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Jeep bursts into flames on I-540

Posted July 9, 2009

— Emergency crews blocked the right lanes of Interstate 540 east Thursday morning after a Jeep Grand Cherokee burst into flames on the shoulder near Aviation Parkway. The road was reopened by 10:30 a.m.

James High Jr., of Nashville, told troopers he noticed smoke coming from under his hood and he pulled over on the shoulder. As soon as he got out, the Jeep caught on fire and was engulfed in flames.

High was the only person in the vehicle and was not injured, according to Trooper Andrew Knight. Authorities said they do not know why the Jeep caught on fire.

People driving by the scene shot video and snapped pictures of flames coming from the vehicle and smoke billowing in the air.


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  • LocalYokel Jul 9, 2009

    nice pics and video. Glad I wasnt in the traffic or the grand cherokee.

  • shortcake53 Jul 9, 2009

    Im very glad the driver was not hurt, it could have been a huge tragedy. Would like to know the cause though, as we have a jeep too.

  • ThatsRight Jul 9, 2009

    Fun day for rubbernecks.

  • Nancy Jul 9, 2009

    On the speculation as to cause of the fire, it could be so many things. One thing in these latest generation cars (past the 80's) are the injectors, they can leak and it's raw gas if it does. Chrysler had a recall on fuel injectors on late 90's model cars, not sure if it included the Jeeps though.

  • bresilver Jul 9, 2009

    I saw the smoke coming from the car when I was on 540 West this morning. It was on fire before he stopped. I got a clear view of the underside of his car flaming before he even started to slow down and pull over. I was wondering how he could still be driving like that and his car be on fire and the driver not seem to really notice. I was glad to see him pulling over just before I lost site of him as I took the exit to 40.

  • lkanzig Jul 9, 2009

    oh and by the way, the fruit loops that move down here that think they can drive in snow flying down the road need to realize that they are not sloped like they are in the north.
    never said they were perfect either.

  • lkanzig Jul 9, 2009

    well blue we are not as perfect as you are in your own little world.
    it was a question, not a statement!

  • DowntownGirl Jul 9, 2009

    Does it occur to you, lkanzig, that the majority of the folks on the road here are more than likely transplants like you? So, whose driving are you criticizing? In fact, you should keep that in mind anytime you criticize anything that "these fools" are doing. They're probably some of your previous neighbors.

  • lkanzig Jul 9, 2009

    ok im a transplant here and i have a question.

    how is it that there is either car flipped up side down, on fire, trash in roadway or people just stopping to look constantly?

    as far as people causing backups...
    remember when mcalls in clayton got hit with the plane?
    i was on my way to work at 6am the day after the accident and had to drive around the 8 cars that were stopped in the middle of the road. why? because these fools were parked on the road blocking all lanes and were out of their cars taking pictures!

    that is sad people!

  • gpcherokee Jul 9, 2009

    Glad to hear the driver came out unscathed! I drive a jeep too and I hope his was a different model than mine.