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Repairs begin on Durham dino

Posted July 14, 2009

— The Museum of Life and Science has hired a Greenville sculptor to help reassemble a dinosaur model beheaded by vandals.

The brontosaurus, part of the museum's old dinosaur trail, lost his head in May. The head was found two days later off Preston Andrews Road in northern Durham County.

The museum chose not to press charges against the culprits but has asked them to make restitution. Those funds will go toward the necessary repairs, a museum spokeswoman said.

Kenneth “Tripp” Jarvis plans to reconstruct a four-foot section between the body and the neck, reattach the neck and head to the body, repair the mouth area and patch holes in the body of the model.

The museum and community members are raising money to make up the balance needed to complete the project. Bronto Software has pledged a $2,000 challenge grant to encourage community fundraising. The museum got a $1,000 donation from an anonymous donor and has collected more than $1,500 in additional pledges.

The Northgate Park Neighborhood Association Bronto Project Fund has received more than $400 in contributions. Bronto Project chairwoman Nancy Rizzo said her group plans to sell "Save the Bronto" T-shirts with proceeds to be used for "additional improvements and ongoing maintenance of the Bronto."

Shirts will be available for purchase Saturday at the Durham Farmer's Market and Sunday at Elmo's. To see the design of the shirt and for details about sales locations, go to www.savethebronto.com.

To make a tax-deductible contribution to help repair the brontosaurus, make your check payable to Museum of Life and Science and note “Bronto” on the memo line. Send to Museum of Life and Science, 433 Murray Ave., Durham, NC 27704. To donate online, go to www.lifeandscience.org and go to “Donate and Support – Special Projects." To make a gift with VISA or MasterCard, call the Museum at 919-220-5429.


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  • alwaysconcernedmom Jul 14, 2009

    Again, criminals getting off scot free! Next time, it will be armed robbery and murder! Make the little vandals do about 200 hours community service cleaning up after others that litter our highways and back roads on these nice 90 degree days. That ought to have them rethinking their actions.

  • wardjammer22 Jul 14, 2009

    What is the total cost of reconstruction of the Dino?

  • Ladybug008 Jul 14, 2009

    Again, no accountability for their actions! Community Service is a joke in most cases - look into it!!!! When are we going to make people responsible for their actions???? Today, a very expensive practical joke - tomorrow, a more serious violation. What you wanna bet???

  • endlessnameless Jul 14, 2009

    There can be only one.

  • OpenM1nd Jul 14, 2009

    The dinosaur is a lot like me in a way. He's just trying to get a head. ;-)

    But seriously, we had a rule at the scout camp when I was a youth. If you threw a stone into the lake and got caught, you had to pull two stones out. Likewise, the vandals should have to do at least twice the amount of community service to, in or around the facility on top of whatever the judge handed out. They need to learn to take a little bit of pride in their city.

  • winchester73 Jul 14, 2009

    Apparently the vandals are making less than full financial restitution. Perhaps they could offer some sweat equity?

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Jul 14, 2009

    Write yer checks, 'cuz the kids who did this need money for video games & cigarettes. ;-)

    Ok, so they don't have any cash...but they surely have TIME...as in for Community Service.

    Where's the punishment?

  • r u crazy too Jul 14, 2009

    They found the "culprits", and "asked" then to make restitution?They should have told them, "pay up, replace, or else,!"