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Stepdaughter arrested in slaying of Knightdale minister

Posted June 17, 2009
Updated June 16, 2011

Editor's note: All charges against Carletta Patrice Alston were dismissed by the Wake County District Attorney's Office.

The stepdaughter of a slain Knightdale minister was arrested Wednesday in his June 4 shooting death, and more arrests are expected in the case, according to the Wake County Sheriff's Office.

Carletta Patrice Alston, 24, was charged with first-degree murder in the slaying of Michael Donnell Smith, 48, whom deputies found lying in his driveway at 1808 Lucas Road.

Deputies were responding to 911 calls from Smith's wife, Phyllis, reporting that she heard gunshots as Smith left for work as a truck driver around 3:30 a.m. In the 911 call, Phyllis Smith said that Alston was calling her stepfather's cell phone, trying to get in touch with him.

Alston lived at Smith's home, along with her mother, who had been married to Smith for seven years, authorities said.

Alston was being held without bond at the Wake County Jail. She was expected to appear in court at 2 p.m. Thursday.

Smith, 48, was an associate minister at Truth and Delivery International Ministry Church in Knightdale, where he preached, taught Bible study, Sunday school and was active in community outreach.


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  • Surething Jun 18, 2009

    I cant imagine a Malcolm X fan calling anyone else out for racism. But then again, not possible for YOU to be racist is it?

  • Surething Jun 18, 2009

    "some of yall seem to have a real problem detecting sarcasm."

    much the same as you have a hard time detecting what truly is racist and what isn't. after all, it's all about 'context", but then again, you can assume anything you want to be racist, which is typical.

  • blugoat Jun 18, 2009

    Crash is proof positive that racism in NC is still alive and well.Thanks for the revelation.

  • speedracer_33 Jun 18, 2009

    Hopefully the real facts will come out in time. Unfortunately a man is dead and now his family has to grieve the loss of him, and potentially the stepdaughter if she gets locked up. It doesn't matter how someone looks, even beautiful people kill.

    The fact that he was a minister should have nothing to do with how his stepdaughter's CURRENT behavior might have influenced her to shoot him. She's 24 and can make her own decisions. Parents can only do so much with their children to ensure they'll be "good".

    I could have grown up in a house with no moral values or structure and turned out "good" just as easily as someone else could have had all the best values instilled in them and they still choose the wrong road.

    My thoughts and prayers for the friends/family who are truly greiving, regardless of the circumstances. A life was lost and another may be too, to the prison system.

  • suckafree23 Jun 18, 2009

    Abuse....... Really, you will justify a 24 year old WOMAN killing her step father whom let her live in his home. If he abused her then why could she simple not get a JOB and move out...... She is not 10 she is 24. I hope justice serves this beautiful woman.

  • seanboyus Jun 18, 2009

    All I know is if someone I know walks out into the 3am night and a gunshot follows I am NOT going out there. I'll call out for them. It's natural for anyone who has delt with 911 to ask who you're speaking with. Could be a operator, sheriff, fire/rescue staff...it really does depend. And I'll bet none of you expected the other person to say Sheriff...it was a surprise. I doubt this man was insured to any significance...so I don't see any real motive for the wife to kill.

  • manofjustice Jun 18, 2009

    People please don't be sarcastic in here. This is a serious and terrible situation. This beautiful lady's life is over. My heart really goes out to this Nubian Princess. Her mother must be going through a lot now that her gorgeous daughter is locked up for life.

  • RainierBeer Jun 18, 2009

    this reeks of abuse, I only say that because we've all seen this before

  • Jeremiah Jun 18, 2009

    some of yall seem to have a real problem detecting sarcasm.

  • Surething Jun 18, 2009

    "It just hurts my heart when I see gorgeous beautiful sweet ladies like her "

    post of the day, well played.