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Thunderstorms pass through central N.C.

Posted June 11, 2009

— Severe thunderstorm watches were canceled late Thursday after the threat of damaging weather appeared to diminish in the Triangle.

Storms moved east into central North Carolina Thursday evening, WRAL meteorologist Mike Maze said. The greatest threat accompanying those storms was high winds and hail, he said.

The strong cells appeared to break up as they entered the central portion of the state. Areas to the north and south of the Triangle were seeing more prominent storms.

Friday will be partly cloudy with a chance of afternoon and evening storms. Highs will be in the upper 80s-90. A cold front will move through the area in the afternoon with some thunderstorms firing up along and ahead of it.

Saturday and Sunday will be partly cloudy with a few scattered storms. 


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  • Nanna Jun 12, 2009

    I feel sorry for all of you being so critical of the meteorologists, they are human. Only GOD Almighty can regulate the weather. Personally, I think Greg,Elizabeth and the group do a fantastic job of keeping us informed. If you honestly think you can do a better job, go for it. Nanna

  • orionsteve Jun 11, 2009

    I try so hard to give them credit for their forecasts but the truth is they are only accurate about 10 hours ahead...anything over that is never right ...but they are "predicting" so you can't really hold them accountable....Remember, most of these TV types are talking heads...Not real meteorologists. They get their info from the national weather service and parrot.

  • lma1973 Jun 11, 2009

    Active radar screen for those north and west of here i guess. Personally i think we will get slammed if they are saying it wont be in this area.

  • time4real Jun 11, 2009

    i'll lather up then!

  • csswisher Jun 11, 2009

    Do we live in the "Bermuda Triangle?"

  • csswisher Jun 11, 2009

    Why are all the "good" storms always west and east of us???

  • packfan21 Jun 11, 2009

    I think they are right most of the time. For instance it is storming here in Granville County like they said.

  • Commentor5 Jun 11, 2009

    "“As we get through the day today we’re going to see an active radar screen,” she said."

    No I won't 'cause I don't have a radar. Besides, the chances of this forcast being accurate is remote.

  • angora2 Jun 11, 2009

    If you're so smart, get a job predicting the weather, smart aleck.

  • time4real Jun 11, 2009

    could it be another incorrect forecast?