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Nine in running for open Wake school board seat

Posted July 20, 2009

— Nine people have filed as candidates to replace Rosa Gill on the Wake County school board, a district spokesman said Monday.

Gill, the representative of District 4 on Raleigh's east side, had been the chairwoman of the board until she resigned to serve out the remainder of Rep. Dan Blue's term in the state House of Representatives. Blue, D-Wake, moved to the state Senate after the April death of Sen. Vernon Malone, D-Wake.

The board will meet Tuesday to discuss how to interview the candidates. Board members expect to make a selection within a month.

The candidates are:

  • Venita Peyton, broker in charge at Daymark Realty/Coastal Federal Credit Union
  • Keith Sutton, manager of the legislative affairs program at the state Department of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention
  • Jonica Rowland, an insurance agent selling life and health policies
  • Alice Garrett, former principal at Carroll Middle School
  • Lynette Aytch, director of North Carolina Partnership for Children
  • Lillian Lee, former administrator at Rolesville Elementary School
  • Samuel Greene, former principal at West Millbrook Middle School
  • Doris Burke, a retired teacher
  • Johnnie Darden Sr., a minister and businessman

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  • time4real Jul 20, 2009

    exteacher, glad you're an EXteacher! You don't have to have kids in the system to see it's a joke!

    Horace can't think at all, so don't include him in any of the solutions, he's as clueless as all the rest!

    And as far as Rosa making decisions for all kids, forget about it, she'll be so far in the background NO ONE will listen to her in the GA! They've ALL seen how she handled things on the school board and they ALL laughed every time she opened her mouth! And then the flies flew in!

  • Mean Old Mom Jul 20, 2009

    T4R "oh, and what a happy day to have Rosa Gill out of ANY future decisions for our children!"

    Sad thing is that now she is going to be making decisions that will affect ALL children in the state of NC...now that she has been appointed to Dan Blue's seat in the legislature. Pitiful Peter Principle in action.

  • Fuquayone Jul 20, 2009

    To: exteacher. Ron is the only one besides Horace that can actually think outside of their district. Ron is a great person to meet and is always available. Rosa was a joke.

  • exteacher Jul 20, 2009

    To Tax Man: How many children does Ron Margiotta have in WCPSS? The answer would be: ZERO. So, by your standard he isn't qualified to be a member of the school board.

  • Tax Man Jul 20, 2009

    Whichever one Ron wants should be the one they choose! He is the only one with any common sense on that board. Let him interview them all and make the final decision! No more wackos please. And they MUST have at least one child in WCPSS schools or they should not even be allowed to apply!

  • onyourheels2 Jul 20, 2009

    well, anyone who can fog a mirror will be an improvement.

  • LL4U Jul 20, 2009

    Some of these folks have run for everything except the county line!! Give it up already and let someone who is REALLY interested and wants to make changes for the better get involved.

  • time4real Jul 20, 2009

    oh, and what a happy day to have Rosa Gill out of ANY future decisions for our children!

  • time4real Jul 20, 2009

    there is no election for Gill's seat, the other 8 will decide who gets that chair, so Obama voters aren't an issue. 8 people without a clue IS however a MAJOR concern!

  • colliedave Jul 20, 2009

    the election is open only to the voters in Gill's district and these individuals voted en masse for Obama