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Relay for Life volunteers accused of embezzling

Posted July 14, 2009

— American Cancer Society Relay for Life volunteers have been accused by the organization of embezzling money.

Relay for Life volunteers at center of police probe Relay for Life volunteers at center of police probe

David Mangum and Dianna Scoggins, who have not been charged, are the co-chairpersons of the East Wake Relay for Life, which includes Knightdale, Wendell and Zebulon.

The organization's regional executive coordinator filed a complaint with the Wendell Police Department accusing Mangum and Scoggins, who reside at 419 Fowlkes St. in Wendell, of fraudulent activity.

According to a search warrant, the American Cancer Society uncovered an "elaborate embezzlement scheme," involving Mangum and Scoggins, that had been operating for a "long period of time."

The coordinator told police that money was collected by the co-chairs at meetings held at Wendell Baptist Church at 3615 Wendell Blvd. The money was supposed to be deposited for the American Cancer Society.

"Some deposits were made late, and some may not have been made at all,” said Sam Foster, with the Wendell Police Department.

Foster also said some of the invoices the co-chairs submitted following the Relay for Life event may be counterfeits.

"I've checked into some invoices and one in particular, the business does not exist,” Foster said.

Investigators searched the Fowlkes Street home looking for evidence Friday. Police seized a computer, flash drives, bank statements and an American Cancer Society donation box.

The American Cancer Society coordinator did not cite how much money is missing. The investigation is ongoing, Foster said.


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  • lkanzig Jul 15, 2009

    you had me at fruit smoothies!
    at the rate the news commng from this state is that we are all corrupt,embezzelers or a clueless politician.

  • piratepeople2 Jul 15, 2009

    I am totally embarrassed and appalled at this-I was on a team that participated in Relay for Life in Eastern Wake County. To even consider that one dollar donated to this was diverted for any kind of personal gain is unthinkable. I hope it will be discovered what actually did or did not take place. The cancer victims/survivors and families will be the ones who will suffer when future donations are affected by this.

  • emilyhenderson Jul 15, 2009

    Hello everyone, I'm Dianna's Aunt. So I have a different perspective. I can't state details but I will say this. It was the American Cancer Society who accused Dianna of this, NOT the police and there is a reason for that. Please withhold judgement on this until the true culprit is found. I don't believe everyone at ACS followed strict money handling rules like you have at a bank. Therefore the accuser may be the criminal. If anything was embezzled I don't believe for one second it was Dianna. She loves Relay for Life and has raised over one million dollars for the cause and she can't even make her rent payments. David's father died of Cancer five years ago. I don't know him well but somehow I can't see him stealing from this charity. and yes...whoever steals from Charity should go to prison. It's cold. Very Cold. Dianna and David were told not to talk to anyone about the case by the police.So they can't even talk to the news to tell their side of the story. Make them look worse. Shame

  • The Fox Jul 15, 2009

    Is this the same David Mangum of Kenly Police Chief fame?


  • familyfour Jul 15, 2009

    Part of their punishment should be volunteering at Hospice Centers.

  • GravyPig Jul 15, 2009

    carolinarox "So? What's your point?"

    If you have to ask, then you don't get it. - commentor5

    Actually, if you have to explain it, then the joke is not worth telling. Inside jokes only work if everone is in on it.

  • WRALblows Jul 15, 2009

    Want to really help someone with cancer? Go find them at an Oncologists office and write them a check. You can be sure they'll use it in their best interest without administrative overhead, operational costs or theft. Problem solved.

  • dugmeister Jul 15, 2009

    and... straight from the http://www.jimmyv.org/ website:

    "The V Foundation takes great pride in its fiscal responsibility and is proud to announce that it gives 100 percent of all new direct cash donations to cancer research and related programs."

  • SalemWWX Jul 15, 2009

    "Maybe that's why they say money is the root of all evil."

    Actually the saying is "The LOVE of money is the root of all evil.". There's a big difference

  • dugmeister Jul 15, 2009

    As a cancer 'survivor' I trust the Jimmy V Foundation - 100%. Ironically Mike and Mike in the Morning on ESPN are having their annual Jimmy V foundation auction today to raise money and awareness.