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Another body found in Jordan Lake

Posted July 8, 2009

— A man's body was found in Jordan Lake Wednesday morning, marking the third person to be found dead at the lake in the past week, Chatham County sheriff's officials said.

Authorities identified the man as James J. Adams, 60, of Concord, N.H. Two fisherman saw his body floating in the lake near the Crosswinds boating access and called 911.

A preliminary investigation revealed that Adams and his wife were in the area on vacation. She returned to New Hampshire on Tuesday and Adams stayed behind to do some camping and fishing.

An autopsy was being performed and there was no indication of foul play, authorities said.

On Tuesday afternoon, authorities pulled the body of Brandon McCray, 26, from the lake, near the intersection of Beaver Creek and Lower Pea Ridge roads after someone found his personal items on the lake shore and called 911.

Authorities said they are not sure what led to his death.

Stephen Patrick Russell, 23, a North Carolina State University student, drowned Saturday evening while trying to swim across a cove, Sgt. Reggie Barker with the state Wildlife Resources Commission said.

Divers, along with Chatham County sheriff's deputies, wildlife agents, firefighters and EMS personnel, searched for Russell through the night. Rescuers recovered his body near the Farrington Point boat access ramp around 10 a.m. Sunday.

No foul play is suspected in the death, Barker said.


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  • GravyPig Jul 9, 2009

    "eww man, and dead people be floating around in the lakes and stuff. Yall are nasty." ncsuspam

    No one laughed the first time you said that, it's still not funny.

    Prof, I don't get the feeling that people are trying to be insensitive to the loss of life, but realisticaly one can't protect everyone all the time. I have a friend who is a park ranger, and having to go on a drowning call is his worst nightmare. We would all love for everyone to be safe and happy, but accidents happen no matter how much prevention is tried. I'm pretty sure that in any of the open areas of the lakes they most likely note that there are no life guards. You swim at your own risk.

  • ezLikeSundayMorning Jul 8, 2009

    Proffesor, I understand some may be a bit insensitive to the primary issue here, but claiming we need mental help just because we feel people can judge risk for themselves seems over the top.

    You say buy a pool, but people drown in pools often, do you think life guards should be required at home? Thousands die on roads every year, sure we take reasonable steps to improve safety, but we don't shut down the roads.

    I suspect even this man's family, in their grief, still respects his right to do what he enjoys even though the worst did happen. There are many ways people die and its always sad, but I would rather die than live in a world where we were babied all the time.

  • ncgoofygirl Jul 8, 2009

    You can drown in an inch of water. Does everything require some sort of regulation? Only for those who cannot regulate themselves...Think about it!

  • Jeremiah Jul 8, 2009

    "Can some one tell me why Falls and Jordan and others are so nasty? I think it was lake Wheeler that I went to and it was really nasty"

    b/c they're lakes. very little currents to stif things around. and the water that washes off neighborhoods, parking lots, farms, industrial facilities, etc. etc. etc. all makes it to the lake. from as far away as reidville and greensboro.

  • ncsuspam Jul 8, 2009

    yeah, they can put as many life guards out there as they want to. We got a stimulus package, SON!

  • ncsuspam Jul 8, 2009

    eww man, and dead people be floating around in the lakes and stuff. Yall are nasty.

  • colliedave Jul 8, 2009

    I believe Jordan Lake should not allow any swimmers unless there are safety guards. Until they make it safe, swimming should not be allowed.

    One cannot protect against stupidity and/or the rage of testosterone. Given the size of the lakes, it would be impossible to station a life guards around the perimiters of the lakes 24/7.

  • juchushu Jul 8, 2009

    I was at Fall's Lake two weeks ago and saw two dead fish pop up in the water about 10 feet away from me, and they were dead. The water is green, nasty, and extremely polluted. Once I saw the fish I was out of there. I'm sure Jordan is no different. The only lake I've been too around here that isn't absolutely disgusting is Kerr Lake.

  • lkanzig Jul 8, 2009

    i understand that the water has been purified before people drink it.
    what i meant was i would not drink it right out of the lake.
    have not seen falls lake, but from the comments on here it sounds nasty!

    and to think they were almost completely empty a few years ago. and we have managed to repollute it.

  • canes017 Jul 8, 2009


    I think its awful that anyone had to lose their life, but your demand is impossible.

    A good size neighborhood pool is approximately 5000 sq ft with 2 life guards. Jordan Lake has 14,000 acres of water or approximately 609 million square feet of water. at a rate of 2 lifeguards per 5000 sq ft, we're looking at about 138,000 lifeguards at any given time to cover the lake as you like, at ten dollars an hour you're planning on paying out 1.38 million dollars an hour to keep a lake, ONE lake open? No logical way to implement such it, the state would go bankrupt in a week with staffing like this along all its beaches and lakes.