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Nashville school fights recorded, posted on YouTube

Posted June 1, 2009
Updated June 2, 2009

— Some parents say Nash Central Middle School has become a battleground with student fights in the hallways and bathrooms. Concerned for their children's safety, parents filled the Nash-Rocky Mount school board meeting Monday evening.

Parents, students say fights taking place at school Parents, students say fights taking place at school

Parents and students told school leaders that, in some classes, out-of-control students are the ones in control.

"People are threatening the teachers, and the teachers are scared of the kids,” student Jordan Williams said.

Parents say the proof is in the video posted on YouTube. It appears to show two students fighting, with others looking on at the school, 1638 South First St., Nashville.

In another video, parents say a group of students gang up on one child.

"It was very frightening, because I could imagine my child being that one that was stranded by himself with several other children attacking him,” parent Caroline Harris said.

Students say it is tough to learn in that environment. Parents say if their children report the problems, they are threatened by the trouble-makers.

“If they spoke up, if they didn't get them at school, that they would get them outside the building,” parent Cheryl Crocker said.

"It is just a mess at that school," Williams said.

While concerned parents say the problems have been going on for some time, Nash-Rocky Mount school board Chairwoman Evelyn Bulluck says this is the first she has heard of it.

“Today is the 173 day (of school) and we have not heard from them before,” Bulluck said.

However, Bulluck says she hears them now.

"We will be looking into their allegations and rectifying whatever the situation is,” she said.

Parents say they are eager to work with school leaders to correct the problems.


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  • ambidextrous cat Jun 9, 2009

    Fire Bullock! It's the best option.

  • tiblet Jun 9, 2009

    turn it into a military school. Bring in troops to run it. If the teachers can't handle the students bring in someone who can.

  • Professor Jun 9, 2009

    If they are going to act like criminals, treat them as such.

    Kids are not criminals and should not be punished because of the alackness of their parents.

  • Professor Jun 9, 2009

    Thank-you :)

  • Professor Jun 9, 2009

    No discipline at home, no discipline at school, no surprise.

    Discipline starts at home. But even though they have children, many parents are not qualified to have them. Call social services if something is not right.

  • familyfour Jun 9, 2009


    Racism gets brought up in most every scenario one can post here. If it isn't blacks against whites, it's whites against blacks, and thanks to the aliens, sometimes, it's black and white against latino...

    Why is it that every one must continue to think they are better than another, or that another owes him for something?

    The biggest problem that all of our children have are their parents. With the comments posted throughout this site, it isn't hard to figure out that the kids are simply portraying their version of their parent's idealism....or lack there of.

    In addition to the parents, the teachers do not seem to feel a sense of responsibility to the children, either. They show up...do the job...and leave...everything else is on the parents.

    Yeah...my 8 year old cannot even "tattle" on the schoolyard bully because her teacher will not be interrupted while talking to another teacher, and this is how she spends her entire recess....talking, not watching the kids.

  • Professor Jun 9, 2009

    If parents would raise their children instead of giving into them, they would grow up be good citizens. But with mommy and daddy continue to hold their hands on into adult life, they are enabling them. Wake up parents and do your responsible job.

  • ncguy Jun 9, 2009

    I would these "parents" are just biological in that term...

    There has been a dramatic increase in black vs hispanics these days.

  • Raptor06 Jun 9, 2009

    Now, I don't like them because they are too much of a passive organization for my blood, but why is the NAACP a part of this conversation? Do you really believe that only black kids are involved? There are rednecks, blacknecks, brownnecks, and yellownecks throughout NC's school system. There are too many folks who don't deserve the designation of "parent" and who should have never been allowed to conceive. However, you choose to only identify one group. Terrorists are trying to destroy our nation, but we continue to be divided along old lines of differences. I guess we can count on the situation not being solved as long as too many of us continue to share our old views of each other.

  • bigbadbill Jun 9, 2009

    Here's another suggestion, suspension won't work (they don't care anyway), ISS won't work (they will just stare at their shoes), Corporal Punishment is not an option - how about fining the parents, $500 for first offense, $1000 for second. The county can put a lien against any property they might have if they fail to pay.