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Options exist after unemployment benefits run out

Posted July 14, 2009

— More than 460,000 people in the state received unemployment benefits in the past month, according to the Employment Security Commission of N.C. But what happens when those benefits run out?

Richard Gruber has used up all of us unemployment benefits and is waiting for the outcome of an appeal.

For people in similar situation, other programs can help. Turning to the local social services office may be a good place to start.

“You can come and apply for any of the services we provide. Work First is the program that helps folks with cash assistance and will help you do your job search,” said Sharon Hirsch, a spokeswoman with the Durham County Department of Social Services.

The Work First Family Assistance Program helps parents get short-term training and other services to help them become employed. It is a two-year program.

Metro unemployment rate jumps Unemployed have options after benefits run out

People can also inquire about health and food services at these offices, as well.

“Medicaid and food and nutrition services are the big programs that we’re here to help with,” Hirsch said. “Folks need to come down and ask for an application.”

Hirsch said people will need to bring a birth certificate to facilitate the application.

People can file for welfare, Medicaid and food stamps while receiving unemployment benefits.

Unemployment benefits are available for up to 79 weeks, but most people are not eligible to receive it the entire time, officials said.

The amount of time each person is eligible for unemployment benefits is determined by time on the job, education and recent salary.

All of these are temporary options and should be considered more of a lifeline than a long-term solution, officials said.


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  • comet Jul 24, 2009

    obviously landshark does not live in the real world. undersirable jobs, they are not out there either. i have even offered to wait tables for tips only, no pay, and got turned down for that. it amazes me that people that have never walked in your shoes, can tell you how to wear them.

  • concerncitizen Jul 17, 2009

    Take some responsibility comet. We all caused this economy. Most of us are living one pay check to another, never saving a dime. That is not the President or the Governors fault! Get yourself out of the problem! The Governor and The President are trying to fix the whole, you will have to fix yourself. Work is out here!! Take the less than desirable job for now! Go to a trade school! Learn a new skill! I don't like the bailouts either, but whats done is done. So move on!!!!!!

  • concerncitizen Jul 17, 2009

    When unemployement run out you're on your own. That's the answer the social service people don't want to tell folks.

  • PlanetX Jul 17, 2009

    That should have been "Amen, COMET"....

  • PlanetX Jul 17, 2009

    Amen Coment.

  • comet Jul 16, 2009

    I beleive one of you misread my post. I do not blame the president or the govenor for the loss of jobs, I blame them for not doing anything for the avearage citizen to return to work. The bailouts for the banks and auto makers and the increased taxes, accomplish nothing. If you think it does, thats certainly your right, but think you are the one that needs a reality check.

  • mrduright Jul 16, 2009


    Neither Perdue nor Obama caused you to loose your job the economy did. And to blame others because you cant find a job is just silly. Are you going to give them credit when you get a job!? I think not, get it together.

  • comet Jul 16, 2009

    I wish someone will give some truly helpful information. No one at the unemployment can explain the extensions available, or tell an individual exactly how long they are eligible to draw. I have been calling the Work Force every week for the past 2 months as our state has received stimulus money to go towards retraining out of work people, but nothing is in place and they can't tell you when it will be. Welfare, I may be wrong, but if you don't have children or a disabled person in your home, you are not eligible. Food stamps, what good is that if you can longer pay your rent, no home, no place to store or prepare food. So don't tell me there is help for those whose unemployment runs out, there is no help, no jobs, no nothing. I do hope those that voted Ms. Perdue and Mr. Obama are happy with their change, I am disgusted with mine. I do have enough money put aside to purchase a tent, sleeping bag, hey I can build a fire.

  • ShareTheRoad Jul 15, 2009

    hehe i used to work with that dude in the pic. nice enough guy. sad to see him featured in an article such as this though.

  • nyncwork1 Jul 15, 2009

    I don't think the welfare programs would really help the people who have lost their jobs and their unemployment has run out. Doesn't the welfare system make you sell your house, cars and whatever assets you have if they are valued over a certain amount before you are eligible for assistance? I don't know for sure, that's just what I've heard.