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Dog survives near drowning, gets loving home

Posted July 20, 2009

— A dog who was rescued from a Cary lake after her owner allegedly tried to drown her has found a new home.

Couple adopts dog that nearly drowned Couple adopts dog that nearly drowned

Jahmal Clark, of 1108 Alston Village Lane, duct-taped the 4-month-old Shepherd mix puppy's muzzle and paws, and threw her in the lake Thursday at his apartment complex in an attempt to drown her, police said.

Passersby saw Clark toss the dog into the water and rescued her.  They took the dog to an animal hospital, and police were alerted of the crime.

“It's unbelievable, almost, and I certainly never thought in my wildest dreams I could be blessed by a dog that had gone through that,” her new owner said. The woman asked that WRAL News only use her first name, Stacy, because she is worried someone might try again to hurt the dog.

When Stacy and her husband, Daniel, heard about the puppy's experience, they contacted the  New Beginnings Rescue at 333 James Jackson Ave. in Cary to adopt him.

“When you're dog lover like I am, it's not hard to know what the right thing to do is,” Stacy said.

Officers had been calling the dog "Miracle," and Stacy thought the name fit and kept it.

“When we heard her story and knew where she had been, we decided. We didn't have the heart to change it. She's a miracle, and she deserves to be called that,” Stacy said.

Stacy said she hopes Miracle's story will send a message.

“Maybe if nothing else, the story will get out there and let them know there are right avenues, SPCA's and animal shelters. There are other places to go, rescue groups,” Stacy said.

The puppy is healing well and has quickly adapted to her new home. Stacy and her husband have rescued five other dogs. They are currently caring for three dogs at their Wake County home.

Clark, 18, was charged with felony cruelty to animals and placed in the Wake County Jail. He was released on bond Saturday. His next court appearance was scheduled for August 6.

Clark told police he brought the dog to the vet to be put down, but didn't have $100 to pay for the procedure. He thought about bringing the dog to the SPCA but didn't have gas to get there, he told police.

Clark has been banned from the apartment complex where the dog was dumped, and is embarrassed by what he has done, his friends told WRAL News Monday.



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  • Yelena Jul 21, 2009

    18 is young. It is, however, far above the age where one is old enough to know that duct taping a puppy and drowning it isn't the right way to deal with any situation. Knowing that the appropriate way of disposing of an unwanted animal isn't to do something cruel, painful, and sadistic to it isn't a whole lot to ask of a member of our society.

    I went through tough financial times in my late teens and early 20's when I was old enough to be out from under my parents roof, and out on my own. I didn't drown my dog because of it. I

    You mention pride. Pride in one's self that is gained by moving through difficult situations in an honorable fashion, not in hurting the weak. His problem is not that he had to much pride, but none at all. Only those who believe themselves worthless go on these kind of power trips.

    He is lacking in moral direction.

  • sweetieangel623 Jul 21, 2009

    He may have been too embarrassed to ask for help or to have a friend take to dog. I think what he did is stomach sicking. I love animals and have 2 dogs, a cat , a bird and some fish. We are a busy house. I would never think of doing this kind of thing to anything, person or critter. I feel sorry for both the dog and the boy. He is young and was just not thinking. Before we judge him and call him names we must first put our selves in his shoes. Pride often makes us do stupid things, that others can see are wrong, but money is tight in all homes. I feel bad that he thought this was the only way. My prayers are with both the puppy for a speedy recovery and for the boy who did this, he will learn to over come pride and ask for help, if it’s not pride then what ever caused him to think this was the only way. Like so many others said thank you Stacy and Daniel, you are God’s gift to this puppy.

  • Yelena Jul 21, 2009

    The video states that the young man in question is embarrassed by what he's done. I wonder if its more like embarrassed by the fact he was caught.

    I wonder what kind of husband and father he would make. Most likely, a very abusive and poor one.

    I hope that whatever punishment he receives includes counseling.

  • bluetarheel21 Jul 21, 2009

    Wow, thanks Micheal Vick!! You set such a great example!

  • Sessy V--V Jul 21, 2009

    hope this punk gets his day in court

    he couldnt afford the gas to take this pup to the vet to be put down....

    how is he going to pay is court fees and fines IF he gets any.

    lock em up !

  • familyfour Jul 21, 2009

    Wonder what in the world made that fella think that was a reasonable solution to his puppy problem? Surely he has seen enough television to know about shelters and rescues. It only begs the question....what will he do next?

  • canes1fan Jul 21, 2009

    Thank you to the wonderful person who saved this precious animal and thank you to Stacy and her husband that obviously have good hearts.

    OK, why did this person have the gas to drive to the vet but not to the shelter? Why didn't he just go to the shelter in the first place? Why did he get a dog in the first place? Worst thing is that this dog was probably wonderful to his owner only to get treated that way. No punishment will be harsh enough!

    Congratulations to Miracle for finding a wonderful new forever home!

  • sunshinegal0726 Jul 21, 2009

    Thank God for good people like Stacy and her husband. I'm glad the dog is safe.

  • Raptor06 Jul 21, 2009

    Good dog, bad man. A hateful thing to do.

  • SisterChristian Jul 21, 2009

    Thank GOD this precious puppy was found alive. Someone that is capable of this kind of evil should pay a hefty price for doing this. This is SERIOUS. Anyone that abuses a 'voiceless' precious pup or any animal, in my opinion, should serve time in prison, pay a hefty fine and work at an animal shelter cleaning up poo for the rest of their lives!