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911 calls show Leesville High wreck was not immediately reported

Posted June 1, 2009
Updated June 2, 2009

— Two 911 calls released Monday offer more insight into what happened after a pickup truck crashed early Friday outside Leesville High School, critically injuring a student.

Leesville High students met at O'Neal Road around 12:30 a.m. to pull a prank at the nearby school, according to a police report. They wore masks to conceal their identities, and officers later found evidence that some had been drinking beer in a school parking lot beforehand.

The students moved a boat some 75 feet from the parking lot, pushed it up against the cafeteria doors, and then began to run away.

About 10 of them headed for a black 2005 Ford F-150 driven by Alec William Esoda, 18.

Three students got in the front seat and Ian Anthony Bunn, 17, and the others hopped in the bed of the truck parked on a parking-lot access road facing Leesville Road, the report said.

Witnesses said Esoda put the truck in reverse and accelerated at excessive speed toward O'Neal Road. Esoda tried to perform a J-turn – in which a driver turns a vehicle going reverse 180 degrees and puts it in forward gear so it's going in the same direction. The truck overturned, and the passengers in the truck bed were ejected.

Bunn suffered massive head trauma and was taken to Rex Hospital by a student.

An unidentified man called 911 from the emergency room and said, "I've got a passenger here at the ER that is banged up. He is claiming that the driver of the vehicle he was with flipped his vehicle somewhere near Leesville High School and took off running."

Bunn was listed in critical condition Tuesday at Rex Hospital. Esoda and other passengers weren't seriously injured.

After the wreck, some students fled the scene, and another called Esoda's father, Bill, who came out to the scene, the report said.

A woman who identified herself as Bill's wife called 911 and told the operator that “We flipped our car. There’s no accident involved as far as anybody being hurt. We called AAA to have them send somebody out to flip it back, so we could get it off the road. They said that this is a police matter.”

When asked about the exact location of the vehicle, the woman said she wasn't at the scene, but her son and husband were there. She also identified the vehicle as a black Ford F150.

Officers arrived at 1:51 a.m. and found the overturned truck surrounded by several people who had backed a green Chevrolet truck up to it. They were trying to pull the truck back up onto its wheels, police said.

Officers arrested Esoda, of 12408 Tappersfield Court, Raleigh. He has been released on bond for charges of felony serious injury by vehicle, DWI, provisional DWI and reckless driving.


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  • taurismo Jun 2, 2009

    At this point, I wouldn't believe one word that came out of the mouth of any one of the kids involved in this series of crimes! (or their parents) Why should I? Why should anybody? After all, it's not like they have been so truthful, forthcoming, responsible and upstanding through any of this. Even my five year old knows that if there is an accident, the first thing to do is call 911! Are you telling me a five year old is smarter than these smart, responsible eighteen year olds? All these students were concerned with was not getting in trouble. That right there tells you they knew they did something they shouldn't have. Remember the actress who recently died after a skiing accident in Canada who also thought she was okay after hitting her head? Everyone involved in this tragedy should be criminally charged, including the parents of the driver who tried to cover up these crimes to save their son's behind, thereby committing more crimes themselves.

  • boolittlek Jun 2, 2009

    "boolittle- about Carneys information. it is accurate being I have personally talked to many of the kids who were INVOLVED in the accident. So don't question it. Who's more likely to know the full details, you or the students who were actually there?"

    Who's more likely to color the facts--the police, or the people involved in illegal activity (trespassing, underage drinking, drinking and driving, fleeing the scene of an accident, tampering with a crime scene, etc.)?

    At the very least, the students involved are guilty of seriously flawed judgment. Why shouldn't their accounts be questioned?

    I've never claimed to know the facts--the information that no one disputes is bad enough, and the questions that have yet to be answered are disturbing to say the least.

  • bec Jun 2, 2009

    I'm very sorry that the one boy got hurt and hope that he recovers quickly. As far as the parents going and trying to turn the truck upright - that is not right. So many parents today try to be friends with their kids and throw money at them and get them out of the messes they get into. They aren't held responsible for what they do. I hope that the kids that broke the law and also the parents, get more than a slap on the hand. There are too many high school students getting killed because they are being "kids". I raised my children and they knew that if they got caught doing something wrong they would have to pay the price for it. They did a prank at Leesville (no drinking involved), the police were there and all of the parents were called. My child had to pay the attorney fees, was grounded and had to do community service - they did it - they were responsible for their actions - I wasn't. I do blame parents for being too soft on their kids.

  • bryce5 Jun 2, 2009

    boolittle- about Carneys information. it is accurate being I have personally talked to many of the kids who were INVOLVED in the accident. So don't question it. Who's more likely to know the full details, you or the students who were actually there?

  • bryce5 Jun 2, 2009

    bendal- The parent that called 911 was NOT at the scene of the accident when she called. She was on her way there to make sure her son was ok. She did not know any details on what had happened or the status of any of the students. She was simply reporting that the truck had flipped. Btw, Ian is out of coma and is somewhat responsive and the brain swelling has gone down tremendously.

  • boolittlek Jun 2, 2009

    kevintcarney, I've seen multiple posts from you essentially telling other posters to keep their comments to themselves because they do not know the facts (this is a public forum, but that's another matter). I've also seen several posts from others asking you for the source of your "facts." I have yet, however, to seen any definitive answer from you to this question.

    You say you've contacted news outlets about their "inaccuracies." Why not reveal the unimpeachable source of all of your supposedly accurate information?

  • boolittlek Jun 2, 2009

    I saw this story last night and wondered how the apologists would try and spin this one. So many places to begin:

    - it was the school's fault for not moving the boat sooner (the school made them drink and drive? pull an idiotic stunt? flee the scene?)
    - you can't blame the students--they're kids who make mistakes; no, wait--they're 18 year old adults, so you can't blame the parents either (please make up your minds)
    - anybody outside of the LHS community doesn't know the facts (implying that LHS community posters on this board were either part of the illegal "prank" or that their statements are unreliable speculation/hearsay from sources who may well have reasons not to be completely truthful)
    - the passengers (and later the drivers' parents) were not aware that illegal drinking had taken place (despite photographic evidence to the contrary)

    Everyone wants to see the injured student recover. But please don't claim that calling for accountability lessens this desire in way.

  • EZeegoing Jun 2, 2009

    Ok, put self pity for "Those poor boys" aside for one moment and somebody add up how many laws were broken. Now tell me you feel sorry for these kids just because "boys will be boys"!

  • kevintcarney Jun 2, 2009

    I may not have first aid training but that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Why on Earth would you leave a 2 ton pickup truck laying on someones head? Also, when you pick up the truck and he jumps up and says he is fine, I don't think anybody moved him until he started bleeding from his nose and ears. I believe that's the third different time I've said that he got up and said he was fine. Until you know all of the facts please keep your comments to yourself. I don't have anything new about Ian. I know that his jawbone around his cheek is broken as well as the bone underneath his nose. Also, his skull is fractured along the top from where the truck landed on him. Thanks for asking, though. I will try to get new information shortly.

  • slbk67 Jun 2, 2009

    What is the update on Ian's condition today? Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.