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Durham woman fatally stabbed in neck with scissors

Posted June 26, 2009
Updated June 27, 2009

— A woman died Friday morning after an acquaintance stabbed her in the neck with scissors in a parking lot at Chapel Towers Apartments, 1315 Morreene Road, according to Durham police.

Emergency crews took Deloris Bethea, 53, of 1011 Morreene Road, to Duke University Hospital around 6 a.m. where she died a short time later, police said.

Investigators were questioning the other woman, whose name was not released. 

Durham woman fatally stabbed with scissors Durham woman fatally stabbed with scissors

"(They) are looking at the possibility that the stabbing may have been in self-defense," police spokeswoman Kammie Michael wrote in a news release. "According to witnesses, (the women) had been fighting in the parking lot before Bethea was stabbed."

Resident William Cheatham said he saw the women fighting and he called 911 after Bethea was stabbed and stumbled to his car.

"One lady pushed the other lady. The other lady pulled out a pair of scissors, and they got to scuffling and all this. And the other lady took the pair of scissors and stabbed her," he said. "(Bethea) looked like she was getting dizzy, and her whole shirt right here was red. And, you know, she fell, and that's when I called 911."

Neighbors said they knew Bethea as "Miss D." Cheatham said he knows both women and can't believe what he witnessed.

"Both of them are OK. Both of them are easy to get along with," he said. "It's bad that somebody's got to die over something petty or an argument. Now, a lady done died over it."

 Bethea's husband, Albert Hairston, said he passed out on the porch when told his wife of seven years was dead.

“She meant the world to me,” Hairston said. “That was the love of my life.”

Bethea left behind her mother, children and great-grandchildren, he said.

"I know her family is going to be devastated, especially her daughters and her granddaughters."


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  • Surething Jun 26, 2009

    I corrected them for you. Just because I know you would lock onto those. Heaven forbid you ever make a typo. Here's something better for you. English is not my native language and I still speak grammatically correct english. Besides, no one ever claimed to be perfect, did they? Nice spin. Moving along now, take care and good luck in your volunteer work.

  • Professor Jun 26, 2009

    can give you one last thing to cry about.

    Cry about what? Michael Jackson was a grown man of 50 years old. He choose to abuse the precription drugs and it killed him. No crying from me. He did it all to himself.

  • sneeziegal Jun 26, 2009

    So let me get this straight Surething. It is okay for you to make grammatical errors in your comments, but it is not okay for this man to make grammatical errors in a verbal statement? I guess we are all imperfect after all huh?

  • Professor Jun 26, 2009

    People like this needs to get the Lord in their life and stop taking another human life. There is a much better way of dealing with issues. But first the person needs to calm down and not have the anger.

  • shortcake53 Jun 26, 2009

    Im stunned by these comments. A woman has lost her life over a silly arguement and all some of you can do is pick apart grammar errors. What is wrong with you people?

  • Surething Jun 26, 2009

    You're = your...i'm sure you'll latch onto that. just trying to reply to you in a timely matter before i leave for the day so i can give you one last thing to cry about.

  • Surething Jun 26, 2009

    their, that is. before you jump on that.

  • Surething Jun 26, 2009

    EVERYONE can speak properly regardless of there "opportunities". It is free of charge. You have no leg to stand on with that one.

  • Surething Jun 26, 2009

    "He probably has, but maybe has not had the same opportunities you have had. So as a human being, I resent the fact you chose to point out this man's broken English"

    Resent whatever you like, bottom line it doesn't tkae good opportunities in life to speak properly and not "she done dieded". False, that not everyone will get a chance to attend college. You make the grade and you will get a scholarship, especially if you are a minority with good grades. Simple as that. You're claims for "opportunities" is bogus, as being born alone is an opportunity and you choose to make of it what you will. Not sure what role Africa plays in all this, unless it is again a refernece to what you seem to have your defenses up for, and that is people of African descent. Again, claim whatever you like about "opportunities", but I made my own. After being born in worse living conditions than anyone in this country. Our convo is done, you can resent what you like or be offended, I am fine with that

  • sneeziegal Jun 26, 2009

    Speaking of assumptions, you've mentioned your "hard work" more than once. Are you assuming the gentlemen with the broken English hasn't worked hard?? He probably has, but maybe has not had the same opportunities you have had. So as a human being, I resent the fact you chose to point out this man's broken English. It a fact of life that everyone can't have everything, no matter how "hard" they try. Not everyone is going to keep their job no matter how "hard" they work. Do they deserve to be critized? Not everyone is going to get an opportunity to attend college no matter how "hard" they worked for good grades. Do they deserve to be critized? And no matter how "hard" we as a society try, babies will still be born in Africa with HIV. So do these innocent babies also deserve your criticism??? All i'm saying is that it takes more than just "hard work" to make it in this world. People also need opportunities which you've obviously had but many others don't get.