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Mother spots son on surveillance video

Posted June 29, 2009

— Kenneth Andre Kirk's mother knew just what to do when she saw her son's picture on the news. She turned him in.

Kirk's mother call the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office to identify him as the man seen stuffing cartons of cigarettes down his pants during the robbery of a convenience store.

Kirk, 37, of 4013 Airline Drive in Fayetteville is a suspect in the May 19 theft of 26 cartons of cigarettes from the Lake Lynn Short Stop at 3563 Gillespie Street. Sheriff's spokeswoman Debbie Tanna said Kirk took more then $1,500 worth of tobacco products from the store manager's office while she assisted other customers.

The store and the sheriff's office released an image from the store's surveillance video Friday and asked for the public's help in identifying the man in the picture.

Although Kirk's mother was able to provide his identity, she was not able to provide his location. Authorities were still looking for him Monday. He is wanted on charges of felonious larceny. Anyone with information about his whereabouts is urged to contact the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office at 910-323-1500 or make an anonymous call to 910-484-TIPS (8477)


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  • dugmeister Jun 30, 2009

    why does makoii get to write novels with all that dead space?

  • Mrs Fabulous 1 Jun 30, 2009


    So what do you do if you saw your "37 yr old son" on TV because he robbed a store? What would you do? Not say a word? How would you talk to him as being his father? Would you convince him to turn himself in?

    I can understand most of your point but I just do not get what was so wrong of this mother turning her "37 yr old" son in to the authorities after seeing him on TV, robbing a store?!?!?! I guess I cannot connect your point to his story.

  • MizzZeta Jun 30, 2009

    Yay, mom! Turning him in could not have been an easy decision for her. I applaud her for doing the right thing.

  • reality bites Jun 30, 2009

    way to go to the mother, and we need alot more people in the world like her. instead we have people like makoII when he/she kids break the law or are running from the law the hide/harbor them and make excusses for them. or blame it on somebody else saying that its their fault the child did this. sorry you have kids makoII. as a parent is is your responsibilty to raise your child with morals and value and honesty. yes if your child grows up and goes down another path than what you taught you still have an obligation as a parent to do the right thing by your child!! not to look the other way!!

  • MakoII Jun 30, 2009

    Not "Ratting" is not the same thing as covering.

    I didn't say become an accessory to criminal behavior. I assume you can avoid the one without turning in your kin.

    That's ok, I see the government and society have turned most of you into nice little anti-family nuggets.

    When you don't have family to turn to, and only government to turn to, then you can do anything with society.

    Just because something isn't or is "Legal" is meaningless.

    Russia expected you to turn your parents in for saying anything wrong against the government. Same with the Third Reich.

    What good commies and fascists you people would make.

    Hey, anyone have soldiers in their families here? Next time your soldier child says something anti-obama, remember to call and have them court-martial'd for such criminal behavior.

    (yet I suspect most of you are just posers. when push comes to shove, you let your kids do lots of criminal activity by just ignoring it. Drugs, downloading mp3's, etc. You're hypocrites)

  • Professor Jun 30, 2009

    Many mothers would not have done this. Instead they would have covered for him. Its sad how some parents are raising their children. Maybe because they was not raised themselves.

  • Professor Jun 30, 2009

    They need also to learn it is all our responsibility as good citizen to "rat" on criminals. No matter who they are!!!!!!

    You are absolutely right! I just turned you in for fraud. I am just doing my job as a good citizen. lol

  • Just the facts mam Jun 30, 2009

    It is good to see such an honest person who would even turn in her own son - she obviously has morals than many people would not have.

  • concerncitizen Jun 30, 2009

    I am not judging you at all. i am only concern with your words. you are judging this lady for do the right thing by telling the police who the person is in the video. The court system will decide if he is guilty. It is a responsibilty of this lady to "rat" as you said on any criminal. You' re wrong on so many levels. I can't cover them here. i will say that if it is true what you say about your kids to day at school that is a good thing. They need also to learn it is all our responsibility as good citizen to "rat" on criminals. No matter who they are!!!!!!

  • Professor Jun 30, 2009

    Most parents do raise their children in the right way. But when these kids grow up and become the legal age of growness, they generally do a lot of wrong things. Its a choice the child makes - right or wrong. There are no perfect, sinless parents and no perfect or sinless child.