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Developer plans sustainable, mixed-use development for Apex

Posted June 4, 2009

— A sustainable, mixed-use urban community is being proposed for Apex. Mayor Keith Weatherly said Thursday the project, called Veridea, would add almost $6 billion to the town's tax base.

Apex could get nearly $6 billion development Apex could get nearly $6 billion development

Veridea is huge news for the small town of Apex. The triangle-shaped site would have U.S. Highway 1, N.C. Highway 55 and a future section of Interstate 540 as its borders.

“Veridea will become the next generation of Research Triangle Park,” Veridea developer Tom Hendrickson said of his vision for the project.

With the expected 2012 completion of the Western Wake Freeway, Veridea would be less than 12 minutes from RTP. The 1,000-acre development would also create 30,000 jobs, and increase Apex's tax base.

“(The development) would more than double our current tax-base in the town of Apex,” Mayor Keith Weatherly said.

The plan also calls for 8,000 residential units – a mix of condos and single-family homes. The idea is to be able to walk or bike, from work to home, and to the store. Down the road, the area could add a light-rail stop.

Hendrickson said because Veridea was developed from a sustainable, live-work-play concept, he expects less vehicle traffic in the area. He is also looking into other measures to ease road congestion.

Veridea would also have 10 million square-feet of office development, 3.5 million square-feet of mixed-use retail and commercial space and 2 million square-feet of high-tech manufacturing.

The nearly $6 billion project was submitted to the Town Council this week, and they have yet to give it the green light. Some residents, however, say they are on board with the concept.

“We do need some more commercial retail in Apex, and so this handles that and give us better equilibrium between the two,” resident John Cicero said.

Officials say they want public input on the proposal and plan to schedule town hearings before making a decision. If all goes well, Veridea could break ground in 2011.


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  • fl2nc2ca2md2nc Jun 11, 2009

    Hmm, lots of negative comments here. I see this as a glass half full deal. It's easy to find things to complain about but after living in Apex for the last 14 years I've seen a lot of positive. I don't necessarily like the fact that the town has grown from 7k people to around 35k, but I sure do like the new parks, greenways, & shopping. Not to mention that we actually have (non-fastfood) restaurants in town now!

    You want to talk about Mayor Weatherly? While I have lived in Apex, I have seen services grow while taxes have held the line well during all that growth, & even come down in some cases as have utility rates a time or two. Mayor Weatherly has also ran unopposed ever since I can remember. For the nay-sayers, if you don't like it, run against him! ;-)

    I understand the points about clear cutting trees. That is a problem! Which is why we picked a neighborhood that was not constructed that way. Hopefully they will leave as many as possible...we should demand this...

  • RMC10 Jun 5, 2009

    I agree with WagonQueen - there are too many developments now that have been stripped of all the trees (across of city hall) out by Beaver Creek Shopping, and subdivisions that have been abandoned (Hermitage on Olive Chapel Road), not to mention that whole area till to be completed is it the Station?, where the new WalMart is going in. Mr. Keith, please leave a few stands of trees in Apex, afterall we didn't choose to live in the newly naked constructed Apex, and the roads really cannot stand much more commercial/retail overbuild...and while I'm at it, who's idea was it to add all those new lights at 55 and Lufkin (again to accommodate the new WalMart turn in, but then narrow Hwy 55 down to a two lane road in a really bad spot.

    Apex, just slow down a little on the growth - I don't think all those people and businesses are going to be coming right now - just check the stats before getting all big-chested and stripping another thousand trees out and land to be left barren.

  • YipesStripes Jun 5, 2009

    BAD IDEA!!! Apex is already overcrowded. Have we already forgotten that when we have a drought, which is almost every year, that Apex's water supply already can't handle the people that are there???

    Let's not forget all of these townhomes that have been built and are sitting vacant. What about that Creekside Landing place that was never finished being built and was sitting empty waiting for auction?

    Weatherly is DESTROYING Apex. All people see are dollar signs an don't think about maintaining the integrity of a town that used to be the best small town in NC. Now, it's virtually unrecognizable.

  • areadriver Jun 4, 2009

    And 55 will still be a two-lane road.

  • scubasteve Jun 4, 2009

    Who's paying??