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Acquaintance claims he warned Islamic Center of terrorism suspects

Posted August 2, 2009
Updated August 3, 2009

— Humza Ismail, who lived in Raleigh for a brief period of time, claimed during a recent interview with CNN that he warned the Islamic Center of Raleigh about two Triangle men facing terrorism charges.

During the interview, Ismail said he worshiped at the same mosque as the suspects, Mohammad Omar Aly Hassan, 22, and Ziyad Yaghi, 21. In group discussions, the men talked about suicide bombing, Ismail said.

"When it came to something like suicide bombing, they would say, 'If it's a benefit for the Muslims, then something like that can be permissible,'" Ismail told CNN.

"I could tell it was something they wanted to do,” he added. "They never indicated or said, 'We are going to make jihad overseas.'"

Neighbors show support for terrorism suspect Neighbors show support for terrorism suspect

Hassan and Yaghi were among eight people with Triangle ties indicted on Monday on charges they plotted a series of terrorist attacks overseas and secured weapons and trained in North Carolina.

Ismail said he disagreed with views expressed by Hassan and Yaghi and raised concerns to officials at the Islamic Center of Raleigh. He said his concerns were overlooked by center officials.

“Those were his personal opinions,” Imran Aukhil, of the center at 3020 Ligon St., said Sunday in response to Ismail's claims.

Aukhil said he could not speak of any complaints against Hassan or Yaghi. However, he did confirm that several years ago the center filed a complaint against a person at the mosque with the FBI.

He said the center's officials believe that they have an obligation to report significant threats of violence.

"Rogue comments that are made by individuals are handled on a case-by-case basis. We handle every case, every violent crime or every threat as necessary,” Aukhil said.

The other men charged in the case are Daniel Patrick Boyd, 39, and his two sons, Dylan Boyd, 22, and Zakariya "Zak" Boyd, 20; along with Hysen Sherifi, 24, and Anes Subasic, 33. A WRAL News source has identified the remaining suspect as 20-year-old Jude Kenan Mohammad, of Wake County.

A Willow Spring man who lived across the street from Daniel Patrick Boyd said Sunday he was stunned by the arrests.

"This man doesn't even own a television. He is appalled by violence. Every chance he gets, he talks to the youth about trying to steer away from violence," said Jerry Kuhn, Boyd's neighbor.

Kuhn said he and Boyd were close – so close that Boyd had a key to his house.

Another Boyd neighbor has put a sign up in his yard that reads, "We Support the Boyds."

All the defendants are expected to appear Tuesday in federal court for detention hearings. Subasic will be accompanied with a court-appointed interpreter.


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  • Here kitty kitty Aug 3, 2009

    That's what makes these people so scary. THey work their way into your lives, act completely normal, and no one wants to believe they are bad. I'm glad they were caught. And the wife who won't show her face? She should be jailed for helping them. I think she knows more than she's letting on.

  • WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot Aug 3, 2009

    Maybe he should have warned the police or the FBI?

  • ILuvJetNoise Aug 3, 2009

    Made in USA:

    Statements like yours are the reason why I am not a part of any religion. I would hate to spend a good Sunday surrounded by people like you.

  • cocker_mom Aug 3, 2009

    Extremists and fundamentalists of ANY religion scare the bejeezus out of me. Some here, too, by the way - talking about Satan and only one true God, etc - as others have stated - it's typical intolerant behavior that leads to divisiveness and "my way or the highway". Christians have done some terrible stuff too in the name of following their "kind" God - teenage marriages, de facto imprisonment at some of these compounds, mass killings, etc.

    Blindly following a religion and taking a literal interpretation of the religious texts and teachings is scary in any denomination and usually leads to violence.

    I'd much prefer folks to just treat others with kindness and worship privately. Why can't that work for these people??? And I point to Christians and Muslims BOTH in that statement.

  • angora2 Aug 3, 2009

    Some of you supposed "Christians" sound as nutty and fanatical as the very terrorists you vilify. Neither Jesus nor God would condone this kind tunnel vision. The Christian and Muslim faiths are both all about peace and love, as are most religions. Listen to yourselves! Your version of Christianity is as off-base as that of any splinter group of a "real" religion.

  • DML Aug 3, 2009

    I wonder how long it took someone to put together that "Amazing" graphic to headline all of the upcoming "TRIANGLE TERROR ARRESTS" headline.

  • dws Aug 3, 2009

    "The silence is understood as tacit approval."

    indeed....unless the Islamic constituency and its leaders take an obvious and hard line stand against the radical extremist terrorism philosophy and acts, they will continue to see and hear the stereotyping and prejudice.....

  • apexgal Aug 3, 2009

    "Muslims have long been blinded by Satan. ONLY through Jesus Christ will mankind enter into the gates of Heaven."

    Don't you see that this statement shows the exact intolerance that you think Islam shows??? It is just as extreme as you feel they are!

    There are decent, moral people of every religion, including no religion, and on the other hand, there are some really terrible people who believe Jesus is the Lord and Savior. Tell me, would a just God allow only "Christians", regardless of their virtue?

  • commonsense4 Aug 3, 2009

    "Muslims have long been blinded by Satan. ONLY through Jesus Christ will mankind enter into the gates of Heaven."
    I can't believe a person would actually write this, or half of the other comments on this board. Where did everyone hear all this stuff - not from God or Jesus but your parents and preachers and they heard it from their parents and preachers because it was forbidden to think otherwise and not only did they control the masses but they forever brainwashed generation after generation. Common sense should tell anyone that most are born into their religion and if they were born somewhere else they would be of another religion. It also should tell you to think billions are wrong and you are right is plain ignorance. Every hardcore church follower thinks that they are right and everyone else is wrong - how conceivable is that? A story gets distorted today when it goes from someone's mouth to a reporter to a paper. How distorted do you think stories from 2,000 yrs ago are?

  • Made In USA Aug 3, 2009

    And let me rephrase one of the statements I posted...

    "The actions of these Muslim men are proof that Satan has a foothold in that Church" should read

    "The actions of the Muslim religion worshippers in the past are proof that Satan has a foothold in the Muslim religion itself".