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Perdue announces $103M in federal stimulus transit projects

Posted June 10, 2009

— About 140 transit projects across the state, including several in the Triangle, will receive more than $103 million in federal stimulus money, Gov. Bev Perdue announced Wednesday.

Twenty-one urban transit systems will receive more than $70 million for 77 projects. The largest allocation – at $20.8 million – goes to the Charlotte Area Transit System’s North Davidson Street bus facility.

Two metropolitan planning organizations (Durham-Chapel Hill-Carrboro and Capital Area) elected to designate $5.1 million for transit projects instead of highway and bridge projects.

Projects in rural areas across the state totaled more than $33 million. Three projects benefit transit efforts statewide, and 63 are designated for rural transit systems throughout the state.

Perdue said the projects will create or retain more than 3,200 jobs and provide needed economic development and mobility in the state.

“Not only will they put people to work, they will take people to work," Perdue said.

The state Department of Transportation received $838 million through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, including $735 million for highway and bridge projects.

So far, the DOT has allocated more than 90 percent of the highway and bridge money received to projects across the state.


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  • whatusay Jun 11, 2009

    What happened to the 2,500,000 jobs Obama said he would create? Now is is only talking about trying to save 150,000.

  • TechRescue Jun 11, 2009

    The Governor is taking a lesson from the Liar-in-Chief: "create OR RETAIN 3200 jobs" Even if there are job losses, Bev will say that there would have been 3200 more if she hadn't done it.

    More government means more patronage and more corruption - in years to come, the Easleys will be nothing more than a footnote. Our children are the ones whose future we're destroying, but the libs don't care.

  • pbjbeach Jun 10, 2009

    The governor definetly needs to appoint scratch that statement just need to make sure that there is someone somewhere that has control of the pursue strings of this money from the stimulus fundings recovery act for roads an bridges an there also needs to be someone besides this governor an her croynies to be allowed to have definete oversight as to the spending of these recovery act funds for if there isn't some form of oversight this money will just be p---ed away an given out in the form of contracts an the states taxpayers will not in the end be any better off than they currently are now prior to the spending of these funds i have been personal witness to bad non speceficiation work that was allowed to be paid for an in some cases at least two times with taxpayers monies the feds need to investigate funding for highway contracts . just in my opinion but the truth thank you

  • PaulRevere Jun 10, 2009

    Nice try, "Bev".

  • whatusay Jun 10, 2009

    "The stupid, led by the incompetent, to do the impossible". NC's new motto. Here we are in a depression and somewhere, somehow, we have billions of dollars to spend. How do the same bozo's keep getting elected? It seems the lower the IQ the greater probability of getting elected. Is it that most North Carolinians can relate to them. If so we are doomed.

  • ObamaMustGo aka NCcarguy Jun 10, 2009

    more of you hard earned money wasted by the obama administration!!!! HERE'S the change you all voted for! enjoy your new buses!

  • colliedave Jun 10, 2009

    Two metropolitan planning organizations (Durham-Chapel Hill-Carrboro and Capital Area) elected to designate $5.1 million for transit projects instead of highway and bridge projects.

    Just who are these people and how did they get their jobs? If these positions are not subject to a public vote, how did they get the authority to make these type of decisions? Are these people some of Aunt Bev's appointees?

  • whatusay Jun 10, 2009

    Gov Perdue is making NC slaves of Obama and his socialist agenda. We will never be able to pay back this money and Obama knows it.

  • mxteam44 Jun 10, 2009

    "i'm NOT paying another red cent Bev!" - Time4Real

    If it were only that easy to just decide you aren't going to pay. We're being robbed at gun-point, and if you don't believe me, don't pay your taxes and see if somebody doesn't show up at your door with a gun. Pathetic elected officials we have elected here!

  • speedy Jun 10, 2009

    It's not transit projects so much as it is transit purchases. All those buses manufactured in NC by NC workers Bev?