. Early the next morning the course allowed me to retrieve it. Later it showed up with a bow and his name on it under the Christmas tree. The look on his face was priceless.

  • itsmyownopinion Aug 4, 2009

    Let's all try to hold the 'Christian' jokes; the kid may not be out of the woods yet. It had to be a nasty wound and he could still get a serious infection.

  • time4real Aug 4, 2009

    deserves what he gave himself!

  • pack-man Aug 4, 2009

    if tiger keeps slamming his clubs, so will the kids.

  • findoutthefacts Aug 4, 2009

    BigUNCFan - who ever said Christians were better than anyone else? And any Christian who says they are, aren't really Christians.

    I think the difference here is he did act out in a bad way and got punished....immediately.