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Third person arrested in Goldsboro hotel shooting

Posted June 24, 2009

— Goldsboro police have arrested a third person in a June 11 hold-up in which two Hampton Inn desk clerks were shot.

On Tuesday, investigators arrested Quinton Edwin Moye, 18, of 38 Brooks Drive in Snow Hill. They charged him with one count of attempted robbery with a dangerous weapon and two counts of assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury.

Investigators previously arrested Alysha Jeannette Williams, 20, of 132 Vanderbilt Circle, and Jonathan Glenn Sinclair, 16, of 408 Gulley St. They face the same charges, which stem from an attempted robbery at the Hampton Inn at 905 N. Spence Ave.

Three masked people demanded money from the desk clerk and shot him when he was slow to respond to their demands, police said. A second hotel employee was shot as the robbers ran from the lobby.

Employees Stephen King and Amanda Justice were treated at Wayne Memorial Hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.

Moye was being held in the Wayne County Jail under a $200,000 secured bond. Williams, who is six months pregnant, was also being held under a $200,000 bond. Sinclair was being held under a $500,000 bond.


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  • JustOneGodLessThanU Jun 25, 2009

    Eastern NC Native & DickHefner, well you guys might want to just join the Aryan Nation then. You seem to completely discount factors such as: not having enough money for food, not being able to read, not having parent(s) who read, living in the projects, etc. Living in those families in that environment, would crush the "motivation" of anyone except the absolute strongest.

    So, what is your solution to this problem? Cut off all gov't assistance and let these people resort to crime so they can eat?

  • DickHefner Jun 24, 2009

    I agree with eastern nc native. Too much free doesn't seem to be doing the trick.

  • Eastern N.C. Native Jun 24, 2009

    *** In regard to comment posted by "hereandnow99"***
    -----Invest in education and create opportunities for your poor and your crime rates drop...costing you less and making everyone safer.-----

    That particular comment is potentially true. That has been noticed already and if you haven't noticed yourself there are more opportunities for the "poor" and "minorities" than there are for those of us who have paved the roads to help ourselves and enhance our quality of life. FREE EDUCATION is there for those who care to receive it, but too many times I've heard the excuses from those living in "SLUMS" as you stated that they don't need to work, they've got what they want for free. The same excuse was associated with having babies, etc. Handouts often followed.

    Product of enviroment... I don't think so. We're all given the ability to choose the paths our lives take; with the exception of those with handicaps and can't make decisions on their own. It's about motivation.

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Jun 24, 2009

    So which is it, DickHefner...black people are criminals or you're a product of your environment? You said both, but both cannot simultaneously be true.

    No. The real common denominator in crime is not race. It's socio-economic status. If you're poor & uneducated, living in slums, you're much more likely to commit crime...regardless of race.

    Invest in education and create opportunities for your poor and your crime rates drop...costing you less and making everyone safer.

  • DickHefner Jun 24, 2009

    For all those afraid to say it is mostly a problem in the black population I'll do it for you. It's a prominent problem in the black population. They have some overwhelming disconnect with their culture that is driving this behavior. Some of it I believe is what they see growing up. Apples usually don't fall far from their rotten trees. We need to build a slope around the tree so more of those kids who are unfortunate enough to be born into morally weak families can roll away and have a chance to become good apples and stop this prevailing maddness that is the black male youth. Wouldn't hurt if violent lifestyles weren't shoved down their impressionable throats via the media, TV, movies and hip hop cultural norms. You are a product of your environment.

  • her3me24 Jun 24, 2009

    What is just the icing on the cake for me...I live in Goldsboro and the first I heard of it was on WRAL...three days after it happened. You see, our news paper here doesnt report it because that is bad for business and could scare people. Ahhh...the small town life.

  • Eastern N.C. Native Jun 24, 2009

    I'm interested in this village "onyourheels" is referring to. I'm assuming this village is ultimately going to be prision. That's where people of this nature need to go. The parents obviously have not did their jobs and want the cops to raise their children. I can't tell you how many times I've had a parent say, "you need to discipline my child"... I've noticed people commenting on race in this matter. It's not only a black problem that this happens, but all races. Yes, the percentage of the jail population is majority black, and no cops are out to get "black people" specifically. Clearly however these "suspects" are lacking common sense, discipline, and the motivation to get a real job and earn their living like the rest of us do. Glad they're locked up.

    This needs to be yet another lesson learned that you commit the crime, you'll be caught. A criminal needs to be lucky every time, but us LEO's need only be lucky one time. :)

  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT Jun 24, 2009

    Professor: "All races do crimes and find themselves in prison."

    Unfortunately, some races more than others, percentage-wise.

  • Professor Jun 24, 2009

    "It has nothing to do with race/location,

    All races do crimes and find themselves in prison.

  • Professor Jun 24, 2009

    No this is not news. Just shows that these kids was not raised right or else they would not be doing all of this wrong-doing. Some time in prison of 20 years may teach them a valuable lesson. Then again the parents did teach them but the old story was I am grown, you don't tell me what to do. So with that said, treat them like adults and send them all to prison. lol