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Bond raised to $2M for former teacher's aide in student sex case

Posted July 6, 2009

— A judge set a $2 million secured bond Monday for former Durham County teacher's assistant accused of having sex with a 10-year-old student.

Gina Marie Watring, 40, of 106 Cricket Ground, was arrested Saturday on a charge of obstruction of justice after Durham County Sheriff's Office investigators said she continued to contact the student in the case.

Gina Watring in court Woman, student allegedly communicated by cell

Watring was initially charged April 29 with two counts of first-degree sex offense with a child. Investigators said she had sex with a Creekside Elementary School student on April 10 and April 21. She's since been charged with first-degree kidnapping, felony child abduction, rape of a child by an adult offender, sex offense with a student and indecent liberties with a child.

The boy told investigators that he and Watring had intercourse twice at her home, according to court documents. School officials also discovered the sexual text messages between the two.

Watring was released on a $200,000 unsecured bond after her arrest and was ordered not to contact the boy while awaiting trial.

Investigators said the boy's mother found a cell phone Friday while her son was packing for summer camp. Watring had given the phone to the boy without his parents' knowledge, authorities said.

Assistant Durham County District Attorney Jan Paul said the boy reacted violently when his mother confronted him about the cell phone. He pulled a knife on his mother, punched her, threw a hammer at her, jumped from a second-story window and tried to run off before the family was able to restrain him, Paul said.

Watring had sent at least one photo to the cell phone, investigators said, but they declined to discuss the nature of the photo or the subject of any text messages found on the phone.

Paul said Watring told the boy in voicemail messages left on the phone that she loved him and missed him and that her husband was mad at her and she would probably be sent to prison.

The boy's parents also found two notes from Watring in his room, Paul said. Investigators said they believe Watring started contacting the boy back in May, although an arrest warrant states she contacted him between June 29 and July 3.

Paul asked that Watring's bond be revoked to ensure she couldn't contact the boy again, but defense attorney Mark Edwards said Watring could live with relatives in California until the trial.

Superior Court Judge Leon Stanback imposed a $2 million bond for the initial charges. A Durham County District Court judge ordered a $100,000 secured bond on the obstruction charge in a separate hearing Monday.

"I'm very troubled by this and troubled by the effect that it is having on this very young person. He's been damaged mentally," Stanback said.

Watring resigned from Creekside Elementary in Durham following her initial arrest.


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  • ADD Jul 7, 2009

    I'm not in any way defending this woman, but it seems to me that the boy was not trying to get away from her either. She has said or done something to him (besides the obvious) that has seemingly made him a willing participate in this sick situation. And maybe, and this is just free thinking, there is a slim chance the boy wanted to do this. He is 10, afterall. That doesn't make it any less disgusting... just a different way of looking at it.

  • Bendal1 Jul 7, 2009

    Unless the boy was forced into sex by the woman, I somehow doubt he's going to need much counseling at all to "get over" this event. As I said earlier, once a boy matures sexually, most would have sex with nearly any woman who gives him the opportunity to do so.

  • Chole Jul 7, 2009

    What is this world coming to?? School use to be a safe place. They should lock her up.

  • dmanka Jul 7, 2009

    I'm with you garden, sick woman, lock her up for life, no parole...counseling at least for the boy...can't erase it, but help him deal with it..especially once he gets a girlfriend in another year, and you can imagine where thats going to go...

  • Bendal1 Jul 7, 2009

    The problem with women getting lighter sentences for having sex with underaged boys is that many of the judges that do the sentencing are men. They see the woman, they remember how they were when they were the boy's age (not the 10 yo in this case, that's just gross) when boys would have sex with just about anything female that gave them the opportunity, and they end up giving the woman a lesser sentence.

    Come on, admit it, men; wasn't there a 'hot' teacher in your school back when you were in middle or high school? What do you think your reaction would have been if she started hitting on you? For most boys they would be flattered such an older (more experienced) woman would be interested in them.

    Note I'm NOT saying this is OK, only that society looks at sex for teen boys a lot differently than it does for teen girls, no matter who's their partner.

  • Big Mike Jul 6, 2009

    I grew up in the 50's at a Catholic School in WVa with hardcore nun's as our teachers...Not hardcore as we know it now.

    Hardcore as in if you got out of line...they would knock you out! No questions asked.

    And besides....we kids figured the priest had them covered! ha!

  • djofraleigh Jul 6, 2009

    Timing, it is all about timing. In 50 years she'll be 90 and he'll be 60, and they can live happily ever after, for she'll be out of jail by then.

    Sexual fixation is a strange thing. We don't understand it, and might not want to understand it. The kid, we understand that a little more, having someone crazy about you, a teacher.

  • donnawakeforest Jul 6, 2009

    Maybe a third re-write will be the charm…

    Perhaps sentencing will be equivalent when female pedophiles cause the physical pain and trauma that males do.

  • delilahk2000 Jul 6, 2009

    She is a sick woman, I hope she gets hard time

  • mrsvidivan2 Jul 6, 2009

    Wow, 10 yrs old, I can't wrap my mind around this.