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Tenant says she's being evicted for feeding stray cat

Posted June 17, 2009

— Tenants at a Rocky Mount subsidized-living apartment complex are upset over what they call "bullying" by their property management.

But the complex says some of it is just a misunderstanding.

Tenants, management in dispute at Rocky Mount complex Tenants, management in dispute at Rocky Mount complex

Bernice Fuller, a 76-year-old resident at Mayfair Apartments, said the property management, Wellons Foundation Management Services, sent her an eviction notice informing her that she had to be out of her home by July 6 because she had been feeding a stray cat.

Fuller said she and her neighbors would feed the cat, and one day they received letter from the apartment management informing them that feeding strays was not allowed.

Soon after, Fuller said, the property manager saw her leaving food for it and sent her an eviction notice.

"She acted like a little old Hitler," Fuller said. "You know, do as I say, or else."

Property management said Fuller violated the pet regulations by not filing the paper work or paying the required fee for keeping a cat.

Fuller said that because the cat was a stray, it was not a pet. She said being evicted for that reason is too harsh.

Other neighbors have also complained, saying management recently forced them to rip out all the flowers in their gardens by June 15.

Property managers said it was a misunderstanding and that they only asked that flower boxes and pots be removed from windows and doors under fire regulations imposed by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

"We look at the community, as a whole, and we have to do what's best for the entire community," said Cathy Kennedy, executive director of operations for Wellons Foundation.

Fuller will meet with property managers Friday to find out if she is allowed to stay in her home. The Edgecombe-Nash Humane Society is now taking care of the cat.


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  • 3potato4 Jun 18, 2009

    Be careful what you ask for when you ask for any government involvement.

  • Iworkforaliving Jun 18, 2009

    Some people have no heart.

  • nlhutson Jun 18, 2009

    They have taken away their chuch servies an family parties at the community center, plus the flower gardens, stray cat what's next, no vistors,or food.......Hilter here

  • nlhutson Jun 18, 2009

    This is not the only thing wrong here - it's the flower garden and then the cguch service and partys at the community center of the complex - this is your tax dollars at work- wellons get rich and the old and poor get the !!!!!!!!!!!! Time to get rid of Welloms control and HUD deal with another company.

  • tiblet Jun 18, 2009

    this is a classic case of folks needing to sit down and talk about things before taking drastic measures. A little common sense goes a long way. If the property mgr does not like stray animals on the property they should call animal control...period. If there are flower pots creating a fire hazard it should be messaged that way to employees. Before sending letters...the property mgmt should have asked the folks to come in and talk about it...explain WHY it's in the best interest of the residents to follow the guidelines, etc. They could avoid many "misunderstandings"...people lack basic common sense and social skills.

  • Go Figure Jun 18, 2009

    Wellon Management needs to take a few classes in HUMANITY, not just being HUMANE. I say this sweet little lady and all the rest of the neighbors should move and leave that worthless company behind....

  • findoutthefacts Jun 18, 2009

    "i don't see how that would violate any contracts etc.,"

    the contract states no pets and local ordinance says feeding strays more that 3 times makes it a pet.

    And honestly I don't care how you feel about me. I'm speaking logical facts...you are following your emotion.

  • Ainjeh Jun 18, 2009

    findoutthefacts, you sound like a complete jerk. it's a stray and she is showing compassion for this animal by feeding it. i don't see how that would violate any contracts etc., because it's not a pet!! what don't you understand about that? and by the way, newsladymdn, i couldn't agree with you more!

  • edbuck51 Jun 18, 2009

    and we need more government???

  • findoutthefacts Jun 18, 2009

    And how have I been misinformed? We have been to hotels, others peoples houses and vacation rentals over-run with the smell of urine and fleas everywhere. And these were people's pets who were supposed to be taken care of. And you don't think a stray getting no attention would have hygiene issues? And as for noise, I stayed at someones house this weekend where the cat next door was in heat and whined all day and night. SO...you are misinformed!

    The Rocky Mount paper stated this cat had heartworms and Feline AIDS. I don't care if you did or didnt catch any diseases..its not healthy!

    And you are correct about compassion. If this lady had any compassion, she would have taken into account all the OTHER TENANTS who lived there instead of satisfying her own selfish wants!