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Body found in Edgecombe County is fifth in four years

Posted June 30, 2009
Updated July 9, 2009

Edgecombe County Sheriff's Office

— Authorities in Edgecombe County are trying to connect the dots after the discovery Monday of skeletal remains in a wooded area off Seven Bridges Road. The remains found Monday represent the fifth body found in the area since 2005.

District Attorney Robert A. Evans was slated to meet Tuesday with members of the Rocky Mount Police Department to discuss the investigation. The State Bureau of Investigation is also looking into the situation.

Sheriff James Knight said his office is looking through case files over the last five to six years to see if there are any similarities. None of the deaths have been solved.

Taraha Shenice Nicholson Edgecombe residents wonder about unsolved murders

The four victims who have been identified are all African-American women who were from Rocky Mounty, Knight said. The fifth, found Monday, had not been identified, but authorities said they think it is also a black woman.

Each one was murdered, Knight said. The specific causes of death have not been released.

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On May 30, 2005, the body of Melody Wiggins, 29, was found near Nobles Mill Pond Road, an area south of U.S. Highway 64.

On Aug. 17, 2007, a man told Edgecombe deputies he found a body behind a house on Seven Bridges Road, between Battleboro and Whitakers. Pathologists at Pitt Memorial Hospital identified the victim as Jackie Nikelia Thorpe, 35. Thorpe was reported missing from Rocky Mount on May 8, 2007, police said.

On March 14, 2008, the body of 50-year-old Ernestine Battle, of 619 Branch St. in Rocky Mount, was found in the same area, along Seven Bridges Road, between Battleboro and Whitakers. A local farmer said he was taking down an electric fence when he noticed the body approximately 40 feet inside the wood line.

On March 7, 2009, people riding all-terrain vehicles on Marriott Road found a body that was later identified as Taraha Shenice Nicholson, 28, of 218 N. Raleigh St. in Rocky Mount.

Nicolson's mother said Tuesday that investigators have been helpful in her case. But she is frustrated to know the case remains unsolved.

“I'll just be glad when they find out who did these killings. It’s some connections some where,” she speculated. “Why is it so hard to find this person?”

Residents in the area wonder about the connection as well. “It do make you concerned about the women who are getting killed around here,” Janice Gary said.

“The first few bodies they found down there should have put out a warning signal for that area,” Renata Arrington said. “I guess it hasn't because they're still finding bodies down there.”


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  • Jeff_W Jun 30, 2009

    Sounds like the Battleboro serial killer has struck again. What does this make? 8 or 9 so far? Wonder why RMT has failed to disclose this until now.

  • packbacker2 Jun 30, 2009

    Post an undercover at the Sunshine Inn on Hwy. 301. A known hangout for hookers. Its not far from the area the bodies are being found.

  • oldschooltarheel Jun 30, 2009

    Wonder why the missing weren't connected over the past 4 years. Sounds like they were "dismissed" for some reason & ended up prey. Sounds like Rocky Mount has its own serial predator complete with comfort zone for dumping.

  • Glenn Miller Jun 30, 2009

    “It do make you concerned about the women who are getting killed around here,”

    Nash-Rocky Mount School System graduate folks!!

  • bathroom_monkey Jun 30, 2009

    "Wasn't there once a song about Seven Bridges Road? "

    The Eagles.


  • FoxtrotUniformCharlieKiloakaCALM Jun 30, 2009

    "Wasn't there once a song about Seven Bridges Road? The Doobie Brothers maybe? Or Alabama"


  • Justabum Jun 30, 2009

    Wasn't there once a song about Seven Bridges Road? The Doobie Brothers maybe? Or Alabama?

  • seansuperdad Jun 30, 2009

    Some times killers are linked to a crime because of a ticket. It can establish a time when someone was in a certain aera. Just saying, lol

  • Blue Shirt Jun 30, 2009

    Police aren't going to release too much info but will try to link the cases; serial killers are mobile and will move; technology will hopefully help but the citizens have to help law enforcement; report suspicious people in your area. I agree more patrolling and less ticket writing will reduce burglaries.Budget woes means tons of tickets!

  • ForestForestGump Jun 30, 2009

    This is really disturbing.....hits very close to home - my home!
    Really makes you wonder if all of these women are somehow connected, ie: prostitution, drugs, etc...not that I'm accusing is any way, but it does make you wonder. Hope they find whoever did this and bring them to justice - and closure for the families involved.