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NCSU trustees to look into Easley mess

Posted July 15, 2009

— The Board of Trustees at North Carolina State University announced a plan Tuesday to look into the events that have rocked the school's leadership in recent months.

"Our first action together ... is to appoint an ad hoc committee to review the events of the last 9-12 months," said Lawrence Davenport, who was elected chairman of the trustees on Tuesday.

A federal grand jury is looking into the hiring and promotion of former first lady Mary Easley at the school as part of an investigation into the dealings of former Gov. Mike Easley.

Questions about Mary Easley's role and salary led to the resignations of McQueen Campbell, the former Board of Trustees chairman, Chancellor James Oblinger and Provost Larry Nielsen in the past two months. All have denied any wrongdoing, although e-mails turned over to the grand jury show communications between the three and the former governor before Mary Easley was hired in 2005.

N.C. State terminated Mary Easley's five-year contract June 8, ending her $170,000-a-year job as an executive-in-residence and senior lecturer. Officials cited state budget cuts as the reason for the move. She has appealed the move.

"This is not an attempt to find fault or blame anyone but simply a chance to discuss and advise Chancellor (Jim) Woodward on our policies and procedures in an effort to pinpoint where they failed," Davenport said.

The committee formed Tuesday will report its findings and make recommendations back to the full board.


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  • OneSheep Jul 23, 2009

    I am responding to Kebsmom, who wrote, "Can't they find another picture of smirky Mary? I am tired of this same one over and over."

    And I am responding to Nufsaid, who wrote, "The picture seems to match her behavior and attitude toward the peon taxpayers."

    Hey, folks! I've got a GREAT idea! WRAL can use one of the photos taken of Mrs. Easley as she scrambled to the safety of her car, trying to avoid photographers and reporters, June 8, 2009, the day that NCSU Board of Trustees voted to terminate her contract!

  • nufsaid Jul 15, 2009

    "Can't they find another picture of smirky Mary? I am tired of this same one over and over. kebsmom"

    The picture seems to match her behavior and attitude toward the peon taxpayers.

  • hdonthefarm Jul 15, 2009

    rbd1996 - I believe the BOT is the agency that approved Miss Mary's 88% raise, even if retroactively. Maybe not crooks, maybe not complicit, but certainly demonstrative of poor judgment.

  • nufsaid Jul 15, 2009

    "Translation: Alumni donations are down.

    And will stay down until Oblinger and Nielson are really gone. And all the while donors and parents/students are told that everything possible is being done to hold costs and tuition down.

  • kebsmom Jul 15, 2009

    Can't they find another picture of smirky Mary? I am tired of this same one over and over. Get her out of the news and go on with something else. She is just as thieving as her old man.

  • ORMA Jul 15, 2009

    Aren't they the same people that sat around and let this happen in the first place? What a crock.

  • NCPACKER Jul 15, 2009

    BEACHBOATER nailed it!

  • rbd1996 Jul 15, 2009

    "Like we can believe the NCSU Board of Trustees. Come on wake up !!!!!!!"

    What evidence is there to support that NCSU's BOT is not trustworthy? Provide specific evidence that is public record. Otherwise, the statement above is nothing but conjecture and speculation.

    Campbell used his access to the chancellor to broker the Easley hiring. The NCSU BOT was not involved.

  • SME2 Jul 15, 2009

    Seriously...wasting MORE public money on this!

  • hkypky Jul 15, 2009

    What a joke. Now they want to assemble and ad-hoc committee, are not interested in finding fault or blame, and want to advise the Chancellor on the obvious.

    I guess the silver lining is that there is no mention of having hired a paid, outside consultant, FTLOG, to get them through the process.