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Three injured when Raleigh fire truck overturns

Posted July 10, 2009
Updated July 11, 2009

— Three people were injured Friday morning when a fire truck overturned in downtown Raleigh, police spokesman Jim Sughrue said.

Preliminary information indicated that three passengers of the truck were injured. They were taken to WakeMed Hospital. Stephen Ray Page, 40, Kelly Lamotta, 27, and Lt. Jason Robert Lane, 36, were released Friday night.

Overturned fire truck Fire truck overturns, injuring three

The driver of the front part of the truck, Roy Thomas McGee III, 41, was not injured.

All of the firefighters are assigned to Fire Station No. 1 at 220 S. Dawson St., Assistant Fire Chief Rusty Styons said.

The truck they were traveling was a tiller truck, or a hook-and-ladder truck. The truck requires two drivers – one in the front to steer the front wheels and a driver in the back to steer the back wheels.

Lane was driving the rear part of the truck, Styons said.

Both drivers of the tiller truck involved in the accident have “extensive experience” driving the vehicle, Styons said. The driver of the front of the vehicle has 15-years of firefighting experience. The driver in the back has 13-years of experience.

The wreck happened at about 10:50 a.m. at the intersection of Dawson and West South streets. The truck was making a left turn from Dawson Street onto West South Street when the driver and the rear driver had a miscommunication about making the left turn or continuing straight, according to the police report.

Firetruck overturned in downtown Raleigh Sky 5 view of overturned truck

The truck was responding to an emergency call at 1020 Mark St. at the time of the wreck, Styons said. The fire at that address turned out to be a minor incident.

Dawson Street was closed at Lenoir Street for more than an hour following the wreck. West South Street between Dawson and McDowell streets was closed for more than four hours, Sughrue said.

A street sign belonging to the city of Raleigh sustained about $200 in damage.

The truck, which Styons said is worth $750,000, had significant damage.


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  • KniftyKnitter Jul 10, 2009

    Glad everyone is okay!

  • ddesign1 Jul 10, 2009

    First of all - I am so glad you guys walked away with just a few bumps & bruises!
    ** RFD rocks - no matter what **

    Now .... what the he** is wrong with you people!?!?!
    It is just simply amazing how many super perfect - walking on water - let me cast the first stone - never ever made a mistake people live in Raleigh!!!
    OMG - you should be ashamed of yourself!
    Each and every one of these Firefighters will risk their life's for any of you - no question ask!!!
    And you people, who probably don't even know how to maneuver your own darn vehicles, have the audacity to even open your mouth and bash these guys!
    Shame on you!!! ***** Like I said I am so thankful that you guys are ok! God bless & keep up the good job. -DDesign-

  • rescuefan Jul 10, 2009

    I am glad that everyone will be okay!

    These armchair quarterbacks are ridiculous! Unless you have experience driving one of these trucks, you honestly have no clue. I appreciate our firefighters, unlike many of the derogatory posters here.

  • Duke _Nukem Jul 10, 2009

    Were you there? Tell me how fast they were traveling with your crystal ball of clarity. Tell me about the weight of the vehicle traveling on a decline that is top heavy and how that will effect how the vehicle turns and at which speed it could roll over. Please enlighten us.

  • Duke _Nukem Jul 10, 2009

    And I'm glad the guys/girls are ok, I for one appreciate the help you give us on accidents and other medical emergencies

  • ratherbnnc Jul 10, 2009

    It's called an accident, it happens. We'll make it through this together and learn from it.

    Miscommunication is no accident! Its carelessness! If they werent driving so fast they would have been able to make a turn even if they miscommunicated!

  • Duke _Nukem Jul 10, 2009

    Join the club. I'm a police officer and people love to bash us when they have no clue what they are talking about. Just remember that people like that have an axe to grind and are shooting off at the mouth because they can't do the job we do, so they criticize the job we do.

  • LadderDriver Jul 10, 2009

    As a driver of a ladder truck, I can not believe the idiotic comments that people make about something they know NOTHING about. As far as water, yes they carry water, enough to make a quick knock down of a fire (not using the aerial). As far as the idiot saying ladder trucks are not needed. Call your insurance company and tell them you live in a 9s rating instead of a 5 and see what happens to your homeowners insurance. We carry extraction equipment on these trucks, where a regular engine just dont have room to carry it all. So to all the IGNORANT people that are quick to speak about something they know NOTHING about SHUTTTTT UPPPPPP and quit ya crying

  • Check Yourself 1st Jul 10, 2009

    Unless you count the 300 gallons in the water tank on the truck....and the water bottle in the front seat...

    refer to my earlier post...if you don't know....

  • tarheelfire Jul 10, 2009

    also adnsgl this truck does carry water-300 gallons to be exact but if they need more they will have other trucks coming or just hook into a nearby hydrant.