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Early dismissal days for Wake schools begin

Posted July 7, 2009
Updated July 8, 2009

— Beginning Wednesday, Wake County Public School System students will leave one hour early every Wednesday and stay 10 minutes later on the other days. Schools will release students 2 ½ hours early on six of those Wednesdays.

The goal is to give teachers time to meet together in professional learning communities, or PLCs, so they can share techniques.

school Early dismissal helps teachers share ideas

"They (teachers) will share ideas with somebody else and try to find the best ways to get kids to learn, which is really going to make an impact on overall student performance and ultimately test results,” school district spokesman Michael Evans said.

The schools with the earliest start times will add the additional 10 minutes at the end of the school day. The schools with the latest start times will add the additional 10 minutes at the start of the school day.

Some parents say the early dismissal is difficult to work with, particularly when it comes to arranging child care.

"With three kids in the Wake County Public School System, in three different schools, I have more complexity in my life than I care to deal with right now,” parent David Martin said.

Martin said he favors teacher workdays instead of early dismissal.

"I just think it would be much simpler if we had set full teacher work days and everyone can plan around it,” he said.

Evans said doing the early dismissal on Fridays was talked about but would have conflicted with too many extra-curricular activities.


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  • teacher56 Jul 9, 2009

    Copies (for what????)? What do you do? Oh wait, you are teaching the slow kids or the fast kids, hence the need for groups? Least restrictive? What does that mean?

    OK Timbo, your comments show me that you have no idea what goes on in the classroom. I wish to clarify. Least restrictive means that based on a kid's IEP and special needs, if that child can be educated in a regular classroom, then that child has a right to be there whether you, the regular classroom teacher, or other parents want that child there. And no, it doesn't mean we ignore the regular kids, but it does mean the teacher has to spread herself out to all children. Some will require more time than others. That is true even with "normal" kids. Now for TA's: they are very highly qualified to teach subject matter. They have a college education. And yes, Timbo, teachers do use copies. I can't imagine why you think we don't need copies run???!!! For what?...tests, worksheets, notes home, homework,in Eng. and Span

  • NCSUTeach Jul 8, 2009

    This is a great idea that ALL teachers and parents should fully support. If you do not agree, I guarantee you have not talked to your child's teacher about why. Also, early release Wednesdays now dismiss at 1:15, instead of 12:45, which is where the "missing time" is.

  • gandalla Jul 8, 2009

    Just goes to show you how bad the public school system is ran. Its a no wonder kids cant learn at these schools. I yanked my kids out of public once I found out the school needs a parents premission to hold a student back. I mean come on social promotion. My kids dont need to be ancored down by some kids who just dont care to learn.

  • james27613 Jul 8, 2009

    Is Wake County School Board on crystal meth or other drug ?

    This type of stuff just won't work in private sector so
    why even attempt to do it in our schools ?

  • chfdcpt Jul 8, 2009

    And how many of you folks are going to remember this when the next school board election comes along?

  • gandalla Jul 8, 2009

    I like my kids learning set up. If the school makes me mad I take my business elsewhere. You should see the amount of attention my wife and I get when we want to talk to an adminstrator or my kids teacher its amazing.

  • Timbo Jul 8, 2009

    Fed-up29- Sorry!!! I misread your statement. Strike that other stuff!

  • Timbo Jul 8, 2009

    "You can't stop mainstreaming the disabled kids. There is a law called PL94142 that states that children are to be educated in the least restrictive environment."

    Least restrictive? What does that mean? Pushy parents of disabled kids think it means their child has priority over mine and that my child has to wait 'til their child can figure out the material being taught that day?

    Sounds to me like *MY* child is being "restricted" by the learning disabled children. I don't think the law intended that. It sounds to me like WCPSS has completely misinterpreted the law, putting my child at a distinct disadvantage because *MY* child has to wait on the disabled kid. Which has been the case in the past.

    Again Wake County School System drops the ball. What's new?

    Time to vote in some people with common sense.

  • Timbo Jul 8, 2009

    "The TA's are also teaching reading groups, math groups, running copies, creating centers, returning and picking up books in the leveled book room, logging all sorts of info onto all sorts of classroom and rollbook charts, etc. "

    TA's teaching reading and math? Cleaning up? Copies (for what????)? What do you do? Oh wait, you are teaching the slow kids or the fast kids, hence the need for groups? If my kid was taught math by a TA, I would raise the roof.

    "If I had to do everything without a TA, YOUR child would not get any one on one time."

    Why does a child need "one on one time"? I don't ever recall wanting, needing, having "one on one time" when I was in school. Are you referring to the developmentally delayed kids? If they need special attention, then they need to have a different teacher and not take your time away from the rest of the class.

  • Timbo Jul 8, 2009

    "hen you have other parents who will cry "elitist," "classist," or "racist" depending on if their little darlings are in a particular teacher's classroom."

    As long as you use standard testing, or other resources (e.g. tests done privately) you can empirically prove or disprove a child's placement in a classroom. Doesn't matter what the parents say.