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Feds seek more details of Mary Easley's job

Posted July 9, 2009

— A federal grand jury has issued a second subpoena to North Carolina State University seeking records related to Mary Easley's hiring and promotion.

The subpoena, which was issued Tuesday, asks that the university turn over Easley's personnel file, including a list of classes taught and evaluations of her work. It also seeks details of her vacation days and any compensation she used in lieu of taking vacation days.

The grand jury also wants to review records related to her 2008 promotion, which carried an 88 percent raise, and those related to private fundraising that paid a portion of her salary.

A former N.C. State fundraiser who worked with Easley appeared at the federal courthouse in Raleigh with her attorney Wednesday.

Wendy Brown was a development officer who helped raise money from corporations and other private sources for programs run by Easley. Part of that money went to pay for Easley's salary, which has raised questions about potential conflicts of interest.

The subpoena also seeks information about Brown's employment and termination. She was laid off in March.

Finally, the subpoena asked N.C. State to document who deleted e-mails from former Chancellor James Oblinger's personal university account and when they were deleted.

When N.C. State turned over documents to the grand jury last month in response to a previous subpoena, officials noted that messages during part of 2005, when Easley was hired, were missing.

Other e-mails turned over to the grand jury showed that McQueen Campbell, a former member of the Board of Trustees, discussed a potential N.C. State job for Easley with former Gov. Mike Easley and that Campbell worked with Oblinger and former Provost Larry Nielsen to make it happen.

Campbell, Oblinger and Nielsen have resigned amid questions over their roles in Mary Easley's hiring, but they all have denied any wrongdoing.

N.C. State terminated Easley's five-year contract June 8, ending her $170,000-a-year job as an executive-in-residence and senior lecturer. Officials cited state budget cuts as the reason for the move.

Easley has appealed the termination.


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  • SME2 Jul 10, 2009

    They obviously did not find enough on the first go round so now they are looking for some thing the "think" might be there.

    Pretty disappointing...the FBI(Federal Bureau if Incompetence)

  • SME2 Jul 10, 2009

    Whew the Easleys had fallen off the radar..glad their back! LOL!

    Now we can waste more tax payer money on this witch hunt!

  • beachboater Jul 10, 2009

    Unbroken - If you don't like it, don't read it.

  • lkanzig Jul 10, 2009

    we know about the corruption, anyone can see it plain as day!
    slap on the wrist already, we all know its comming!

  • UNCfuturealumi Jul 9, 2009

    You know I fully believe she owes the State of NC a whole lot of money back. Along side her sidekicks, first her husband and second the other woman in office, Gov. Bev..the owe us..

  • Unbroken Jul 9, 2009

    Blah blah blah... You guys are like the same, old, sorry "news" that WRAL publishes every day (A car fire was the headline for how long this morning? Wow! Exciting stuff!).

    Same ol' comments from the same ol' tired, sorry posters... "This is what you get for electing these people!" "Raleigh is full of corruption!" "The Easleys deserve everything they get..."

    Blah blah blah. Get a life.

  • chfdcpt Jul 9, 2009

    Keep in mind that the falling of Phipps, Black and others all started as an SBI investigation. Sometimes a litle bird chirps in the fed's ears about something they need to look at such as poitical corruption, etc. Just ask Jim Black and his cohorts.

  • mom2boyz Jul 9, 2009

    HEL-LO! Does anyone at all see that corruption goes all the way down the pike to local govt, no matter what state (of the 50) we are discussing!? Greed, manipulation, power, 'friendship circles', it's all there. Now, go back all the way up to the most powerful position in the world, how do you think that person got there? DUH. WAKE UP!!! Get active, make a difference in your local govt, be a voice for truth, right principles, morality. It's up to those who believe in letting those who are gifted in administration 'do their thing'! These political figures are gifted in greed and manipulation in order to gain power.....

  • beachboater Jul 9, 2009

    The Easley's arrogance might well be what sinks their ship.

    I hope they get whatever they deserve, which might well include a little time out for Mikey.

  • DontLikeTheSocialistObama Jul 9, 2009

    The FBI has to be the ones who take the Easley's down.

    Powerful Democrats in Raleigh in State Government would never let the SBI take the Easley's down.

    The FBI and the Federal Attorney took down Meg Scott Phillips and Jim Black.

    If it was up to Willoughby in Wake County, Meg and Jim would have never been charged and prosecuted.