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Budget cuts could mean enrollment cap at Wake Tech

Posted June 4, 2009

— State budget cuts could force Wake Technical Community College in Raleigh to turn away students.

This school year, the school enrolled 10,000 more students than the previous year. If that trend continues and the budget cuts are deep enough, school administrators have said that they might have to put a cap on enrollment.

Budget proposals vary, but the community college system budget could be cut as much as 11 percent in the state House's spending plan. The governor and the Senate's have proposed cutting less.

Wake Tech administrators have said they are already asking instructors to teach extra courses without extra pay.

Depending on how much is cut, students, many of whom want to learn new job skills after losing their jobs, could be turned away.

"I'd be devastated," said Richard Rudy, who was laid off from his job as an architectural salesman and has been taking classes at Wake Tech. "This is, essentially, what I'm looking at as a ticket for the next 10 to 15 months of my working career."

But House leaders have said that an 11 percent cut is less than the reductions considered for other parts of state government.

"Everybody has to share in the pain and receive some cuts," House Speaker Pro Tem William Wainwright, D-Craven, said.

A big proponent of the community college system, Gov. Bev Perdue also acknowledges that tough decisions have to be made.

"It's never been like this before," she said Thursday. "(These budget cuts are) historic in North Carolina."

"Who would you fire? Would you fire 600 community college and university professors and teachers or would you displace 600 guards in the correction system?" she added. "Where are the priorities for us as a people?"


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  • BeenHereSince67 Jun 5, 2009

    "Other countries don't ask us our status when we study there."

    THAT is a flat-out bare-faced lie. Ever heard of a visa? The Undocumented Immigrants are Criminals. No 2 ways about it. They have NO right to an education or anything else here except a one-way ticket home to whatever third-world country they came from. On the OTHER hand, All LEGAL Immigrants should be able to register and attend Wake Tech, or any other school they are QUALIFIED for. "You People" ARE the problem. You seem to think they have some right to cut to the head of the citizenship line, but they don't. With the economy in the toilet, and huge numbers of American citizens out of work, "YOU PEOPLE" can forget about Comprehensive Immigration Reform ever happening. Illegals better leave now, before things really get rough for them. "You People" who coddle them are traitors to the rule of law and the USA - AND, I'm a Democrat -always have been always will be. The difference is, I know right from wrong.

  • whatusay Jun 5, 2009

    seanboyus says...*You people (see): Lou Dobbs, Tancredo, Paultards in general; need to get a grip and see that immigrants aren't and haven't been our problem."

    Tell that to California. NC tax payers can not keep supporting the illegals. Our taxes are going up..up...up. Why do you think health care has become such a problem in this country?

  • seanboyus Jun 5, 2009

    how do they always run at an operating loss? If your enrollment is up roughly 10,000 each year shouldn't that be able to sustain the increase? This is regardless of alien status. Other countries don't ask us our status when we study there. You people (see): Lou Dobbs, Tancredo, Paultards in general; need to get a grip and see that immigrants aren't and haven't been our problem. You take away their contribution and tax dollars (yes I said it...they have fake ss#'s but they still pay em) and we'd be worse off than we are now. This is the "trickle down" from your precious Bush taxcuts...

  • BeenHereSince67 Jun 4, 2009

    I'll try to be acceptable to the GOLO filters with this (they've disallowed many of my posts).

    I certainly do hope that all "undocumented immigrant" students are culled from the enrollment lists before ANY United States citizens are turned away from Wake Tech.

    If you have an opinion on this matter, perhaps you should exercise your constitutional rights (as I have), and mail your duly elected representatives in our State Government a letter stating your position on this important matter.

    There. I hope that I have said this in a fair and balanced way, so that my opinion will be heard on this board.