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Cary man charged in DMV scam

Posted June 24, 2009

— A Cary man faces more than five dozen charges on accusations that he "clean scanned" cars to ensure they passed their annual inspection.

Josue Arnulfo Becerril Perez, 35, of 624 Maple Ave., was arrested Wednesday on 56 charges of criminal offense for violation of inspection requirements.

Warrants state that Perez did "solicit or accept anything of value in order to pass a safety or emissions inspection."

North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles spokeswoman Marge Howell said Perez allegedly used different vehicle identification numbers during the inspection process because vehicles could not pass inspection.

The charges date from 2008 to May 2009.

Perez also faces one count of conspiracy to commit a criminal offense for violation of inspection requirements for allegedly selling fake inspection stickers.

He was in the Wake County jail Wednesday afternoon under a $500,000 bond.


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  • wattsun Jun 25, 2009

    WoaH I feel so much better he is Off the streets..

  • speedy Jun 25, 2009

    Bond is not punishment. The amount is somewhat irrelevent to the crime (although, generally, the "worse" the crime, the higher the bond). Bond is to ensure the defendant appears in court. Obviously someone thinks this guy is gonna run.

  • speedy Jun 25, 2009

    "i've got a broken headlight and it's up for inspection next month. shucks any suggestions on where to go.
    GOLO member since October 26, 2007"

    I'd suggest Autozone for a new headlight.

  • DOG Jun 25, 2009

    He broke the law. There is a reason for safety inspections and isn't to make money. A lot of you people don't think before you type. Give him 12 months in prison and then send him back to where he came.

  • bbad238 Jun 25, 2009

    The punishment doesn't fit the crime. I don't think he should be in jail. The whole inspection system is a ripoff anyway.

  • familyfour Jun 25, 2009

    Just like everything else the state has it's hands in......it cost us all....and he gets a higher bond than the child molester?!?!?!?

    Our system is what is sick. Bet this guy gets more time than the child molester, too. Our motto should be "You can mess with our kids, but don't mess with our money, we want to screw that up ourselves."

  • SweetB Jun 25, 2009

    DITTO!!!!!!> > > > > > > > >

    "WHO CARES??!!?? Let him go! ..... And I would like to know who's in charge of setting the bonds in Wake County. They put a man under a $200,000 bond after finding 2 children (1 who was naked!) in his car, along with photos and a computer!!!!! But set the bond for a man helping people with inspection stickers under a half a million dollar bond?!?! What a bunch of clowns run Wake County!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  • Con Amor luvs u regardless Jun 25, 2009

    Amen scientistjo!!!! The title obviously reads "CARY man"!!!!

  • IzzMad2016 Jun 25, 2009

    He was essentially accepting "bribes" (anything of value according to the article) to put passing inspection stickers on cars. Do I like paying for an inspection every year...absolutely not, I think it's nothing more than a money maker for the state. But the law says we all have to. All of us. Not some of us. All of us. He broke the law. I do agree his bond is out of whack with the charges he faces, though. Come one Wake County -- make bonds fit charges and punishments fit crimes for crying out loud..

  • Con Amor luvs u regardless Jun 25, 2009

    If I put anything other than SHELL gas in my Tahoe, the "check engine" light pops on within 5 minutes. I know that if I were to take it to be inspected with that light on, then I would be charged hundreds or a thousand dollars to have it "fixed" in order to pass inspection. The whole shabang is just a huge rip off and a money racket! Yes, I understand the importance of everyones cars having working break and head lights, but they take some things too far! And people like this poor man, obviously car more about the 'people' than the Gov!