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Wake County confirms three more swine flu cases

Posted June 11, 2009

— State health officials added 24 cases of the H1N1 virus Thursday, with three new cases in Wake County.

Lee, Person and Wilson counties also reported their first confirmed cases of the illness, which is also called swine flu.

The World Health Organization said the spread of swine flu has created the first global flu epidemic in 41 years.

The announcement by WHO Director-General Dr. Margaret Chan came Thursday as infections climbed in the United States, Europe, Australia, South America and elsewhere to near 30,000 cases.

Chan said she decided to raise the pandemic alert level from phase 5 to 6, meaning that a global outbreak of swine flu has begun, after an emergency meeting on swine flu with top experts.

Health officials say people in high-risk groups, such as children under age five, pregnant women and those with chronic medical conditions, need to be extra careful and see a doctor if they feel sick.

Ways you can help prevent the transmission of the H1N1 virus are:

  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water or alcohol-based hand rub
  • Cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing
  • Avoid close contact with those who are sick
  • Stay at home if you are sick

Influenza-like symptoms include fever, cough, sore throat, body aches, headache, chills and fatigue. Some people have reported diarrhea or vomiting associated with this virus.

Like seasonal flu, the H1N1 virus can vary in severity from mild to severe. This strain of influenza appears to be milder than the seasonal influenza.


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  • babbleon Jun 12, 2009

    The only realistic concern is that it will mutate or recombine with another strain and become deadlier. But if it does, exposure to the current strain may actually help promote our immune systems' resistance.

    My husband, 18mo child and I all got a 'flu-like illness last month. By that time it was clear swine flu was less dangerous than seasonal, so I didn't bother to go to the doctor. Took my kid, since his temp was up, but they just said keep the fever down and call us if there's any change.

    Unless the mortality rate changes, this is a total non-story.

  • sixnitepkg Jun 12, 2009

    mjeffrey -
    FYI - "combined DNA" H1N1 - was first discovered in pigs on a hog farm in NEWTON GROVE N.C.!! in 1998!!!! given that hogs and humans have nearly identical immune systems do you honestly think it hasn't made the rounds through this area and gone undetected? ESPECIALLY since people who got the flu DID NOT get samples sent off to the CDC! How many THOUSANDS of people in this area were diagnosed with the flu over the past 11 years and simply got Tamiflu and GOT SENT HOME! even the CDC admits that hundreds of thousands of cases probably went undetected this past flu season! why? because THEY WERE NOT TESTED! - ya' got the flu, drink plenty of fluids, take tylenol or motrin for the fever, take your tamiflu, and go home and rest!!
    quite frankly, I wonder, given that this strain IS MILDER THAN THE SEASONAL FLU, how many were told "ya got a cold" and not even tested for the flu at all!!
    can you say "mountain-out-of-a-molehill" - sure, I knew you could!

  • coolwill43 Jun 12, 2009

    We need a US citizen president no a US world president. What government allows it own people to get infect with this flu while letting the know source to walk into this country. He has taken “yes we can” to a new high. I really like China’s government reaction to this. I think our government forgot what country it pledges allegiance to and it is not Mexico.

  • Orange RN Jun 12, 2009


    The first general, older flu test checks for general ‘influenza A’ which can be seasonal or novel H1N1 flu. If that test is positive, but unable to be ‘typed’, then the influenza was probably the new H1N1. Now, more recent tests can detect H1N1 directly, but only detect it about 70% of the time. Most of the influenza being transmitted right now IS novel H1N1. See: http://www.cdc.gov/flu/weekly/
    The first graph shows how H1N1 has become the major influenza strain circulating since week 18 of this year; it is represented by the categories of ‘unsubtyped’ influenza A and novel H1N1. This virus is creating a highly unusual summer flu.

    Influenza virus changes easily, and the course of this pandemic is difficult to predict. However, there is a concern that worse disease may occur as the fall flu season approaches. Preparations are prudent. See: http://www.pandemicflu.gov/plan/index.html

  • coolwill43 Jun 12, 2009

    I find it impossible to believe that NY and only NY is responsible for bringing the swine flu into the US, my belief begins with the our border to Mexico.. The 1918 flu pandemic (commonly referred to as the Spanish flu) was an influenza pandemic that spread to nearly every part of the world. It was caused by an unusually virulent and deadly Influenza A virus strain of subtype H1N1. Historical and epidemiological data are inadequate to identify the geographic origin of the virus.[1] Most of its victims were healthy young adults, in contrast to most influenza outbreaks which predominantly affect juvenile, elderly, or otherwise weakened patients. The flu pandemic has also been implicated in the sudden outbreak of Encephalitis lethargica in the 1920s.[2] The second wave of the 1918 pandemic was much deadlier than the first. During the first wave, which began in early March, the epidemic resembled typical flu epidemics. Don’t believe your government, remember weapons of mass distruction

  • mjeffrey Jun 11, 2009

    coolwill, are you serious, the first large group to bring it back was a group of students in NY who went to mexico on a school trip and then brought the disease back to the largest city in the US. by doing so, they brought it into contact with others who traveled across the country and thus it spread.

  • coolwill43 Jun 11, 2009

    Wait until you combine the flu and the swine. Now you have may get summer flu and a fall/ winter flu, or both at the same time. It could be misrepresented as flu. All of you don't have any idea what the future wholes for this flu. We did not have spring or summer flu just alleges. Think about the people that have lung or heart problems, and alleges in the spring alone with the pollen. This swine flu is taking out the young who usually does fine with the normal flu. It was the elderly that had problem with the normal flu. I wonder what any of you will say if it can a knocking at your door and you are your love one is knocked down or died as you keep thinking it is the seasonal flu, what if your insurance stop don’t cover the swine flu. No flu travels this fast. Even if you survive from the swine flu who is to say your body is not weaken to other diseases. You should demand more from you government.

  • HopingForABetterWorld Jun 11, 2009

    Sick of this. Saw stats this morning. I think 141 worldwide deaths from H1N1 compared to 14,000 or 140,000 regular flu deaths.

  • terriersrfun Jun 11, 2009

    Hello WRAL. The name of this flu was changed from "swine" to H1N1 because of the negative impact on the hog industry. Considering that NC is the number 2 leading hog producer in the US, it would be in the best interest of NC if you would stop using the inflammatory "swine flu" headlines.

  • YoucanthandletheTRUTH Jun 11, 2009

    Ok...so, I keep hearing that the strain of flu that many people actually have is the seasonal flu virus which in tests appear the same as the Swine flu....how do we know these people don't actually have the seasonal flu if is shows up the same in tests? Why is the assumption made that it is H1N1...